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Cryptocurrency is rapidly taking the investing market by storm. As more and more traders and investors plunge deeper into the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain, more and more sources of advisory information are also coming forth. Despite the massive availability of information, it is important to narrow down to the most trusted sources to convert your return-on-investment goals successfully.

Cryptocurrency podcasts have emerged as a reliable and modern solution to stay updated about the new market trends, crypto news and developments.

Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Therefore, out of many up-and-coming podcasts, the most trusted cryptocurrency podcasts to listen to in 2021 are:

Most Trusted Cryptocurrency

BTC Audible

Bitcoin Audible is one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts that discusses all the important news and developments over the last few days. Guy Swann hosts the podcast famous for breaking down the most technical jargon and concepts into some of the most easy-to-grasp discussions. The average duration of the episodes is about 60 minutes that summarises the trends of the week.


Laura Shin hosts Unchained, a podcast commonly recognised as one of the most trusted shows for cryptocurrencies. Since Shin is a renowned blockchain and crypto journalist, she effectively brings some of the crispest and informative matters to the table. The podcasts air every week and are famous for their conversational and interactive style of sharing information. Shin also hosts some of the best subject experts to offer reliable insights to her listeners.

The Pomp Podcast

If you enjoy listening to subject matter experts and their analysis, Anthony Pompliano, the host of The Pomp Podcast, specialises in the field. Pompliano brings a wide variety of perspectives on trending and common topics to build a comprehensive knowledge bank on the cryptocurrency. It is a great source to gain trading insights from some of the big-shot crypto investors in the market.

Crypto 101

If you’re looking to brush up on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, Crypto 101 is one of the most trusted podcasts to listen to. Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone are the show hosts who are famous for their reliable advice on cryptocurrencies. The show airs weekly with varying durations, ranging from 25 minutes to an hour. It also doubles up as an audible guide for beginners looking to invest in digital currencies. 

Crypto Radio

Crypto Radio is one of the best podcasts for listeners looking to gather information on all things crypto under the sky. Four individuals (Mike, Euvie, Chris and Michael) host the show to bring together a range of topics like blockchain, bitcoin, crypto investing and technological developments, among many others. The podcast is broken down into four sections to cater to every listener’s need. 

Bitcoin Prime

While there are many trusted podcast channels to follow, a few traders might prefer to streamline their trading activity and rely on AI apps to help invest in cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Prime app allows the traders to focus on investing by offering valuable trading information, market analysis and insights into the latest trends to help make an informed decision.

Bitcoin Prime is suitable for budding traders and seasoned investors to gain accurate information and access intuitive trading software. These are some of the most trusted sources to stay updated and in sync with the changing market trends to earn the highest returns on investment.

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