Co-parenting Apps to Facilitate the Life of Divorced Parents

Relations between people are quite a complicated thing. We can make vows of love that will not end until death do us part, but there is a great chance that this promise will not be fulfilled. Marriage is not a guarantee of a long and happy life. Therefore, if only one good thing that remained in family life is a joint child, this does not mean that such a lifestyle should be continued. Parents should always consider the interests of their children. But, this is not a reason to sacrifice their comfort. In addition, children are incredibly sensitive to any changes in the relationship between parents. And therefore, it will not work for a long time to hide the fact that former feelings are no longer there.

How to Make Your Life Happy?

We are happy when we feel safe and the surrounding environment does not make us nervous and worry. And therefore, the fastest and surest way to solve this problem is online divorce filing. Such a procedure will take a minimum of time and nervous expenses for both parents and children. All necessary divorce forms can be found on the website. Of course, this process is not the most comfortable occupation, but after its completion, each spouse will be able to rejoice every day again, without experiencing discomfort from the presence of an already stranger in his or her daily life.

After contacting the company, only the technical part remains. Of course, each spouse can fill do it yourself divorce forms and apply them on their own. But online service is a great way so that instead of endlessly filling out papers, a person has time for oneself and own children.

How to Remain a Good Parent After Divorcement?

Despite the relationship between spouses, parental responsibility remains unshakable. In order to reduce the time to contact a former partner and devote a sufficient amount of time to caring and communicating with a child, you can use special applications. They will help to distribute the time of the spouses and make the child’s life not so painful after the divorcement.

Custody Connection

The app helps parents instantly agree on a schedule for communication and child guardianship. An online calendar is provided for parents, where everyone can post their proposal or request and get a response at the exact same minute. The full daily routine of the child will be displayed on the phones of both parents. This will help you not to miss an important event, such as visiting a doctor or having a kiddie party.

The application is available on iOS devices for free.


This app will help parents to control not only the schedule of responsibilities of each spouse but also to track the intonation with which the messages are written. It is not at all surprising that intense conversations and unfriendly intonations can occur during communication between former spouses. But the app allows you to avoid conflicts due to the control of the entered chat messages or correspondence of spouses. The app also allows you to add not only parents to the list of guardians but also grandparents, who also take part in the guardianship of grandchildren. The app interface makes it possible to store documents relating to child guardianship, various certificates, and confirmations of divorcement status and other related forms.

The application is available on iOS and Android devices based on a paid subscription. The subscription price is 99 dollars per year.


This tool is ideal for parents who can’t find agreement on who invests more money in the child’s needs. Due to the strict accounting of payments made, each spouse will be able to track all expenses spent. This will prevent misunderstandings between former partners and help make an equal contribution to the financial support of the child. In addition, there is a simplified schedule of all events for each participant.

The tool is available for each parent for 10 dollars per month.

Summing Up

Despite the difficult times for the spouses, they as parents are obliged to provide their child with care, regardless of the situation. And using auxiliary tools, it will be much easier to resolve contentious issues and ensure your own comfort.

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