Posted on Apr 6 2015 - 11:27pm by Anurag Kumar

Earlier today we saw leaked Xperia Z4 hands on pics showing off full profile of device clearly and just now a 20.7 MP camera sample came in which is supposed to be taken by Xperia Z4. Xperia Z4 camera sample which has been leaked is taken in 20.7 MP camera mode, image size is 15.4 MB, resolution 5248×3936 (4:3 aspect ratio). It looks pic was taken somewhere in UK.

Leakster fills in info as the camera sample is taken from a pre-production model (and the device may take 2 more months for release) and firmware so camera quality is expected to be better at the later stage.

Xperia Z4 Camera Sample

Check out the Xperia Z4 camera sample below (Image has been cropped to 640×480 resolution). Check out the full 5248×3936 resolution image here, Download image from here.

Xperia Z4 Camera Sample Leaked

EXIF data of the original image confirms the following details, given below:

Xperia Z4 Camera Sample EXIF Data Leaked

As soon as more info comes in regarding Xperia Z4, we will keep you updated. Check out Xperia Z4 hands on pics here.

What do you think of camera sample, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Source – XperiaJunkie (from Esato), Thanks for the tip, Ben!

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