WordPress Hosting Explained for Beginners

WordPress powers around 64 million websites. Given its popularity, many hosting companies offer optimized WordPress hosting as a service. Your site will benefit from WordPress tailored customer support and security systems if you go for WordPress hosting. It offers better WordPress site performance and plugin functionality compared to regular web hosting. 

Deciding on a WordPress hosting package for your website may take some time since there is a lot of information to consider. This article describes the types of WordPress hosting plans to help you decide which one is best for your WordPress site. Let’s get started. 

Shared Hosting

Though hosting prices vary between different hosting companies, shared WordPress hosting will be the cheapest option to pick. The reason behind its low price is that you’re sharing the server with other site owners.

How to Install WordPress Hosting

You can opt for it when you start building your website since it’s beginner-friendly and easy to manage. If you aren’t expecting high traffic volumes, the limited resources might not be a problem. 

Shared hosting is perfect for small business websites and personal blogs. It is also a good option to familiarize yourself with how to manage a WordPress site. Once your website has grown, you can upgrade the hosting plan. 

Shared hosting is not the best option in terms of security and performance – if the other websites on the same server experience issues, they can affect yours too. 

Virtual Private Server

Often abbreviated as VPS, this hosting type is the perfect option if you want to upscale from shared hosting. VPS hosting distributes server space between users. The main difference is that each of them has access to a virtual machine with dedicated resources emulated on the hardware. 

This means more available storage space, memory, better flexibility and improved security than shared hosting. With VPS WordPress hosting, you can upgrade and downgrade your resources according to your needs. Opting for VPS hosting can be cost-effective if your website has fluctuating traffic.

Another good thing about VPS hosting is you have full control of your own private space in the server. You’re also free to choose which operating system you want to use on the server. However, that means you need to possess the technical knowledge on how to customize your own server. 

Go for WordPress optimized VPS hosting if your website has a decent traffic surge. It’s great for medium sized business, eCommerce, and popular blogs. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re a beginner, you can also choose a managed WordPress hosting service. With managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to worry about technical tasks like updating WordPress, plugins, or managing regular data back-ups. The hosting provider will cover it all. 

Managed WordPress hosting will cost you more, but it will let you focus on creating content for your website. 

Other Solutions

If you need to scale your website, you can try cloud hosting or dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting stores data on multiple servers so if one of them shuts down, another will cover its funct. Cloud hosting is suitable for websites with high traffic volumes that must remain running at all times.

Meanwhile, dedicated hosting is the best option for large websites – both in terms of their scale and traffic. It is the most expensive type of hosting, but it has the most resources available and is potentially the most secure, since the site owner rents the entire server and can implement whatever measures they see fit. 


There is no absolute rule when it comes to choosing a WordPress hosting plan. The best option is the one that suits your needs without going overboard. 

The most common WordPress hosting types are: 

  • Shared hosting – the most affordable option, perfect for beginners. 
  • VPS – offers more resources than shared hosting, but technical knowledge is necessary to manage the server configuration.

Alternatively, you can purchase a managed WordPress hosting plan to avoid the hassle of handling the technical side of your WordPress site. That said, you will have to pay more for that. 

We hope you find the most suitable WordPress hosting plan to help you reach your goals!

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