Start your summer with Layoners Sunglasses

With summer right around the curb, we all need a wardrobe change. And what better way to start than going shopping for the one real summer special, sunglasses! Branded sunglasses can be expensive, but you don’t want to overlook quality in hopes of a cheap price tag, that’s why Layoners sunglasses is where the treasure lies.

Layoners is an affordable eyewear brand that caters to everyone, men and women with all sorts of fashion styles. Before you start styling your sunglasses, you need to know what type of sunglasses enhance features that you already have. This is where you need a brand with unlimited variety, just like Layoners!

Layoners Sunglasses

Which type of glasses should you get?

First off, the shape of your face matters a lot. Let’s start with square faces. If you’re someone with a strong jaw the same width as your forehead with an undefined chin, then you have a square shape. With a face like that, the best form to go for is round sunglasses such as Leo Okular. The soft outline of the sunglasses will balance out the sharpness of your face. If you’re not into that, you can always go for classic aviators.

Moving on to round faces, your best bet are sharp rectangular sunglasses such as the Burnt Candy shades or Bloody Red. Round faces usually have soft face structure without any angularity, which is why throwing on some rectangular shades helps break up the monotony of the shape.

Heart-shaped faces are lovely with their broad foreheads and tapered chins. To enhance them even more, look for thin or transparent plastic sunglasses that resemble the aviator shape. Colors can also affect how your face is perceived due to light and shadows. That’s why dark colors should be avoided as they can distract from the shape of the face. The Summer Kiss sunglasses would be perfect for a heart-shaped face.

These are just some examples and a loose guide on where you should start looking for some sunnies. You shouldn’t take these examples like they’re set in stone, it’s fashion! Wear what makes you feel good. After all, that’s what Layoners is all about.

Sunglasses for everyone!

Accessories aren’t for women only; even men like to get all blinged up! That’s why Layoners has a whole section dedicated just to them. To cater to men of all shapes, Layoners has a plethora of sunnies with unique shapes and designs. If you’re a man looking to try new things, try going for the Steam Silver sunglasses. Not only do they look fashion-forward but will also make you stand out more thanks to their peculiar shape. The added metal frame makes it very versatile to style as well. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but you can always start with smaller accessories to make the journey easier.

We’ve heard of metal frames and plastic frames. They’re everywhere! But…have you heard of wooden frames? Well, you’re in luck because Layoners offers this very out of the box eyewear. The texture frames give off a very relaxed summery vibe, and the polarized lens will help you stay protected under the scorching sun. The material used is bamboo, so sound quality is assured.

Remember that fashion changes rapidly, that doesn’t mean you need only to buy trendy glasses, having basic and elemental pieces in your wardrobe is how you maintain your fashion style.

The importance of sunglasses

The thing about sunglasses is that they’re an essential part of your wardrobe these days, especially with the increasing hours we spend in the sun. The damage UV rays can do to your eyes is not something to be taken lightly. Layoners provide you with the best UV protection along with glare reduction. Moreover, they even offer free worldwide delivery.

For those who have had surgery done on their eyes, they need to be wearing sunglasses often. Avoiding your doctor’s instructions can cause further implications. Hence, make sure to get a pair or two of protective sunglasses.

Real eyewear fanatics can go a bit overboard with the shopping spree, and it’s completely understandable. That’s why Layoners will even provide you with a discount if you want to buy more than ten pieces – all you need to do is contact them on their email.

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