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Why Mobile Optimization Is So Important For Online Casino Gaming

It’s official: the majority of us do most of our internet browsing via mobile devices. Between May 2019 and May 2020, mobile enjoyed a 50% market share where desktop was only around 46-47%. Tablet share is much smaller, but if you combine mobile and tablet devices – since they both usually use the same operating systems – then you’re looking at an even bigger market share for non-traditional desktop or laptop computers when it comes to internet browsing. It’s too early to say that mobile is going to replace desktop as the premier mode of browsing in the future, but some certainly think that will be the case, and there’s strong evidence to suggest they may be right.

With that in mind, then, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your website is optimised for mobile devices if you’re running a blog, a retail operation, or any other kind of site. Without optimisation, users will be put off and won’t want to browse your site as it won’t look visually appealing. This is doubly important in the online casino gaming space; customer retention is more important than ever in this area, especially when the coronavirus has everyone at home with lots of free time. Optimising a casino site for mobile means people will stay longer, play longer, and potentially win more, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Here’s why mobile optimisation should be a priority for any self-respecting online casino site.

Mobile is more convenient

People are doing a lot of browsing on mobile devices for a simple reason: they’re far more convenient than powering up a desktop device or even a laptop. Online casino gaming is much more fun if you’re curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine than it is if you’re hunched over a keyboard and mouse. When you’re playing the best mobile casino games, you want to know that you’re in a relaxing environment, because that can stimulate your mind to help you make good bets and good decisions around your cash flow and bankroll. As a customer, you’re far more likely to grab your phone and play a few games than power up your PC, and as a site owner, it’s better for you if customers do that.

We carry our phones everywhere

Have you ever wanted to grab your phone during a lengthy and tedious public transport journey and just play a few rounds of slots or spin some roulette? That’s why an online casino site has to be optimised for mobile; it needs to be available when you’re bored and looking for something to do as well as when you’re feeling like a high roller. If the site isn’t well-optimised, then it’s going to take players a long time simply to navigate to the game they want to play, let alone to actually sit down and play a few rounds of it. If you’ve ever been to a poorly-optimised website and tried to accomplish even simple tasks, you’ll know why this is important for a resource-heavy site like online casino gaming.

Online casino gaming is mobile-heavy

Some research suggests that up to 70% of casino gaming is done on mobile devices rather than on desktop or tablet. That means if a hundred people are playing slots, poker, or blackjack online, 70 of those people are playing on mobile devices. The importance of optimising a website for mobile, therefore, should be obvious; you’re letting down 70% of your customer base as a casino website if you don’t. As a consumer, too, since you’re vastly more likely to want to play online casino games on your smartphone, you want to know that the landscape in which you’re doing so is welcoming and friendly for your device instead of off-putting.

There’s a bigger sense of community

One of the most important aspects of online casino gaming is the sense of community it can offer. Mobile gaming can enable this aspect of the scene even more, because smartphones are already an inherently social technology; we use them every day to communicate with one another in a variety of ways, so why not add online casino gaming into this mix? A well-optimised casino website makes more people from the same household more likely to check it out through word of mouth recommendation, which can in turn build a sense of camaraderie. Poorly-optimised sites will simply drive people back to desktop platforms or to real-life casinos (although perhaps not right now).

Security is better

A big reason that many people flock to online casinos is their improved security over physical casinos. After all, there’s no chance of being mugged or having your payout stolen in an online casino unless the site is unscrupulous. This means mobile casino gaming is even more secure; many devices now have lock mechanisms that involve your fingerprint or even a scan of your face, things that criminals or thieves can’t replicate easily. As a site owner, if your site is well-optimised and offers peerless security, that’ll be an impossibly attractive combination for consumers, who want to know that their data is safe to the fullest extent possible.

These are just some of the reasons we’ve identified that mobile casino gaming optimisation is more important than it’s ever been. Did we miss any reasons? What do you think?

