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Sony E6553 aka Xperia Z4 has been spotted in number of leaks so far, ranging from leaked benchmarks to internal renders. Newest Xperia Z4 hands on leaked pics show the full profile of the device and now we know what Sony has put for next Xperia flagship smartphone.

Xperia Z4 hands on pics confirm many things we knew already. Xperia Z4 leaked pics shows a tiny notification light at the left corner of the top bezel (like Xperia Z3), speakers positioned like Xperia Z2, a capless micro-USB port at the bottom side of the device.

Xperia Z4 hands on pics

Xperia Z4 supports only one flap on the left side which probably means we will see nano SIM card and micro SD card  slot under  the same flap.

[ UPDATEXperia Z4 20.7 MP Camera Sample Pic Leaked

Check out the leaked Xperia Z4 hands on pics below.

Xperia Z4 hands on
Sony E6553 hands on pic

Xperia Z4 - Capless micro USB port
Xperia Z4 20.7 MP Rear cam lens pic

Xperia Z4 SIM card flap

Xperia Z4 waterproof headphone portWe will keep you updated once more info comes in for Xperia Z4.

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