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The Economic Impact of Reliable Travel Internet on Business Travel

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are increasingly dependent on staying connected online while on the move. A reliable travel internet connection, typically provided through advanced mobile hotspots, secure VPNs, or internet-enabled gadgets, enables seamless communication and significantly impacts business travel economics.

Let’s explore how dependable internet access contributes to business success by continuing business, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

Supporting Business Continuity

Reliable travel internet is critical for business continuity, especially during unexpected disruptions.

Essential for Continuity

Ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity helps maintain operations smoothly, minimizing downtime and keeping businesses running efficiently.

Handles Unexpected Events

Reliable travel internet ensures stability during delays or disasters, reassuring business owners their operations can continue without significant setbacks.

Maintains Operations

Reliable travel internet allows business owners to maintain operations seamlessly, providing invaluable control and confidence in today’s fast-paced business environment.

  • Seamless Operations
  • Control and Confidence
  • Consistent Communication
  • Uninterrupted Access
  • Minimized Downtime

Builds Resilience

For a company to maintain the trust of its clients and partners, it must demonstrate a strong sense of resilience.

Smooth Business Running

The business will continue to run smoothly regardless of adverse conditions, as a result of it.

Driving Innovation and Competitiveness

To survive in the current competitive market, it is essential to stay innovative. Access to reliable travel internet allows business owners to stay updated on industry trends, latest technology trends, research, and developments.

It also provides tools for continuous learning and improvement.  By staying connected, business owners can implement new strategies quickly, explore innovative solutions, and stay on top of the competition.

Enhancing Productivity

One of the most significant economic impacts of reliable travel internet is the boost in productivity. Business travelers can work efficiently from anywhere with consistent and high-speed internet access. Researchers found that companies with reliable travel internet experienced a 30% increase in productivity.

With constant connectivity, employees are free to respond to emails, attend virtual meetings, and access cloud-based applications without interruption. This flexibility and freedom empower them to work efficiently from anywhere, fostering engagement and productivity that ultimately benefits the company’s bottom line.

Reducing Travel Costs

Reliable travel internet can also lead to significant cost savings. Businesses can minimize the need for physical meetings by leveraging video conferencing and other online communication tools. This reduction in travel expenses includes savings on flights, accommodations, and other related costs.

A Global Business Travel Association report found companies can save up to 30% on travel expenses by using virtual meeting technologies. With reliable travel internet, many companies reduced their annual travel budget by 25%, achieving significant cost savings.

Businesses can leverage commercial-grade travel internet solutions, like this company, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and productivity.

Moreover, reliable travel internet solutions offer tailored business plans, ensuring cost-effective connectivity solutions. By investing in these services, companies can manage their travel budgets more efficiently and allocate resources to other critical areas.

Facilitating Remote Work and Collaboration

The rise of remote work makes dependable internet essential. Reliable travel internet ensures seamless team collaboration anywhere, fostering flexibility and access to a global talent pool.

According to a study by Buffer, 99% of remote workers would like to continue working remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers, indicating the growing preference for flexible work arrangements.

Reliable travel internet supports collaborative tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and project management platforms, enhancing team coordination and productivity. This flexibility helps companies adapt quickly to changing market conditions and maintain a competitive edge.

Enhancing Customer Relations

For businesses that rely on frequent client interactions, having reliable travel internet is essential for maintaining strong customer relationships. Being able to promptly address client concerns, provide updates, and conduct virtual meetings while on the go ensures that businesses can deliver consistent, high-quality service.

This responsiveness boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is essential for long-term success. Staying connected lets businesses leverage technology to improve operations and engagement. Reliable travel internet ensures companies meet client expectations and build lasting relationships.


The economic impact of reliable travel internet on business travel is multifaceted, affecting productivity, cost savings, remote work facilitation, and customer relations. As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing digital landscape, investing in robust travel internet solutions becomes increasingly important.

Companies that offer reliable travel internet solutions provide the necessary tools to ensure that business travelers stay connected and productive, ultimately contributing to the organization’s overall success and growth.

Xperia 10 V (SOG 11) 68.0.C.0.440 Firmware Update Released

Great news for Xperia 10 V SOG 11 users in Japan! Sony has recently rolled out a security firmware update (level updated June 1st, 2023) version 68.0.C.0.440, for Xperia 10 V smartphone. It looks like a regional Android 13 firmware release, rather than a global firmware release.

