Planning your Medical Career – Top Tips

The AIPMT 2016 dates have been announced, the AIPMT application forms have been released and filled by now and the aspirants of this competitive medical entrance exam and are eagerly waiting for their respective AIPMT admits cards.

Not just the AIPMT exam but all other types of entrance exams that will be taking place this year are diligently preparing for the entrance exams by revising the syllabus, brushing up on important points and taking up mock tests to help assess their preparedness and understanding of the various topics in the syllabus.

There are many competitive entrance exams an aspiring medical student can take up but the AIPMT exam is one of the most prestigious medical entrance exam, that all students look forward to taking. The AIPMT 2016 results help the students in realizing their dreams of becoming a doctor by helping them gain admission into renowned universities across India. But, as is the case in achieving any sort of success, planning is a must in all aspects. And planning is a vital part of becoming a doctor. You must possess the ability to have a foresight and be able to predict various outcomes instantaneously.

Becoming a doctor, by default ensures a high view in the eyes of the society. It is a matter of pride to your parents and family as. Many become doctors for various reasons- moral, logical, prestige and duty. Whatever the causes might be, becoming a doctor is no joking matter. It requires immense amount of patience and thinking through even the littlest of details. By becoming a doctor, you dedicate your entire being and life towards medicine and learning. Because a doctor never ceases to be a student, he/she is continuously updating with the latest medical and biological technology, facts and features, the newest procedure in the field and the latest diagnosis filed regarding a disease all around the world.

The top tips to follow when planning for a medical career is as follows:

Self Assessment

One of the most important things to follow when planning a medical career is to be harsh in judging yourself and your capabilities. When we mention ‘capabilities’, we do not mean ‘skills’ or ‘intelligence’, what it means is the strength of your will and persistence in becoming a doctor. It means to reflect on yourself and see whether you have the rock solid resolve to pursue in the path you choose against all the odds you will face, in all aspects, and still continue without completely regretting your choice.

Decision Making

One of the most important traits you need to develop or inculcate in yourself is the ability to make quick and clear decisions without being prejudiced or simply because of arrogance. You must be able to take into picture, all the known and unknown factors, weigh your options, consider all possible outcomes and prepare accordingly. A good doctor is assessed by his ability to think quickly on his feet in the most dire of consequences and stand by it.


Becoming a doctor, must be a choice made by you and you alone. Before planning anything, you must understand what this field of professionalism demands of you and what you can expect when you step into this field. Talk to experienced doctors about their view on their career choices and how they got to where they are. Understand what it’s like to be a doctor by volunteering at medical facilities.

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