Video Conferencing Tips to make Every Broadcast a Success

Preparing to host a web conference is always a daunting process. Despite offering invaluable convenience, there are many small problems that can all add up and lower the value that you receive from the service. This is why we have prepared the following tips, techniques and tidbits of advice to help you get the most out of your video conferencing equipment and software. With video conferencing camera equipment from providers like Blue Jeans, it’s easy for you to enjoy the sheer convenience, as well as the great benefits, of online video communications with these simple tips.

Preparing for the Big Event

One of the most common mistakes made by many online conference hosts and attendees is that they don’t test their equipment, software and network capabilities before going live. This can lead to embarrassing situations such as faulty hardware, stuttering video quality or broken audio, amongst other problems. To remedy this, simply utilize time before the broadcast to figure out how everything works, and following these three easy steps to avoid any unexpected problems.

How to do Video conferencing

  • Color Coordination – Depending on the equipment you choose, certain colors can be exaggerated on camera. For example, a bright red dress may stick out more than expected, and become a distraction for attendees. So carefully consider which colors combinations work with your background colors and lighting sources, and choose neutral, pastel or plain colors to stay safe.
  • Sound and Image Clarity – When acquiring quality equipment and software, it’s easy to just assume that everything will work as planned. However, lighting, room size, acoustics and many more factors can greatly affect the quality of your audio and video feed. For example, if you are sitting in a large, stark room, you can expect there to be some form of echo. If the echo is too loud, it can cause feedback and discomfort for attendees.
  • Network Connection – Because we are always so connected in our modern world, we often don’t take a moment to check signal strength or hard network connections anymore. This can be a mistake, however, as cutting out halfway through a conference can lead to wasted time or mixed communications. So find a suitable location that offers both a strong Wi-Fi connection, as well as a cable connection in case the Wi-Fi stops working. This way, you will be prepared for small mishaps and can quickly switch to a more stable cable connection if the need arises.

With these three tips, you are certainly on your way to hosting a successful and effective web conference. However, now let’s take a look at how you can maintain this quality during an online conference so that you’ll be prepared for almost any problems that pop up along the way.

Ensuring the Best Experience for Participants

Preparing for the event will ensure a far better quality broadcast, but the work is not over until the broadcast ends, which is these tips, some gleamed from, are here to help you maintain great quality throughout your conference.

  • Avoid High Pitched Noise – Highly pitched sounds are often picked up more easily by microphones, and this is especially so for sounds like crinkling paper, fingers tapping on a desk or blinds being blown about by the wind. To avoid any discomfort for conference attendees, simply try to avoid high pitched sounds and be careful with what you with your hands while broadcasting.
  • Speaking to Your Camera – While many people will advise to speak directly into the camera, this is not always the best advice. As an insightful host on Rave Pubs revealed; you need to be able to see the reactions and facial cues of whoever you are talking with in order to engage with them properly. So ensure that your camera is located close to where you will be looking, such as just above your screen, so that you can look towards the camera and still engage by looking directly at the recipient of your conversation.
  • Smiling and Acting Natural – This part of web conferencing is more difficult than many assume, and some people find themselves moving about, using hand gestures and often becoming a distraction. This is easy to fix, however, as you can simply practice talking via webcam with a friend who can offer constructive criticism and help you get comfortable with the etiquette.

These tips should assist when you next host a web conference and will help you not only provide a better experience for all attendees, but actually benefit more from each conference you host.

To achieve and enjoy the online conferencing techniques, you need to invest the right amount of time into preparations and practice. Remember, it’s unlikely that your very first conference will go perfectly, but each problem you encounter can be a step to learning, and ultimately mastering, web conferencing.

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