T-Mobile Xperia Z3 23.1.C.0.385 Lollipop update rolling

T-Mobile Xperia Z3 D6616 users in USA are now receiving Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update in-the form of 23.1.C.0.385 firmware build. Earlier Sony rolled 14.5.B.0.236firmware (Android Lollipop) update on T-Mobile Xperia Z1s in USA.

23.1.C.0.385 firmware update is rolling via both OTA and PC Companion. It is also live via XperiFirm tool. 23.1.C.0.385 firmware OTA update size is 621 MB.

T-Mobile Xperia Z3 Lollipop Update

Check out the 23.1.C.0.385 OTA update notification below. T-Mobile Xperia Z3 users will get LTE Band 12 support now after Lollipop update.

T-Mobile Xperia Z3 23.1.C.0.385 OTA update

NOTE: 23.1.C.0.385 update is LIVE via XperiFirm tool also, so if you want to download it from there and flash it on your T-Mobile Xperia Z3, use the below links (Below posted links have only tutorial, compatible with all Xperia handsets).

Xperia Z3 23.1.C.0.385 update via XperiFirm Tool

How to download T-Mobile Xperia Z3 23.1.C.0.385 Lollipop firmware using XperiFirm tool?

How to flash T-Mobile Xperia Z3 23.1.C.0.385 Lollipop firmware ftf using Flashtool?

Check out the T-Mobile Xperia Z3 Lollipop running video below.

Have you got the Lollipop 23.1.C.0.385 update on your T-Mobile Xperia Z3, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Source – @askdes | via – XDA (video by WinDroidGuy) | Image Credits: Kurotsuki

T-Mobile Lollipop update in testing for Xperia Z3 & Z1s in USA

Android Lollipop 5.0.2 update for T-Mobile Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z1s users in USA is very near now as T-Mobile has officially confirmed that the Lollipop update is in testing process now, at this stage device will undergo T-Mobile certification process.

A few days we back we saw Android 5.0.2 Lollipop 23.1.C.0.385 & 23.1.C.0.381 firmware getting certified for Xperia Z3 D6616 and for Xperia Z1s C6916 14.5.B.0.228, 14.5.B.0.220, and 14.5.B.0.236 firmware got certified on PTCRB.

T-Mobile USA testing Lollipop update

Check out the Android 5.0 “Lollipop” testing notification from T-Mobile for Xperia Z3 below (at present on KitKat 23.0.D.1.123 build).

T-Mobile Xperia Z3 D6616 Lollipop Testing

Check out the Android 5.0 “Lollipop” testing notification from T-Mobile for Xperia Z1s below (at present on KitKat 14.4.B.0.56 build).

T-Mobile Xperia Z1s Lollipop Testing in USA

As per T-Mobile, Lollipop update for Xperia Z3 is scheduled for May 2015 rollout.

We will keep you updated once Lollipop update rolls for T-Mobile Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z1s users in USA.

Source – T-Mobile (1), via – XperiaBlog

Android 4.3 10.4.C.0.814 firmware rolling for Xperia Z T-Mobile US

Sony has finally rolled Android 4.3 update for Xperia Z T-Mobile US variant in form of 10.4.C.0.814 firmware update which many users have started receiving as OTA on their handsets. Sony has officially rolled android 4.4.2 KitKat update for whole Xperia “Z” series carrier independent handsets but Xperia Z T-Mobile US was still on android 4.2.2 and Xperia Z1S is still on android 4.3.

10.4.C.0.814 firmware update is confirmed to bring all the android 4.3 features which were seen on regular Xperia handsets when they received it like new Xperia themes, new Xperia messaging app, new Xperia home launcher, new Xperia White UI, updated Sony Social Smart Camera app with various add ons, improved network connectivity etc..

Xperia Z 10.4.C.0.814 firmware

Go to update center app and look for 10.4.C.0.814 firmware notification as shown below and proceed as per on screen instructions.

Xperia Z 10.4.C.0.814 firmware

If you have already got the 10.4.C.0.814 firmware update on your Xperia Z C6906, let us know which features you liked the most. We are hoping Sony may roll Android 4.4.2 KitKat update soon on remaining Xperia handsets when on the other side Android 4.4.3 has been started seeding on Nexus devices. Drop your comments below.

10.4.C.0.797 firmware certified for Xperia Z C6606 and C6616 variants

A new 10.4.C.0.797 firmware build has been certified for Xperia Z C6606 and C6616 variants on PTCRB following the previous certification of 10.4.C.0.793 firmware which was not rolled. 10.4.C.0.797 firmware seems to be a particular carrier specific firmware update for T-Mobile Xperia Z or any other Xperia Z carrier variant model. 10.4.1.B.0.101 firmware released for Xperia Z C6602/C6606 still has not appeared on PTCRB.

