Posted on Oct 29 2021 - 12:26am by Anurag Kumar

The most popular cryptocurrency of all time is Bitcoin which requires no introduction. Bitcoin’s high ROI over the past decade has made Bitcoin an undisputed king of all times among all investments. Bitcoin is currently trading at a price of $61,000 while writing this article and has come a long way since 2009.

If you are a beginner who has recently developed interest in trading of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin, today we are listing top 5 best Bitcoin Podcasts for beginner traders to learn and develop skills required to trade in crypto market. Bitqt app allows you trade cryptocurrencies and if you are beginner, it is an easy and convenient app to use.

Best Bitcoin Podcasts

#1. Unchained by Laura Shin

Laura Shin is former Forbes Crypto Editor and a Crypto/Blockchain journalist. She brings latest advancement in the world of Crypto to the users by interviewing the experts and breaking the news. If you are getting started and want to make yourself familiar to the Crypto world, follow @laurashin.

#2. The Breakdown by Nathaniel Whittemore

The Breakdown With NLW is co-produced by CoinDesk and brings you daily analysis of Bitcoin, Crypto World, Macroeconomics. To learn about global crypto network, Listen to NLW.

#3. The Stephan Livera Podcast

For beginners who are specifically looking to know about Bitcoin in today’s crypto world, Stephan Livera brings the insights about Bitcoin to world with a broader perspective

#4. Invest Like the Best — Hash Power

Cryptocurrency is a not like any other asset, it is a complex digital asset which is rewarded when users solves complex algorithmic puzzles. Hash Power enables you to understand the world of Blockchain and crypto mining in a simple way.

#5. The Blockchain Show

The Blockshain show is a daily podcast which talks about crypto currencies, future of crypto currencies and the fundamental on which cryptocurrencies are built.

Let us know which is your favourite Bitcoin Podcast.

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