Best Spy App for Android Cell Phone

The widespread adoption of android smartphones has enhanced the importance of mobile phone monitoring. Parents are needed to supervise the cell phone use of children to protect them from the potential dangers of the technology. The cell phone spy app enables parents to remotely track activities performed on their kids’ android smartphones.Once you install the app on the targeted android phone, you can monitor and control that phone without taking it into possession. It means you do not need to repeatedly access your kids’ phones to keep check on their activities. However, it is most important that you choose the right app for android phone monitoring. After reviewing the top-notch cell phone monitoring and spy apps, we have found the best spy app for android cell phone. Read on to know what this app can do.

TheOneSpy – Best Spy App for Android Cell Phone

There are scores of android phone monitoring applications rightly available on Google Play Store and third party websites. Every app targets a particular audience and offers different features and functions. We have reviewed the most popular and widely used android monitoring apps and found TheOneSpy as the best spy app for android cell phone. It is cross-platform cell phone monitoring app that allows tracking mobile phones and tablets running Android OS. It also offers monitoring solutions for computers, laptops and mobile phones running iOS, Mac and Windows operating system.

What Android Spy App Can Do?

The tracking app by TheOneSpy offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to remotely monitor and control the targeted cell phone. We have rounded up here the most prominent features of the spy app to let you understand what differentiates the app than the rest.

Monitor Social Media Apps

The android spy app lets you track social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Tumblr, Telegram, Tinder, Kik, IMO, Zalo and Yahoo messenger. The end-user of the spy app can track social media chats, calls, posts, friends-list, followers-list and other activities performed on above mentioned social media apps.

Remotely Control Apps & Device

Using the best spy app for android cell phone, you can control the monitored phone and apps installed. You can lock or unlock the phone; block, unblock or uninstall apps right from the online portal of the spy app. It allows parents to limit and manage the cell phone use of their kids.

Track Online & Offline Chats

The smartphone tracking app lets you monitor online and offline chats of your kids. You can read their text messages, instant messages, multimedia messages and group chats without taking their phones into custody. Also, it lets you get contact information of message senders and receivers.

Call Recording

You can listen to the phone calls of your kids without directly answering their calls. The spy app records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads these calls to the online portal. It also accesses call logs to provide contact detail of callers and recipients.

Remotely Control Camera & MIC

The cell phone tracking app lets you operate camera and microphone of the targeted device. You can send command to the monitored android phone to turn on front camera, back camera or microphone. It lets you take photos, record videos and audios using the cell phone of your kids.

Track Internet History

Parents can supervise the internet usage of children by tracking their internet browsing history. The spy app syncs the internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.


The spy app records all keystrokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of the monitored phone. It lets you access keylogs of usernames, passwords, email addresses and other confidential information put on the phone.

Screen Recording

The android spy app lets you record screens of monitored phones to capture whatever appears on the screen. The screen recording lets you capture all online and offline activities performed on the targeted cell phone in form of short video or screenshots.

Retrieve Media

The spy app creates online backup of photos and videos stored on the targeted android phone. It includes all media files captured from the phone, downloaded from the internet or received from other sources.

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