Install custom Xperia City Lights theme, DarkKnight v2 theme

Sony Xperia users we are listing two cool custom Xperia themes viz. Xperia City Lights theme and Xperia DarkKnight v2 theme from XDA users balrajs99 and tOrNadO respectively. Sony introduced Xperia theme engine on android 4.3 update which allows users to install and download Xperia themes from Play Stores besides stock themes present in phone already.

To install above mentioned Xperia themes you need rooted Xperia handset, running android 4.3+ version. Either install like a normal apk or push in system/app with correct permissions rw- r– r– and reboot. If installed on non rooted device then only lockscreen and homescreen wallpaper will change.

Xperia City Lights theme

Download Xperia City Lights theme from below link.

Download CityLights_4.3-4.4.apk

Xperia City Lights theme

Xperia City Lights theme apk

Xperia DarkKnight v2 theme

Download the version 2 of DarkKnight theme from below link.

Download DarkKnight.apk

Xperia DarkKnight v2 theme

Xperia DarkKnight v2 theme apk

Install above mentioned both themes on your device and let us know how they look. Drop your comments below.