New PS4 Games Must also Run on PlayStation 5 from July

The gaming community has been eagerly awaiting the launch of the PlayStation 5 since talk of it’s release started late last year. With the release date drawing closer, attention has turned to the games that will be available to play upon its release, and the most recent news from Sony has gamers more excited than ever.

Sony has issued recommendations to PlayStation 4 game developers that any game updates issued for certification after the 13th of July should also be compatible with the new PlayStation 5. Technically, this means that after this date, each game received by Sony should be forwards-compatible. However, it’s up to the game developers themselves to ensure that this is the case.

Game developers have had access to testing software for the PS5 since April of this year, in the hope that they will have made provisions to make their games compatible with the PlayStation 5 ahead of its release date, expected to be November of this year. However, it is important to remember that this submissions date is not the same as the release date. Games are usually submitted for certification way in advance of their release date to ensure Sony can put it through the certification process in time.

So far, there hasn’t been much confirmative information on which games released after July 13th will actually be forwards-compatible with the PlayStation 5. However Eurogamer reports that certain flagship titles, such as The Last of Us 2, and Ghost of Tshushima are certain to be compatible with the next generation model. This has given keen gamers extra hope that the majority of new releases will ensure their software is compatible on the new PlayStation 5, even though issues that need adjustment will be left up to the developers themselves to handle.

The official statement from PlayStation back in March read: “We’re expecting backward compatible titles will run at a boosted frequency on PS5 so that they can benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions. We’re currently evaluating games on a title-by-title basis to spot any issues that need adjustment from the original software developers.”

The statement continued: “In his presentation, Mark Cerny provided a snapshot into the Top 100 most-played PS4 titles, demonstrating how well our backward compatibility efforts are going. We have already tested hundreds of titles and are preparing to test thousands more as we move toward launch. We will provide updates on backward compatibility, along with much more PS5 news, in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

With this is mind, excitement for the new consoles has been heightened more than ever. New games, such as Godfall, never played before on PlayStation will be making their first ever appearance. On top of this, existing games such as Warframe and Fortnite are reported to be able to be enhanced (possibly for free) to be able to be played on the new console. It seems like the arrival of the PlayStation 5 will truly be a revolutionising time for gaming.

Image Source: Sony PlayStation

Start Your Own Online Venture With Dropshipping Services Within Minutes

What is the biggest concern for a newly established retail business? Not many will be acquainted with this, but a handsome capital and warehousing a huge stock of goods in your inventory eventually turn out to be the major concerns. Moreover, if it’s an online store, shipping of products only adds up to your trouble.

Dropshipping is a relatively newer concept and business model in the e-commerce scenario. Through drop shipping, the owner of the new business buys a product from another seller (retailer as well as a wholesaler) and gets it shipped directly to the customer. One important factor while framing such structure is that the dropshipper doesn’t have physical possession of the good at any point of time.

What is Dropshipping?

Despite being a relatively newer concept, dropshipping is getting extremely popular. This is a process in which a person partners with a dropshipping client and lists all the product from the client’s product portfolio. Once a buyer makes the order, the dropshipper purchases the product from the client and gets it delivered directly to the buyer’s address.

Dropshippers do not require a very high amount of capital to be invested and the risk involved is also very low. Moreover, it is easier to set and scale up. This is because it does not require a lot of manual stuffs to be done and the set-up process is spread on a short lifespan.

Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a pretty beneficial business setup. In fact, most people choose dropshipping owing to some convenience that they bring along. There are certain factors that could excite you up to give it a try:

  • Setting up a new business requires a huge capital. But dropshipping almost kills this notion. The good thing about this business structure is that it requires very little capital or manpower to set up.
  • The most notable benefit of getting started with a new drop shipping business is that they do not require warehousing. The inventory size of the entire business setup could be zero and still a good amount of profit could be made. As a result, the cost of warehousing or maintaining the inventory is nil or negligible.
  • If you are doing business in the field of dropshipping, you can always be in the good books of your consumers. As opposed to traditional e-commerce, where many products cannot be listed at once owing to the fact that they require a big inventory, dropshipping will offer a wider range of products across all ranges and the business does not require any backlogs or inventories.
  • Dropshipping won’t bind you down to one fixed location. In fact, in most cases, it isn’t a physical business. It can be carried out from any location you are in. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

How to start a dropshipping business?

