Download Android L Lockscreen app for any device

It has been a long time since Google release Android L developer preview images for Nexus devices and till now we have seen so many Android L ports like Android L Themes, wallpapers, keyboard, softkeys etc. Android L lock screen and phone dialing app has not seen so many ports till now.

App maker apps fizer has made Android L Lockscreen app which works almost on all android devices. No root is needed to install the app. You need to swipe left to open camera app, swipe right to open phone dialer and swipe top to unlock the phone. You can also set any Android L wallpaper for the lockscreen. To receive notification on lockscreen set ‘android L alerts’ in settings.

Android L Lockscreen app

Download Android L Lockscreen app from below Play Store link. [ LINK UPDATED ]

Google Play

Android L Lockscreen

Android L Lockscreen apk

Download Android L Lockscreen

Download Android L Lockscreen app

Install Android L Lockscreen app on your device and let us know if it works as mentioned in app listing. Drop your comments below.

Install Xperia Android L theme with customized System UI

On the very next day of announcing Android L developer preview at Google I/O 2014 event, Google released images for Nexus devices and developers started building ports from them. We have already shared Xperia Android L theme with you but this time we are sharing another Xperia Android L theme with customized System UI which is quite good than previous one.

New Xperia Android L theme with customized System UI, courtesy of XDA recognized themer funky0308. You get android L styled navigation bar with customized soft keys, status bar, home screen and lock screen wallpapers. In system you get white colored background UI with light green color ascent with yellowish green scrubbers and customized settings icons to get stock android effect.

Xperia Android L theme

It works on rooted Xperia handsets running android 4.4+ versions. ( You can also try it on android 4.3+ running devices ). Download the theme apk from below and push it in system/app folder, set permissions rw- r– r– and reboot. To do so follow these steps.

Download xThemeL.apk

Xperia Android L theme apk

Xperia xThemeL apk

Xperia Z1 Android L Theme UI

Download Android L Themes

For non rooted users theme will only change lock screen and home screen wallpapers. For non rooted user Xperia Android L theme here.

Install the theme on your Xperia device and let us know if you like it. Drop your comments below

Download Xperia Android L Theme for Non Rooted Xperia devices

There is a lot going nowdays around Android L as Google have officially released developer images so the apps, ringtones and wallpapers of Android L have started to come out. For Xperia users XDA user JanM RS have created a unique Xperia Android L Theme ( Xperia Android Lollipop theme ) which can be installed on any rooted Xperia device running android 4.3+ version ( Root is must requirement for android 4.3 users ).

If you are non rooted Android 4.4.2 Xperia user then Xperia Android L Theme should work fine on your device other wise push it in system/app folder, set permissions rw- r– r– and reboot. Xperia Android L Theme gives you the original stock Android L home screen and lock screen wallpaper along with new soft navigation keys. It is working great on Xperia Z1, Z2, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, ZR, SP.

Xperia Android L Theme

Download Xperia Android L Theme from below link.

Download Android Lollipop 1.1.0.apk [ LINK UPDATED ]

Xperia Android L Theme

Android L Theme

Xperia Z1 Android L Theme

Xperia Android L wallpaper

Install Xperia Android L Theme on your device and let us know, do you like it. Drop your comments below.

Install Android L boot animation on Xperia devices

Which Xperia phones will get Android L update ?

Google SVP Sundar Pichai has just announced Android L developer preview at Google I/O 2014 event. Android L is the name for developer preview i.e. SDK will be available for developers only for the time being to build apps while the next version of android OS will be launched later. Final android L release date and name is still not mentioned by Google.

Many new things like redesigned UI with more lively animations, Android Runtime getting default runtime in next android release, Project Volta coming as improved battery saving feature and a batter way to handle push notifications now even through lockscreen is seen. Android L release running was also shown live on LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

Xperia Phones with Android L update

Android L developer preview will be available for download on 26 June via Google Android Developer site. HTC has already promised to give Android L update to HTC M8 and M7 within 90 days of Android L code getting released to OEMs. In all these scenarios where do Sony Xperia devices stand ?

If we go back to last year, 3 Sep 2013 Google launched Android 4.4 KitKat OS and on 2 Nov 2014 Sony announced its plan for launching android 4.4 KitKat on its Xperia lineup. Sony has already updated its whole Xperia “Z” series on KitKat update while other Xperia devices are still waiting for it.

So how long this time we have to wait till Sony comes up with official statement on android L update release timings.

With the upcoming android L update, we are soon expecting Sony to release it plan for rollout of it. We are expecting that Sony will be giving android L  update to Xperia Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z1, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, ZR, Tablet Z, T2 Ultra, T3, M2.

As Android 4.4.2 KitKat is still under investigation for Xperia devices like Xperia SP, L, M, C; we have a doubt that Sony may not release android L update for them ( even for Xperia E1 ).

Sony has already discontinued android support for devices like Xperia P, U, S, SL, Acro S and Ion so any updates for these devices is out of question.

What we can expect is that as CyanogenMod and FXP team have already come up with android 4.4.2 ( i.e. CM 11 ) build ROMs, so soon we will be seeing android L ROMs for Xperia devices also ?

What do you think guys which Xperia devices will get Android L release update. Let us know. Drop your comments below.