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Some of you have probably heard that phone tracker apps or SMS tracker apps exist and are used to monitor over one’s phone. They work like spyware and open access to all of the phone’s sensitive data from GPS locations and to saved passwords or even social media messages.

While the ethics of such a decision are debatable, a lot of spouses use these apps to spy on their significant other. And, while monitoring one’s personal life or spying on someone’s snapchat messages can be gross, usage of lookalike tracking software at work may indeed prove beneficial.

With a tracking software that logs and reports the activities of your employees, you get access to an entirely new level of loyalty, overall productivity enhancements, and an overall data security update. Nice, right?

Well, in theory, software that tracks and logs activity and performance of your employees is an outstanding benefit. But, in reality, there are still several challenges in the way. Thus we shall begin with the cons!

Downsides of tracker apps at work

People don’t like to be monitored. If you launch and use sophisticated software to track their performance, you may face the following issues:

  • You don’t trust us. “Why would our employer even want to monitor our performance, say the people who have something to hide.
  • You don’t respect us. “Nobody is perfect, and I should have a spare minute or two of free time. I am not a slave here, after all”, say the people who only procrastinate.
  • You spy on my personal life. “What if I chat with my significant other or reveal a family secret?”, say the people who only use their working hours for social media chattering.

spying on someone’s snapchat messages

All of these issues, however, won’t be a problem to an employee who does exactly what you pay him for during working hours. You won’t get too personal if he doesn’t use social media, you won’t punish him for NOT watching YouTube and you will give him credit for a job well done – everybody wins!

Speaking of the devil, what are the perks of tracker apps?

Benefits of using logging software for work

Now that we are done with the obstacles, what the main perks of logging apps?

  • Data theft is unimaginable hence you will always know which user downloads or uploads any data onto corporate machines. This is an essential element of a well-protected business in 2017.
  • Employers won’t be talking to HR’s and recruiters from other companies via Skype, Snapchat or LinkedIn because they know you are aware of it.
  • Well, if you manage your team’s schedule and optimize it for unlimited performance based on solid data indicators you will have a clockwork army of workers in a heartbeat.
  • Once controlled and looked after 100% of a time a person won’t allow himself to be sloppy. This is especially relevant in such fields as R&D, Development, and Sales or Marketing – where people directly interact with leads or customers.


Security logging apps are a necessity in most up-to-date businesses. The benefit they provide is undeniable. The perks easily outshine all pitfalls.

Every smart business owner on the planet will be using logging software shortly – stay ahead of time, embrace the power today and save up to 60% on a yearly subscription plan!

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