Starting a new business isn’t a sip from your favourite coffee at Starbucks. Instead, for some business, the entire process will burn you down in terms of energy and excitement until the entire process is completed. But when you are looking to set up a dropshipping e-commerce, the process becomes quite simple.

  • Find a supplier. This is the biggest step towards setting up your new business. You need to explore a few suppliers with whom you can partner and set it up. Make sure to partner with a supplier with huge variety and good on-time delivery ratio.
  • Sign up with Shopify: You don’t need a huge budget or web development skills to create an online dropshipping store. You can do so easily with Shopify. Simply go to and add your store name to get it going. You will get a free trial for 14 days.
  • Install Oberlo app: Once you are done with creating your store at Shopify, search for Oberlo app and install it. This app will assist you in listing a wide range of products with just a few clicks. Using Oberlo, you can add thousands of products from Oberlo Supply and Aliexpress, and start shipping directly to your customers on order.
  • Choose your niche: This is important. Choose a niche where you can market your products well. Once you are done with installing the app, you need to choose a niche of products that you think will be the best one to suit the demand. You can now import the products from AliExpress directly to your Shopify store and start your business.

Yes! It’s that simple.

Setting up an online business has never been this easy. And guess what, this entire process will incur almost zero investment.

How? You can install Oberlo on your Shopify store for free. You can create a store at Shopify with a free trial of 14 days, while you can keep using Oberlo without any cost. Note that the free Oberlo account limits you to 500 product and 50 orders per month, which is pretty good for a newbie. Once your business starts getting some traction, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Overall, in the current scenario, there couldn’t be anything better than getting your first business on track with almost zero investment, zero hindrance, zero risk and zero bindings.

A Phone Tracker Like Logger At Work: Pros VS Cons

Some of you have probably heard that phone tracker apps or SMS tracker apps exist and are used to monitor over one’s phone. They work like spyware and open access to all of the phone’s sensitive data from GPS locations and to saved passwords or even social media messages.

While the ethics of such a decision are debatable, a lot of spouses use these apps to spy on their significant other. And, while monitoring one’s personal life or spying on someone’s snapchat messages can be gross, usage of lookalike tracking software at work may indeed prove beneficial.

With a tracking software that logs and reports the activities of your employees, you get access to an entirely new level of loyalty, overall productivity enhancements, and an overall data security update. Nice, right?

Well, in theory, software that tracks and logs activity and performance of your employees is an outstanding benefit. But, in reality, there are still several challenges in the way. Thus we shall begin with the cons!

Downsides of tracker apps at work

People don’t like to be monitored. If you launch and use sophisticated software to track their performance, you may face the following issues:

  • You don’t trust us. “Why would our employer even want to monitor our performance, say the people who have something to hide.
  • You don’t respect us. “Nobody is perfect, and I should have a spare minute or two of free time. I am not a slave here, after all”, say the people who only procrastinate.
  • You spy on my personal life. “What if I chat with my significant other or reveal a family secret?”, say the people who only use their working hours for social media chattering.

spying on someone’s snapchat messages

All of these issues, however, won’t be a problem to an employee who does exactly what you pay him for during working hours. You won’t get too personal if he doesn’t use social media, you won’t punish him for NOT watching YouTube and you will give him credit for a job well done – everybody wins!

Speaking of the devil, what are the perks of tracker apps?

Benefits of using logging software for work

Now that we are done with the obstacles, what the main perks of logging apps?