Previous firmware which marked appearance of Xperia Z T-Mobile was 10.4.B.0.569 build and this new 10.4.C.0.797 firmware  may or may not come seeing the frequent change in build within 10 days of certification of last firmware.

Check below the 10.4.C.0.797 firmware certification on PTCRB page.

10.4.C.0.797 firmware Xperia Z

At present we don’t have info regarding KitKat firmware update for Xperia Z but for Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Compact, testing of KitKat 14.3.A.x.xxx firmware has already started. It seems other members of Xperia Z family will get KitKat update later after flagship models are updated.

No ETA is there for 10.4.C.0.797 firmware rollout yet, we will let you know if this 10.4.C.0.797 firmware rolls out on Xperia Z. It will not come to global versions of Xperia Z.

Thanks Matt 🙂

T-Mobile USA Xperia Z1S Bootloader unlock not allowed

Sony launched the Xperia Z1S, LTE version for T-Mobile USA at CES 2014 event; which appears exactly like Xperia Z1 if we ignore some minor changes. Sony introduced first time “Xperia Background defocus camera app” for the first time in a Xperia handset and Xperia Z1S got it first exclusively. Well being launched on a carrier, speculation arises that whether its bootloader can be unlocked or not.

We can now confirm that T-Mobile USA Xperia Z1S C6916 Bootloader unlock not allowed. Recently Xperia C users were frustrated when they found this issue on their device and now it’s turn for Xperia Z1S.

Xperia Z1S Bootloader Unlock Not Allowed

Dial *#*#7378423#*#* > Service Info > Configuration and check what is written under “Bootloader Unlock Allowed”, it is “NO” and this ends ROM development for Xperia Z1 based on other kernels except of Sony’s firmware.

Xperia Z1S Bootloader Unlock Not Allowed

Xperia Z1S users are now complaining regarding this to T-Mobile officials that they should roll out some update to make bootloader unlock possible but that’s not gonna happen for sometime or ever we think. It was the same case with Xperia Z also.

What do you think guys is not allowing to unlock bootloader on carrier based devices a good strategy or it is just destroying the trust of developer community for that particular device. Drop your comments below.

Thanks Matthew Martin 🙂

Xperia Z1S Priced at $0 down and $528 Full Retail Price on T-Mobile

Xperia Z1S C6916 the LTE version on Xperia Z1 in USA for T-Mobile USA was unveiled at CES 2014 by Sony besides Xperia Z1 Compact and is now available for sale via T-Mobile online stores. Xperia Z1S features the same specifications just like global version of Xperia Z1 except some minor changes like it has 32 GB internal storage and some changes in location of ports on phone. Xperia Z1S runs android 4.3 out of the box with new Sony background defocus camera app exclusively.

Xperia Z1S will be available in USA on T-Mobile carrier only. Xperia Z1S is priced at $528 as full retail price and $0 down payment with a choice of $22 per month for next 24 months i.e. 2 years exclusively, on ordering any package you need to add $10 for SIM starter kit.

Xperia Z1S Priced at $0 down and $528 Full Retail Price on T-MobileWhile ordering Xperia Z1S on T-Mobile USA you will get $100 Visa gift card from Sony as a promotional offer. At present you can only buy Xperia Z1S online from T-Mobile and after 22 Jan, it will be available exclusively in T-Mobile stores.

Data plans cost is not included in the full retail price, so before buying it do review all data plans from T-Mobile for Xperia Z1S. As mentioned on T-Mobile’s site unlimited data plan will cost you $70/month, 2.5 GB data for $60/month and 500 MB data for $50/month. As far as full retail price is considered, it is cheap as what other regions got at the time of launch.

Do let us know, if you have bought Xperia Z1S or planning to do so. Drop your comments below.

[ via – T-Mobile ]

Download White Paper Pdf of Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z1s LTE

Sony has finally released the first ever true mini smartphone as Sony Xperia Z1 Compact aka Xperia Z1C and LTE version of Xperia Z1 in USA on T-Mobile as Xperia Z1S at CES 2014 event. Xperia Z1 Compact aka Xperia Z1C is the 4.3″ version of Xperia Z1 while Xperia Z1s LTE is exactly similar to Xperia Z1 features except that it is exclusively launched for T-Mobile USA.

If you are keen on finding more about Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z1S LTE, please browse given below links as we have already covered detailed posts on them. Xperia Z1 Compact will be available in February 2014 while Xperia Z1s LTE goes for sale in mid Jan 2014.

Pre-Order Xperia Z1C aka Xperia Z1 Compact in UK from Phones4U – Get £119 Sony Wireless speaker free.

