How to Set Up an E-commerce Website that Converts: 5 Tips

Buyers prefer reliable eCommerce stores – pleasant design and convenient controls and selling design. Properly designed design of the online store not only attracts attention but also helps the buyer to get used to the site, to understand why he came and provides from the home page to the payment page.

In this issue, I will tell you about 5 things that, in my opinion, should be in the design of each good online store.

1. Adaptive design of an online storefront

At the end of 2019, 48% of online customers purchased goods from smartphones in online stores. According to forecasts, in 2020 this figure will be more than 50%. That is, more than half of online shoppers will use their smartphones to visit online stores.

If the store is not optimized for mobile devices, all elements of the interface and text will be small when visiting the store from a smartphone. A person will simply feel uncomfortable using the site.

The client will have to zoom in on the image to read the text and not miss the button. Does he need it? Hardly. He is likely to leave the site in the first 30 seconds.

To make the site convenient on mobile phones, you need to use adaptive design.

Sites with the adaptive design are convenient on the screen of any size. Interface elements are simply adjusted to the screen, keeping their size. The text is easy to read and the buttons are big.

The availability of adaptability in 2020 is not even discussed – it is necessary for the correct online store.

2. The seller of the design has a clear visual hierarchy

The simple structure and clear visual hierarchy help the visitor to orientate himself in the shop window of the online store.

Thanks to the visual selection of links, buttons, tabs, people can immediately see where you can click to go to the right section, and where just the text with useful information. A good visual hierarchy leads the visitor to your site to purchase.

An important part of the correct visual hierarchy is the Fitts Act. Paul Fitts formulated the law in 1954. And after 20 years, the law was first applied in the psychology of interaction between man and computer.

If you shift the Fitts Act on the design of the site, we will get the following: the view of visitors to the site is attracted to large visual elements, which is why such elements click on the most.

Therefore, important clickable elements such as the BUY button do more and highlight the color. It is important that the outstanding elements were clickable and led where you want, otherwise, they will not be useful.

3. Clear value proposition as an integral part of online store design

The value proposition is an explanation of how your product or service solves a customer’s problem.

The value proposition should be brief, concise and as clear as possible. When a customer comes to your site, he immediately sees the value proposition in the shop window and understands why you need to buy from you. Especially if you use Custom Order Number extension for Magento 2.

A good value proposition is not easy to formulate. One short sentence should clearly explain three things:

  • What you sell
  • What good does it do the client
  • Why buy from you and not from a competitor

4. Social evidence is also part of the selling design

If you’re an honest company, it doesn’t mean that customers think the same. One effective way to gain the trust of customers is to use social evidence.

Many companies fill their sites with social evidence, and sometimes it looks like self-praise. Instead of taking advantage of all the advice on social evidence from Google, think about what evidence is more important and appropriate for your site.

Just put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think about what he might be afraid of on an unknown site for him.

These three pieces of evidence work well together. Try to implement them on the site:

  • Customer reviews: We have a separate issue about customer reviews.
  • Mention in the press: you can make a separate page on the site, which will be the materials of the press, which appears in your company.
  • Interesting information about the company. Here write about your achievements in numbers, for example.

5. A limited selection of products in the shop window

A large selection of products is great. But when there are a lot of different goods in the window at the same time, the buyer is lost. He may overload his choice, and in the end, he will be confused and will not buy anything at all.

This does not mean that it is necessary to remove some goods from the sale. You just need to organize them competently in the window. Organization of goods in a showcase is perfectly combined with adaptive design

The easiest way to do this is to divide the catalog into categories of goods. But here it is important not to overdo it and not to create a million subcategories and sub-categories. Balance, is important everywhere.

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