Sony Xperia Z5 in Pink – First Look Video

Earlier today Sony Mobile launched the pink color variant of their latest flagship device Xperia Z5. Color shade of pink is very light and warm as compared to the pink color variant of Xperia Z5 Compact. Xperia Z5 in pink color will soon be available in February later this year.

Sony didn’t bring any changes in terms of specifications in the pink Xperia Z5. It is clearly visible that Sony is now experimenting with colors for Xperia smartphones.

Pink Xperia Z5 – First Look Video

Check out the first look video of Xperia Z5 in pink below.

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Source – Edge of Mobile

Pink Xperia Z5 officially launched by Sony

Sony Mobile has officially launched warm sophisticated pink variant of Xperia Z5 earlier today. Though front panel has the black color but the metal frame and frosted glass back are in pink color.

It is expected to be available in markets in February 2016, following the same specifications like other variants of Xperia Z5 have.

Pink Xperia Z5

Lead designer on the project Rikke Gertsen Constein said, “Choosing a colour is a detailed  process. The material of the phone and the design of the curves and edges play an important role and has a great impact on which colour is best suited. We knew we wanted to add pink to the Z5 series from our very first moodboards and sketches as it seemed to compliment the colour palette to the rest of the range”.

Check out the Xperia Z5 in pink below.

Pink Xperia Z5 Launched   Xperia Z5 Pink Pic   Xperia Z5 Pink front Xperia Z5 Pink BackZ5 Pink on the table

Sony Xperia Z5 in Pink

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Source – Sony

Sony confirms PINK Xperia coming on 12 Jan 2016

A few days back we heard news that a pink Xperia Z5 might coming soon in January 2016 and now Sony is dropping hints that a PINK Sony product is coming on 12 January 2016.

Sony has posted two pics on its official Instagram account of pink balloons and pink cosmetic brush with the caption “There are many shades of beauty. Follow us to discover our latest work of art on 12.01.16“.

Pink Xperia coming on 12 Jan 2016

Check out the insta posts made by Sony below.

Most probably we will see a PINK Xperia Z5 launching on 12 January 2016, but it is not confirmed for the time being.
PINK Xperia Z5
Earlier today we saw suspected pics of Xperia C6 Ultra in rose gold color, it seems Sony is experimenting with colors.
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