Detailed Specifications of Xperia Z1 Compact

Xperia Z1C as Xperia Z1 Compact Officially announced at CES 2014

Download White Paper Pdf of Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z1s LTE

Follow the Xperia Z1C aka Xperia Z1 Compact Facebook Fan page.

Download White Papers pdf for Xperia Z1 Compact aka Xperia Z1C and Xperia Z1s LTE

Just now we spotted that Sony has officially put up the white papers pdf of both Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z1s LTE. Xperia Z1C aka Xperia Z1 Compact is launched at Sony D5503 only one single model LTE powered and Xperia Z1s as Sony C6916 single model LTE powered, the same model number Sony C6916 was also launched in Canada recently by Sony.

Download Xperia Z1C / Xperia Z1 Compact White Paper

Download whitepaper_EN_d5503_xperia_z1_compact_1.pdf

Download Xperia Z1s LTE White Paper

Download Xperia_Z1s_LTE_C6916_WP_1.pdf

We hope soon Sony uploads quick user guide for both phones.

In the meantime we would like to ask you will be buying Xperia Z1 Compact ? It impressed us a lot and especially the which Sony has put up this time. For US users, finally Sony has launched the LTE version so what are you thinking…

T-Mobile USA Xperia Z1s Pic and Specs Leaks – Is it Xperia Z1 Mini ?

Just a few hours before Sony’s official press conference at CES 2014 at 6 Jan, 5 PM Las Vegas; T-Mobile USA Xperia Z1s pic and specs have been leaked by trusted “evleaks”. It is rumored that Sony is about to announce global Xperia Z1 Mini version ( just like Xperia Z1F in Japan ) as Sony D5503 and Xperia Z1s at CES. But after this leak from evleaks it seems that Xperia Z1s is the name of mini version of Xperia Z1 in USA, Is it ?

A lot ago we saw evleaks leaking a pic of Xperia Z1s front panel which is exactly similar to the pic leaked today. Twitter handle of “evleaks” has just tweeted briefly the specifications and a pic of Xperia Z1s which they claim as the Xperia Z1 Mini with a 4.3 inch 720p screen.

First let’s have a look at the leaked pic of T-Mobile USA Xperia Z1s. Do notice the “T-Mobile” branding on the bottom panel of Xperia Z1s.

T-Mobile USA Xperia Z1s Pic and Specs LeaksLeaked Specs of Xperia Z1s as per “evleaks”

  • Snapdragon 800 SoC MSM8974 2.2GHz  Quad Core
  • 4.3 inch 720p screen.
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB onboard memeory
  • 20.7MP Rear cam with Sony’s “G” Lens and 2MP front cam.
  • 2300mAh battery

If the above pic is to believed it is very much similar to recently launched Xperia Z1 L39t in China ( 4G model ) that’s why it was speculated before that Xperia Z1s may be the facelift version of Xperia Z1 but now it seems that it is the Xperia Z1 Mini model for T-Mobile USA.

Are you excited, only a few more hours to wait what Sony has for us for the Q1 2014. Sony’s CES 2014 conference will be broadcasted live and you can watch it here on our blog. Click below link to check the timings of the show.

Watch Sony’s CES 2014 Press Conference Live, 6 Jan at 5pm in Las Vegas

Finally a 4G model of either Xperia Z1 or Mini will land in USA, how do you fell. Drop your comments below.

T-Mobile USA Xperia Z Android 4.2.2 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware update rolling finally

As December comes closer, release of android 4.3 update for Xperia handsets comes nearer and in the mean time T-Mobile has updated Xperia Z C6606/C6616 for the very first time to android 4.2.2 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware from android 4.1.2 10.1.1.B.0.166 firmware update. It was certified by PTCRB back in early November Well it is quite late for the T-Mobile to update Xperia Z on android 4.2.2 when the world is talking about android 4.3 and android 4.4 while android 4.2.2 was rolled on global version of Xperia Z back in June.

10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware brings android 4.2.2 jelly bean to T-Mobile USA ( United States ) Xperia Z both models C6606/C6616 and is available over OTA as well as via PC Companion / SUS. If you updating 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware via OTA, file size of is about 185 MB in size ( must have free 200 MB internal memory ).

T-Mobile Xperia Z Android 4.2.2 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware update rolling finally

  • Android Version – 4.2.2
  • Phone Model – C6606/C6616
  • Kernel Version – 3.4.0
  • Baseband version – 9x15A-ACEFWMAZQ-30110076-50
  • Build Number – 10.3.1.E.0.191

Check the 10.3.1.E.0.191 software info below.

