How to Get Fast Internet in Rural Areas for Streaming Your Favorite Shows

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced the number of subscribers to streaming services in 2018 had surpassed the number of subscribers to cable for the first time. While income from theatrical releases declined, home-based media generated 24% growth in revenue for the film industry.

There are several reasons to consider cutting cable and subscribing to a streaming service, but many rural customers have lacked access to affordable high speed internet, which has limited their options. Fortunately, high speed internet options are expanding and giving consumers access to affordable Internet and the ability to stream.

Rural Internet


Fixed wireless internet can provide home wireless internet services that are reliable and affordable. Wireless internet service providers (WISPs) are able to transmit data from towers using airwaves. One of the reasons people who live in rural areas haven’t been able to get high speed internet is because of the lack of infrastructure. Other internet providers would need to run cables to each residence to be able to offer them service. That is an expensive and time-consuming process, and many companies have not felt the low number of potential new subscribers justified the expense.

Wireless internet transmitted through waves has changed the cost variables and quality of service. Companies are also using 5G cell towers to deliver wireless internet services to consumers.


WISP websites outline their services and subscription options. Start by visiting their site to examine what is offered. Each package will outline the cost, the amount of data included, and the typical download speeds.

Streaming requires fast download speeds. Although five mbps may be a sufficient download speed for a single user, if more than one person attempts to access content at the same time, you will run into issues. It is important to be realistic about your internet needs. You may have teenagers who like to play video games. Your children may want to watch different shows when you’re viewing your favorite program. If two or more people will want to stream content at the same time you will want to invest in an internet connection with higher download speeds.

You may want to review the download speed recommendations from gaming or streaming services you anticipate using before you decide on the best plan for your needs. Once you know which package you are interested in, contact the WISP to confirm their services are available where you live. You will need to pay installation charges in addition to your subscription fees.

Streaming Services


Once you select a rural internet provider you will be able to explore your streaming options. You may be familiar with Netflix, Disney+ and HBO, but there are a number of other streaming services you can consider using to replace cable.

Hulu Live and Sling cost between $30 and $40 per month, but enable you to watch live television. These services include a DVR feature so that you can record programs and watch them later.

Amazon Prime is a popular option because it is bundled with Prime services, which includes two-day shipping. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, Amazon offers shows that are included with your Prime subscription and the ability to pay to rent movies and television shows that are not part of the Prime package.

Some cable channels have also launched streaming services. CBS All Access includes CBS programs as well as on demand-only shows which are only available on the app.

Other Uses

You can use your high speed internet to connect to a digital picture storage device that can automatically store up to a Terabyte (TB) of data. This means you can store up to 250,000 images safely and securely. You can program your cell phone to upload videos and photographs to your digital storage device, and you will never need to worry about losing or damaging SD cards or flash drives again.

Your home-based internet can be used to provide Wi-Fi access to your smartphone. Most smartphone plans have data caps and add fees for extra data used during the month. With Wi-Fi access you can avoid incurring data charges on your phone plan.

Skype, Zoom and other apps enable you to make face to face calls online. With high speed internet, you will be able to save long distance telephone charges and have a chance to see your loved ones face-to-face through live video.

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