Miniature Slip Ring And Its Uses In Devices

It is a small electrical device that can transmit the signal and power from static to combined small size, rotational components, and high performance. It can make ideal for video transmission and other challenges critical space application. These are specially designed for tiny rotating system and CCTV. These are good for transmitting low control signals. In miniature combination of circuits is available like a sensor, video, power, Ethernet, control, and so on. It has low contact wear rates and also it has low torque. It has limited space for application featuring. It has about 2000 rpm speed for operating. The most famous laboratory made its unique compact named as ROTOCON MM series. The ROTOCON series is transferring the current power.

The ROTOCON series also transfer data and signals with the same assembly. All the miniature is brushless slip rings. When it is rotating and stationary the resistance is extremely low. The slip rings with high speed in miniature are basically designed well utilized in high-speed application. The miniature is unaffected by the reliability and in performance. The tiny slip ring relies on metal on metal contacts. These are limited by Rpm and electrically noisy. It also needs maintenance and adjustment for proper operation. These are bonded molecularly. These are also unaffected by noise-free electrical signals, speed, provide clean electrical signals. It also needs zero maintenance.

Miniature mechanically specification is

  •    The rpm depends on model specification
  •    Its end shaft and flange mounting
  •    The housing material is used anodized aluminum
  •    It is used 304 stainless steel
  •    It is used ring terminals, miniature connectors, and flying leads
  •    It can easily be easily operated in any orientation or in any direction
  •    It has a brush free design that never needs user maintenance
  •    It has permanent bearing features

The electrically miniature specification is

  •    The standard voltage is about 600 VAC/DVC.
  •    The optional voltage is one thousand and five hundred VAC/DC
  •    The minimum insulation resistance is > 500 M 1K VDC
  •    Its frequency is up to 1 GHz Application Dependent
  •    The stationary contact resistance is about < 0.1 M
  •    The rotating contact resistance is similar to stationary contact resistance < 0.1 M
  •    The electrical noise is about < 0.01 Uv

The miniature environmental specification

  •    The ambient temperature not to exceed 160 Degrees Fahrenheit {70 Degrees Celsius}
  •    The IP rating available up to IP67

The miniature advantages are

  •    It is an ideal slip ring for function and high-speed application
  •    This is brushless and it is free by the maintenance operation
  •    The miniature is environmentally sealed
  •    The miniature is designed for tight spaces
  •    The miniature is attached with rotary union
  •    It is combined with fiber optic rotary joints
  •    It is unaffected by rotational speed and machine vibration.

The miniature applications are

  •    It is a wind turbine control
  •    It has torque and vibration monitoring
  •    It is high-speed transmission
  •    It is bio monitoring of laboratory specimens
  •    It is also a high-speed dynamometer measurement
  •    It is strain gage monitoring

The plastic tube in miniature is a gold plated slip ring of 6 wires. These are made of different 6 colors with 26 AWG. Your electronics are turned safely and can now twist. It has rotating LED’S, rotors, wheel encoders, 360-degree sensor, and more. The slip rings are remaining in continuity. Each wire of miniature can carry up to 24A UP TO 240VAC and 240 VDC. The miniature slip ring is the smallest slip ring. It is about 17 mm long, 12 mm in diameter. It is rotated about 300 rpm. The surface space is minimized when you use small rotor. The use of gold on gold contact assures minimal interface between circuits, low noise, long life, and low contact resistance. It can be ordered with high current power circuits, low current signal circuits.

The Rotary union in miniature

  •    Its rpm is about 15000
  •    The housing is 6061 aluminum or 304 stainless steel
  •    It has 20 passages
  •    Its speed and media is dependent
  •    Its pressure is up to 23000 PSI
  •    The temperature is about -321 Fahrenheit to 900 Fahrenheit

The fiber optic rotary union in miniature

  •    It has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 20 channels
  •    Polish is UPC, APC, and PC
  •    Its fiber types are

1-    Multimode g62.5/125

2-    Single mode e9125

3-    Multimode g650/125

4-    It is up to 40 Gbits per channel

5-     Its connector’s types are SC, FC, LC, LSA, ST, and Molex

6-    The temperature is about -40 Fahrenheit to 185 Fahrenheit

Model Body length Rpm {continuous and momentary} Max current Weight that includes 36 leads  
MM2 11.4 4000 to 8000 5.5 A 3.08 oz
MM3 1.3 4000 to 8000 4 A 3.61 oz
MM4 1.46 3500 to 7000 4 A 4.14 oz
MM5 1.62 3500 to 7000 2.75 A 4.67 oz
MM6 1.78 3500 to 7000 2.75 A 5.20 oz
MM7 1.94 3000 to 6000 1.5 A 5.73 oz
MM8 2.1 3000 to 6000 1.5 A 6.26 oz
MM9 2.26 3000 to 6000 1.5 A 6.79 oz
MM10 2.42 3000 to 6000 1.5 A 7.32 oz
MM12 2.58 3000 to 6000 1 A 7.85 oz

Different types of miniature slip rings

  • MMC 088 Series

It has 8.8 mm OD. It has 4 wires. The signal is 1A ring. It is used gold to gold contact. It is a high end micro slip ring, imported bearing, metal alloy brush, ultra gold plating processing.

  • MMC 118 Series

It has 5.9 mm OD. Its length is about 11.9 mm. It has 2 to 8 rings. It is ultra-thick gold platted process, rare metal alloy brush, defense, used in military, imported bearing, and non- civilian areas.

  • MMC 119 Series

It has 6.5 mm OD. Its length is about 11.9 mm. It has 2 to 8 is a small slip ring that are used gold to gold contacts. It is ultra-thick gold platted process, rare metal alloy brush, defense, used in military, imported bearing, and non- civilian areas.

  • MMC 181 Series

It is a super miniature slip ring. Its size is about 11 mm OD. Its length is about 18.2 mm. It has 2 to 6 rings. It is ultra-thick gold platted process, rare metal alloy brush, defense, used in military, imported bearing, and non- civilian areas.

Image Credits: Interent

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