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HTC Sense Input Keyboard is now available at Play Store for download. Default keyboard of Google and Sony are already available on Play Store and now HTC steps into same shoes. HTC One, HTC One M8 and new HTC Desire series can now download the updated version of HTC Sense Input Keyboard.

HTC Sense Input Keyboard update is a minor update although which brings Google extract view in landscape mode. User are reporting getting the update on their devices.

HTC Sense Input Keyboard

Below you can see official changelog of update.

Support Google extract view in landscape mode.
Add the prompt when adding none word into personal dictionary.
Show .ru/.ro/.nl on Russian/Romanian/Dutch URL keyboard.
Enable Handwriting manual submit mode.
Fix Zhuyin “ㄦ” cannot be typed issue.

Download HTC Sense Input Keyboard apk

Head to Play Store to download HTC Sense Input Keyboard on your HTC devices.

Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store


Download HTC Sense Input Keyboard

Download HTC Sense Input Keyboard apk for manual installation on HTC devices, version 6.2.795212.

Download HTC Sense Input Keyboard apk.

HTC Sense Input  version 6.2.795212 Keyboard apk

If you have updated your HTC Sense Input Keyboard let us know if anything major you noticed. Facing any bugs, drop your comments below.

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