How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

In every person’s life, there comes a time where they just want to use any mean to spy on another person. That person could be anyone. Also, not everyone wants to spy on people for some bad cause, some people just want to know the truth. Thankfully, in this age of technology when everything has become so much easier and communication means have become so much better. With everything else, spying is also a lot easier than earlier times. Now everyone posts their personal life on social media, even if they do not do it publicly they might be sending their details to someone via messages. Due to all this, you can easily get details about anyone.

One of the most common apps used for messages is WhatsApp. According to the recent statistics, almost one billion people are using this app. Although they have message encryption system, you can still spy on them. Now the question is, how to spy on someone’s phone without touching It? here are some ways you can do so.

1- Using apps

Using apps is one of the trusted ways to stop hack someone else’s phone. Download the app, if it works, right, if not you can always uninstall it. At least, it will not cause any harm to your phone or laptop. One of the most useful apps, so far, is Cocospy.

Cocospy offers so many features. You can track the call, track the messages, track their location. All these facilities are not just bounded for WhatsApp; you can track messages on Facebook too.  there is a tracker available for almost every social media app like Instagram, Snapchat, Viber etc. Just download the app and it will work fine for you.

Below you can see Cocospy in action:

2- Using spoofing for hacking

Spoofing is one of the ways in which hacking is guaranteed, but to do this you need to have a know-how about the technology. It is much more complicated than the other method and some of the professional hackers are able to do this. In this method, you need the mac address of the person you want to hack. Using the mac address you can break the firewalls.

WhatsApp has one of the best security systems; hacking is not a piece of cake in such cases. You get the mac address of the target device and then spoof it on your device. The steps for getting the mac address are different for every device, but basically, the same technique is used in which address are picked from the local area networks or WiFi.  

3- Using the Internet

Like everything else, the internet can help you here, too. They say that the solution to every problem is one search away. You just go on and search for your problem and you will be given with several solutions from every site. Same is the case here when you want to spy on someone, just google the solution, there will be many websites telling you what to do. Click on any provided link and it will guide you step by step. If you have tried hacking earlier, you must be aware of the fraud. Just be very vigilant before downloading any software or hacking app, it might be a virus that ends up destroying your laptop.  

Mostly, the provided solutions are very useful, you will probably get the desired results in no time. But I will recommend using this method only if you have to spy on someone just for fun, if the matter is serious, this method is not reliable.

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