Download official Sony Movies Small app for Xperia devices

Sony Movies 8.0.A.0.6 app was updated recently over 8.0.A.0.4 version which brought support for Sony Movies Small app. In the Movies app, tap the “Movies Small App” icon in the player bar, to play videos in minimum size ex. when checking your social networks or browsing the web.

Sony Movies Small was released as an OTA update recently on selected Xperia handsets but now it is available for download and works great on rooted as well as non rooted Xperia handsets running android 4.2+. We tried it on our Xperia Z2 and Xperia SP and it works smoothly.

Sony Movies Small app

Download Sony Movies Small app apk from below, install normally; Version 1.00.06.

Download SmallApp-Movies.apk | Mirror Link

Sony Movies Small app

How to use it ?

Open the Movies app > Play any video > Tap the screen > Click on the last icon with a diagonal arrow as shown in below screenshot.

Download Sony Movies Small apk

You can also resize the screen by dragging the right bottom corner of the window. Play/Pause and progress bar displayed as simple layout.

Sony Movies Small apk

If it is working on your device, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Thanks for the apk, Ben!