  • Data theft is unimaginable hence you will always know which user downloads or uploads any data onto corporate machines. This is an essential element of a well-protected business in 2017.
  • Employers won’t be talking to HR’s and recruiters from other companies via Skype, Snapchat or LinkedIn because they know you are aware of it.
  • Well, if you manage your team’s schedule and optimize it for unlimited performance based on solid data indicators you will have a clockwork army of workers in a heartbeat.
  • Once controlled and looked after 100% of a time a person won’t allow himself to be sloppy. This is especially relevant in such fields as R&D, Development, and Sales or Marketing – where people directly interact with leads or customers.


Security logging apps are a necessity in most up-to-date businesses. The benefit they provide is undeniable. The perks easily outshine all pitfalls.

Every smart business owner on the planet will be using logging software shortly – stay ahead of time, embrace the power today and save up to 60% on a yearly subscription plan!

DailyForex Android App Review – A Gift for Forex Traders

Welcome readers to our new post in which we are going to discuss a Forex trading app called DailyForex. is one of the oldest platforms which helps traders to trade in Forex by providing helpful Forex Reviews and News.

The site has launched its mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) so that the traders can enjoy their services more quickly. Before moving into details about the DailyForex interface and other features let us highlight some key features of the DailyForex site.

Some Words about DailyForex

Since its launch in 2006 DailyForex site owners are doing  their best to help Forex traders by providing some useful stuff like

  1. Forex Reviews: Reviewing some Forex brokers for different area and commodities, etc.
  2. Market Updates: It includes Forex News, Analysis, Weekly Forecast, Forex Signals, etc.
  3. Learning Materials: DailyForex provides some useful materials like Forex Articles, Forex Basic, Webinar, etc. In fact, users can learn more about Forex in FX Academy.
  4. Trading Tools: Trading tools like mobile apps, site widget, etc. are also provided.
  5. Others: Some other features are listed below which are very helpful for both pro and new traders.
  6. Forex Forecast helps in making plans.
  7. Weekly Recap highlight all the activities of the Forex trade market.
  8. Expert advice is also provided through DailyForex as free Forex Signals.

There are a lot more to discuss about the services provided by the site which is not possible here to explore more, please visit the site or read the below part in which we are explaining the functionality of the app.

Functionality of the DailyForex Android App

In part of the post, we will focus on the Android version of DailtForex app, and we will provide some screenshots also which will help our readers to understand the working of the app.

1) Forex Signals: Users can also enjoy free Forex Signals which can help them to improve and can escalate their earning. It is very useful for new traders as this option provide some useful Forex traders advice which can help in Forex trading in the major currency pair.

2) Technical Analysis: Users can go through Forecast regarding gold, Forex trade, crude oil, etc. Forecasting always helps in getting best ROI.

3) Forex News: Users can get latest Forex trade news at their fingertips. Some useful News regarding Forex is provided so that users can make their plan accordingly.

4) Forex Alerts: Instant alerts regarding trade, price, etc. are also provided in this option of the app.

5) Trading Tools: Tools shown below are provided to make trading in Forex easier.

  1. Economic Calendar: Highlight of the main Forex events of the year.
  2. Live Rates: Provide live prices of currencies, Indices, and Commodities.
  3. Currency Convertor: Though it traders can easy convert one currency into another.

Final Thought

Before coming to a conclusion, please read below positive and negative points about the DailyForex app.

Positive Points

  1. It is a free app which comes with large numbers of free services.
  2. Most of the features are free like Forex Articles, Forex Signals, etc. Forex Signals and Forex Articles are really very helpful for those who are struggling in Forex trade.
  3. Features like Forex News, Forecast, Forex calendar, etc. makes DailyForex app a complete package for both new and pro Forex traders.
  4. It is easy to use app users can access most of the features from the home screen only.
  5. The DailyForex site and DailyForex apps both are available in many languages which is very good for those who enjoy doing trading in their native languages.

Negative Point

The only drawback with the Daily Forex Android app is that its loading time, loading time of the content is more than normal, otherwise everything is perfect about the Forex Android App.

As developers are bringing regular updates, we can hope they will remove this bug in the near future. As the DailyForex app is free, download it without any second thought in your mind It is available for both Android and iOS.. You can leave your comments below in the case of any doubts.