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Yesterday we posted Xperia Z2 D6503 17.1.A.2.36 firmware ftf and found that Sony has updated many apps in this firmware including the media and camera apps. Camera app AR Effect reads new 2.0.8 version and media apps read Movies 6.1.A.0.18, Walkman 8.1.A.0.7 and Album 5.4.A.0.24 app version on new Xperia Z2 android 4.4.2 firmware.

XDA user dvha79_ddt has ported new media apps for rooted Xperia handsets running android 4.1.2 later version. Download the concerned media app apk file and install it like a normal apk or push in system/app > set permissions rw- r– r– and reboot. Only for rooted handsets, will not work on non root handsets, confirmed working on Xperia Z1, Z, ZL, SP etc.

Download Movies 6.1.A.0.18 App

Download SemcVideo_6.1.A.0.18.apk


Download SemcVideo_6.1.A.0.18_JellyBean.apk – For 4.1.2

Movies 6.1.A.0.18 App

Download Walkman 8.1.A.0.7 App

Download SemcMusic_8.1.A.0.7.apk


Download SemcMusic_8.1.A.0.7_JellyBean.apk – For 4.1.2

Visualizes plugins apk below. Rename the below file after download to SemcMusicVisualizer.apk and push in systems/app > set permissions rw- r– r– and reboot.

Download SemcMusicVisualizer_v2.2.A.2.2.apk

Walkman 8.1.A.0.7 App

Download Album 5.4.A.0.24 App

Download SemcAlbum_5.4.A.0.24.apk

Album 5.4.A.0.24 App

Try the above new media apps on your Xperia handset, let us know they worked for you. Drop your comments below.

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  1. Divine June 28, 2015 at 3:25 am - Reply

    Hi there,

    I installed the app on my rooted LG E450 which has 4.1.2 android jelly bean system. But the Walkman app is installed but when i launched it, the message appears ”Unfortunately it has stopped”

    Although I’ve followed carefully your instructions… What should i do know?

    • Anurag Kumar June 28, 2015 at 2:19 pm - Reply

      It looks 4.1.2 is not supported by the app. Tried clearing the app data of the app?

  2. Divine June 28, 2015 at 3:26 am - Reply

    I mean do now? not know!

  3. Divine June 29, 2015 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    Yes Anurag, I’ve tried cleaning the app data of Walkman twice but it is not still working. I want to have the latest version of Walkman on my mobile but it will only work on android 4.2+….

    I had another Walkman app version 6.0 something, working perfectly and well, i deleted this app to install the 8.0 version.
    Now i regret.

    Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

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