HP Printers With Low Maintenance Costs

If you are looking for a new HP printer but want to get one with low upkeep costs then there are many things to consider. We have put together a range of options for you to consider and offered some guidance on how to get the best from your HP printer so that you can enjoy quality printing for an economical price. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to maintain a HP printer and we have also suggested other ways of lowering the cost of upkeep via changing printer ink and paper suppliers.

HP Officejet Series

The HP Officejet Series are a great choice when it comes to low maintenance and upkeep. This is a beast of a machine that is great for small business use or families who need a printer for professional and educational use.

When it comes to maintaining this model you will need to use the auto clean function each time you replace your cartridges to ensure that it is in tip top condition before putting new inks in. You would also be wise to select replacement printer ink from websites like this in order to save a load of money on original ink.

HP All-in-One Photosmart Series

If you want a printer that can do it all and a bit more then the All-in-One Photosmart series is an excellent choice. It scans, prints, photocopies and can print your photos too. It’s a great choice for a home worker or family printer and is super easy to maintain!

All it will need is a 6 weekly auto clean and a good dust when you are doing your weekly chores to keep it at it’s best. You should also consider looking for cheaper paper options, buying in bulk and getting your printer ink when it is on offer or via an online replacement ink service in order to keep the cost down.

HP Envy

The Envy series has been around for some time and the reason for this is small enough to fit into the family home without looking out of place. Getting the HP cartridge needed for the Envy series is also really easy as they are sold everywhere due to the popularity of this model, you can get them online as well as in most stores. It’s an easy model to maintain as it only needs to be kept free of clutter and dust to function well.


In short, the HP printer range is loved for good reason, quality printing with a range of styles for your needs. The cartridges for HP printer models are expensive but you can avoid this cost by choosing replacement ink as there are many fantastic companies out there providing excellent ink at low prices.

The main message is clear, if you keep your printer clear of debris, dust it regularly and use the auto clean option then your printer will last years without any problems at all. Take your maintenance one step further by purchasing low cost paper and ink and you will be quids in.

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