Phone Software version – 1269-5309_10.3.1.E.0.191
File System Version – TMOUS-LTE_10.3.1.E.0.191
Customization version – 1272-8668_R10B

Check the 10.3.1.E.0.191 software info

10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware Changelog

  • Adds camera access from lockscreen.
  • Software enhancement.
  • Improves handset rebooting when dialing a call.

Rest other features include all basics android 4.2.2 features which global version of Xperia Z got.

If you have updated your T-Mobile Xperia Z on 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware, let us know what it has brought for you under the hood, drop your comments below.

Thanks Jeffrey Moore 🙂

T-Mobile USA Xperia Z C6606/C6616 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware certified – Which Android version ?

In between the time when Sony Mobile officially tweeted that they are going to release their android 4.4 KitKat and android 4.3 update plans for the Xperia devices, a new firmware has been spotted for T-Mobile USA Xperia Z C6606/C6616. 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware besides 10.3.1.E.0.190 firmware has been spotted on PTCRB website recently.

It is still not clear that 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware belongs to which android version. It is a higer build over android 4.2.2 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware update as the new firmware has a new series 10.3.1.E.X.XXX so it is expected to be a higher build of android too.

[ UPDATE 19 Nov ]

T-Mobile Xperia Z Android 4.2.2 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware update rolling finally

Check below the certification of 10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware on PTCRB website. 10.3.1.E.0.190 firmware can also be seen in below image.

10.3.1.E.0.191 firmware certified for Xperia Z

No new firmware has been spotted for global Xperia Z C6603 LTE and C6602 HSPA+ versions, it something amazing that we saw a firmware certified for T-Mobile USA Xperia Z version.

We hope it may a higher build of android, hopefully android 4.3; still no official word on this. As soon as we get more info on this new firmware certified, we will update you…

Let us know if you have received any such firmware update…

[ via –  PTCRB ]

Xperia Z1S For T-Mobile USA Picture Leaked Again

A few days back we saw Evleaks leaking an alleged image of Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA showing the back panel of Xperia Z1. The Design of phone was a but much different from the design of global Xperia Z1 C6902 and C6903. Just now Evleaks has leaked another image of Xperia Z1 named as Xperia Z1S For T-Mobile USA. Well to be honest no details has been given whether it is Xperia Z1 For T-Mobile USA or an international release of Xperia Z1 F aka Xperia Z1 Mini which was recently launched in Japan only.

Twitter handle of Evleaks has quoted the model as “Xperia Z1S” and is a 2013 Sony Mobile model. Model Xperia Z1S depicts some design changes in itself. 3.5mm headphone jack is centered. Front facing camera in Xperia Z1S is at the left side of Sony logo but if we see in Xperia Z1 global model, it is on right side of Sony Logo.

4G network can be see on the top notification bar. Below pic is courtesy of Evleaks.

Xperia Z1S For T-Mobile USA Picture Leaked

Previous leak was mentioned as Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile but this leak is quoted as Xperia Z1S, so is it about Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA or some other model of Xperia Z1. If we see the previous image, it’s frame suits perfectly to this leaked image of Xperia Z1S.

In past also Sony has given a different name to Xperia model’s release in USA, like Xperia T was named as Xperia TL on AT&T but Xperia Z1 release on T-Mobile was named as Xperia Z1 only.

So till now we are expecting Xperia Z1S, as Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA but it can also be the international release of Xperia Z1 F, very less chances though. As soon as any official info on Xperia Z1 release in USA comes on T-Mobile we will let you know..

Let us know what do you think…

[ via – Twitter@evleaks ]

Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA Pic Leaked – Hints Coming Soon

Sony Mobile Xperia fans from USA were repeatedly asking when they will officially see Sony Xperia Z1 in USA. As well all know Xperia Z landed on T-Mobile in USA very late after its global launch and the same was expected this time also. But just now a press pic of Xperia Z1 on T-Mobile USA has been leaked by @Evleaks.

Twitter handle of EvLeaks is famous for revealing the various models of phones before their official launch and just now they have leaked the full picture of Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA.

Let’s have a look at the leaked pic of Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA. Below pic is courtesy of EvLeaks. In the Pic, back panel shows a secondary microphone just like Xperia Z has and 3.5 mm headphone jack is somewhat shifted to center.

Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA Pic Leaked

Above pic somewhat confirms that we may not see unlocked version of Xperia Z1 LTE in USA and if unlocked version comes at any stage it will be HSPA+ only.

It is now expected that soon we will see Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA coming up with all LTE bands just like Xperia Z.  Stay tuned as soon as we get more info on the real existence of Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA, we will let you know.

So Xperia fans in USA, are you excited ? Drop your comments…

[ Source – Twitter@EvLeaks ]