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A week before Sony officially rolled out after so many months the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware for Xperia S Lt26i, Xperia SL LT26ii and Acro S LT26w. The first impression was that all Xperia S, SL and Acro S users were a lot happy regarding this udpate but as soon as they installed the update, a list of bugs in Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware came on. We expected that Sony may release an update soon to fix the bugs and here it comes.

Manually Install Xperia S LT26i /SL/Acro S Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware ftf file – Official Update

Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware has officially been rolled out across the globe for Xperia S, SL and Acro S in case yous till have not got the notification for update, let’s see how you can update.

How to update Manually Xperia S LT26i /SL/Acro S on Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware –  OFFICIAL UPDATE ?

PTCRB Certified Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 for Xperia S LT26i SL Acro S

Just now we spotted that PTCRB has officially listed Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 for all three phones Xperia S, SL and Acro S on 4th June, it means that it will be coming very soon now. It’s a good news actually, so when will it be released ? Is it also gonna be late, we guess no Sony officially gave answer to that too 🙂

PTCRB Certified Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 for Xperia S LT26i SL Acro S

Sony confirmed Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 firmware

After having so many bugs in the Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware, many Xperia S users were reporting it on Sony Mobile forum and in reply to query of one user, Sony Xperia Support member “Johan” posted that Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 certified for Xperia S LT26i, SL LT26ii and Acro S LT26w and will be rolling out soon.

Release date for Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 in the 23rd or 24th week. It means it should either be released around June 3-9 or June 10-16 🙂

Sony confirmed Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.211 certified for Xperia S LT26i SL Acro S

We expect that all bugs will be fixed soon.

Bugs in Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.B.0.200 firmware for Xperia S, SL, Acro S

  • Wi-Fi bug connectivity issue – Wi-Fi after Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware update stopped working. It either don’t detect or if detected it doesn’t connect to internet means we are not able to surf internet or download anything.
  • Mobile data connectivity issue – Xperia S, SL, Acro S stopped connecting to 2G mobile data after Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware update. It doesn’t connect on “E” but it do connects on 3G mode “H”. 2G data is connecting very slow after the Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware update.
  • Battery drain issues – After Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware update, battery drain issue issue arose. Now battery is draining at 2x rate as compared to ICS. Before only 9-10% battery used to drain after listening to songs on headset for 2 hours on ICS but now on Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware, around 10% battery drain in 1 hour listening to songs.
  • No STAMINA Mode – Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware update for Xperia S, SL, Acro S had “Extended battery mode” only but when battery reaches 14%, phone shows warning of “switching to Battery Stamina Mode”. What does that mean actually ? Sony missed Stamina mode so why phone is showing warning for that.

No Stamina mode in Xperia S Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware

  • 1080P HD video capture lag – While capturing 1080p full HD video in Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware, the video capturing lags so much. Fps for 1080p videos have been reduced now. Poor quality of videos are captured.

Poor Quality of 1080p HD Videos in Xperia SL LT26ii 6.2.B.0.200 jelly bean firmware

  • Camera Quality issue – No HDR mode, no Burst mode, no superior auto mode was seen in Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware for Xperia S, SL and Acro S. Picture quality on 12MP cam also reduced showing a purple shade in the pics if taken with white background.

A lot many other issues are reported like absence of apps like MyXperia, Screen Mirroring etc which were present in the leaked version. Hopefully Sony fix all above bugs soon in the new Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware update. Xperia S, SL and Acro S users waited so long for the Jelly Bean, it should be atleast bugs free.

Do let us know in comment section, what bugs you are actually facing on your Xperia S, SL and Acro S on Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware ?

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  1. Grapping July 6, 2013 at 1:00 pm - Reply

    I am Swiss. Phone XPERIA S with firmware .200. no problems. For rooten, can I flash firmware .. 211 – without having problems?
    Thank you

    • Anurag Kumar July 7, 2013 at 8:24 pm - Reply

      Yes you can flash but JB .211 has some bugs, are you aware of them ?

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