Why online bingo is not just a game for elderly women

Each game has its fair share of misconceptions and the popular bingo used to be regarded as mostly a game for elderly women. During the Golden Age of bingo halls, a significant percentage of those playing were women, hence the stereotype. As times have changed, so did the demographics and bingo turned from a female dominated pursuit into a universally popular game. Today it is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and all ages, with youngsters fully embracing the fun nature of online bingo.

Men gamble more than women

It comes as no surprise that the majority of those who play games of chance on real money are men. This was particularly true in the days when land-based casinos were the only places where people could legally enjoy the thrills of gambling. Since action moved online and you can find a list of sites here, the playing field was leveled and today there are plenty of women gambling over the Internet. There are many bingo rooms to check out online and they offer irresistible offers to those willing to sign up and play.

In addition to dedicated bingo rooms that cater exclusively to the fans of this game, online casinos frequently have a section dedicated to bingo. This has encouraged many male gamblers to try the game at least once and many got hooked to its fun and social nature.

At the time of writing, women still represent the majority of those who play bingo. In fact, this is the only type of gambling dominated by the fairer gender, alongside scratch cards.

Recent studies indicate the fact that around 65% of those who play bingo are women, with men representing 35% of all online players. This is in spite of many bingo rooms targeting almost exclusively women with their promotions and special offers. Granted there are no brands aimed exclusively at male bingo players, the number of gender-neutral ones is on the rise. Pink websites are the most visible ones, but thorough research indicates the fact that the advertising strategies have changed to also include men.

Young people love bingo too

The discrepancy between male and female bingo players isn’t as high as most people expect it to be. The same can be said in regard to the age of those who enjoy the game online. Youngsters are hooked on the Internet and enjoy everything related to it, including games of chance. Not surprisingly, a significant percentage of those who gamble online are young people and 75% of bingo players are younger than 50. They are drawn to the social element of the game and its unmatched convenience.

As online bingo rooms witness a massive shift to mobile gaming, the number of young people playing grows at a steady pace. Casual gamblers prefer smartphones and tablets, as they allow them to play short sessions whenever they have the time. The bottom line is that even though elderly women continue to represent a decent percentage of bingo players, the game is enjoyed by pretty much everyone.

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