VPNs on Google Play (or Best VPN for Android)

The Google Play Store is a complete digital playground for Android users who are looking to get the most from their digital devices. From the latest games, films, and TV shows through to apps, music and more, you can pretty much do anything on your device with the right app. In fact, Google Play now has around 3 million apps, many of which are free.

But beware of the “free” angle…

Of course, this ability to find an app without needing to pay for it explains why over 82 billion app downloads have taken place on the Google Play store since it launched in 2012, but savvy users will always be cautious.

Free isn’t at all what it seems, especially when it comes to VPN. These apps (most of them) will log your online activities and sell the data on or use it to show you personalized ads.

Geo-blocking is there to get you!

Another thing to bear in mind is that the Google Play Store is different depending on where you’re located. This means that some services and apps are geo-blocked and won’t necessarily even be visible if you try to locate them in your home country.

You’ll see this if you travel regularly, for example. This is because Google Play tracks your location through your IP address. This means you need to use a VPN on Google Play in order to get around the tracking and to view and download any app you want.

Why use a VPN on Android?

There are two key benefits here:

  1. Unlocking geo-blocked content

As mentioned above, Google Play changes based on location. You can bypass any issues caused by that if you use a VPN. The VPN does this by letting you connect to a server of your choice in another part of the world, which switches your IP address.

And it’s not just Google Play – there is plenty of geo-blocked content on platforms like Netflix or Youtube. With a lot of the most popular entertainment content located in the USA and Canada, you’ll probably want to find a VPN on Google Play which has plenty of fast American servers.

  1. With a VPN you can remain totally anonymous and protect your personal details, such as location, name, address and financial information. The VPN provides a secure and encrypted digital tunnel which keeps all snoopers and hackers at bay.

So, how do you go about finding a good VPN on Google Play?

Remember, a free VPN isn’t the same as a quality VPN. There are plenty of dubious apps on Google Play which are basically trash.

Download these and you’ll find yourself dealing with a whole world of malware, spyware, Trojans, ads and other types of unwanted digital pain. It’s essential to choose a quality VPN on Google Play – and yes, this probably means shelling out a few dollars a month for protection.

Keep your wits about you if you don’t want to end up a victim of fraud. Safety measures include:

– Looking at how many times a VPN has been installed on Google Play

– Checking out its user reviews

– Seeing how the VPN ranks against other VPNs on Google Play

– Thinking about whether you have heard of the service before or not

– Identifying how long it has been in operation for

– Seeing whether it is a paid-for service with clear security measures (free VPNs are often scams.)

Remember, if a VPN is new and unrated, it may well be a scam. Don’t go by reviews alone either because hackers can pay for fake reviews to be written.

Only trust a review that you see on an authorized, trusted and objective review site rather than on a VPN’s own website, for example. It is also worth checking VPN review sites for advice – including ours!

Basically, keep your wits about you and fish for a VPN on Google Play the same way that you would any other service. With so many quality VPNs available, it makes no sense to choose something unheard of. Check out at: https://vpnpro.com/best-vpn-services/regularly to see updated list.

The current best VPN on Google Play services

These are currently the VPNs we would recommend on the Google Play Store.


This service is a rarity; a genuine all-rounder that offers the best performance, security, features, and support. It’s used for entertainment purposes and also for sensitive information sharing, from political activism purposes through to business purposes and journalism.

It’s also one of the fastest VPNs, despite having over 2,000 servers located across 94 countries. The app works well and it has advanced obfuscation features to allow you to swerve around all manner of restrictions and blocks, making it ideal for Chinese users, as well as Netflix USA fans around the world.


Frankly, it’s almost as good as ExpressVPN and has a whopping 5,200+ servers, which explains why it’s so reliable. You’ll love everything about this VPN on Google Play as do millions of people. NordVPN is one of the most secure and versatile services on the market.


A little smaller and quieter than the above two Google Play VPNs, Astrill is still a top quality service with some serious security features. It keeps a more understandable 328 servers across 65 countries, but the real bonus is the speed, which is usually better than using our top two recommendations. Particularly good in Asia.

Private VPN

Even smaller, secure, smart and with exceptional unblocking capabilities. This is another tried and tested favorite that we are happy to recommend.

Others to look at:

Bullet VPN

IP Vanish


In summary, stay smart and stay secure – and don’t be so excited by a free VPN on Google Play – especially if you are a new user.

With our guides and latest reviews, you can find the best VPNs on Google Play and be part of a community of like-minded users who want to enjoy the internet to the fullest while remaining private and secure!

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