Xperia 10 V (SOG 11) 68.0.C.0.440 Firmware Update

The 68.0.C.0.440 firmware update focuses on improving the overall system performance and stability of the Xperia 10 V. Sony has fine-tuned the operating system, optimizing various aspects of resource allocation and system responsiveness. Users can expect smoother app launches, faster multitasking, and enhanced overall performance, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Sony has recently rolled out a security firmware update (level updated June 1st, 2023) version 68.0.C.0.440, for Xperia 10 V smartphone

68.0.C.0.440 Firmware Details

Firmware name: SOG11-68.0. C.0.440-13-JP (CDA : 25901395, KDI JP)
Firmware size: 2.45 GB
Firmware area: Japan
Android version: Android 13

How to Update:

Updating your Xperia 10 V to the latest firmware version is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Ensure that your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and has sufficient battery charge.
  2. Go to the Settings app on your Xperia 10 V. Go to Settings > About Phone > Check the Build Number on your device
  3. Scroll down and tap on “System.”
  4. Select “Software update” and then “System updates.”
  5. If the 68.0.C.0.440 firmware update is available for your device, you will see a notification. Tap on “Download and install” to initiate the update process.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. Your device may restart during the process, so it’s crucial not to interrupt it.

Note: It’s recommended to back up your important data before proceeding with the firmware update to ensure the safety of your information.

Let us know if you have received the 68.0.C.0.440 Firmware Update on your Xperia 10 V. We will shortly post the detailed changelog of the firmware. Drop your comments below.

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Launching in India/US on 14 April

Nike is all set to launch a new fresh summer color to Air Max line in the form of Mica Green color in India. Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green is coming at Nike SNKRS on 14 April at 8:30 AM, priced at ₹13995 ($171). Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green features a Mica Green leather Swoosh with white soft suedes around eyelets and a leather toe cap.

Insole features Nike Air Logo with Nike Air Max logo on the tongue printed and stitched on the heel, laced with white color laces. As the Air Max heritage continues, it features Air Max unit in the heel with white mid sole. Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green will also hit Nike SNKRS US on 14 April at 7.30 PM, priced at $150.

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green

Check out below the official images of Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green.

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Launching in India

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Price in India

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Review

Buy Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green

Buy Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Photos

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Outsole

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Leather Upper

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Midsole

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green it set to launch initially on Nike SNKRS only, we might see it later on the popular retail outlets.

Liked the fresh green color on Air Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source : Nike SNKRS

How to Convert Fiat Currency into Crypto – 2021 Beginners Guide

Cryptocurrency has created a much noised buzz in today’s financial world and financial experts have mixed opinions on the sustainability and the future of Cryptocurrency but it is not stopping people from all over the world to invest in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies lay on fundamental principle of building a digital asset of value which is decentralised in nature and no government controls it directly.

Cryptocurrencies are rewarded to users as a result of solving a complex algorithmic puzzle and the transaction in stored in a blockchain ledger which can be verified by anyone in the world.

Fiat Currency is the form of physical monetary asset issued by Government of Nations like monetary currency (example USD, INR, Euro, British Pound, etc.) in the form of paper and coins. Most importantly it is backed by individual nation’s Government and is centralised in nature i.e. Reserve/Federal/Central Bank of any nation controls and regulates the flow of currency and its value is determined by Government (not by the piece of material on which it is printed/stamped or produced).

Converting Fiat Currency into Crypto

Crypto exchanges are the platforms which are used to convert Fiat Currency into Crypto currency quickly.

It varies from region to region around the world.  There are various Crypto exchanges available online, popular ones are CoinBase, CoinSwitch, Ethereum Code, WazirX, etc.

Converting Fiat Currency into Crypto

Crypto exchanges allows users to buy various cryptocurrencies on their platform and charges a minimal transaction fees via which they earn.

How to Convert Fiat Currency into Crypto 

  1. Sign up on a Crypto Exchange Platform and perform the KYC successfully to activate the account
  2. On the basis of location where crypto exchange platform operates, one can load the Fiat Currency into the account, say $100 has been loaded, which means $100 is debited from the bank account
  3. Crypto exchanges allows users to buy crypto currencies via Fiat Currencies and one can now buy any crypto currency worth $100 from the exchange platform

It is an extremely simpler process to convert Fiat Currency into Crypto currency but mind crypto exchange platforms are monitored by Governments and Tax Authorities in a strict manner and it is always advisable to trade within boundaries of Regional Laws.

Let us know what crypto exchange platform you are using.

Signs You’re Not Ready to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the latest buzz word and many people are onboarding the train in fear of missing out on the buzz. Since 2009 when Bitcoin came in, many new cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the crypto market; Bitcoin being the most successful one yet.

Basic understanding of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms is also required before beginners start investing. Centralised and Decentralised exchanges have their own pros and cons and one needs to choose one as per their requirement.

Signs You’re Not Ready to Invest in Cryptocurrency

We will be talking about 2 basic parameters today which are essentially required before making any investment.

Unable to Understand Crypto Market

Unlike stock market, Crypto market works in mysterious ways and apart from principles of demand and supply various other factors also contribute to fluctuations in the crypto market.

Not many people understand the crypto trading and for intraday traders in cryptocurrencies, it becomes essential to understand the trading charts and volumes. Inadequate knowledge can result in large losses. To understand not only the trading nature of crypto currency it is also essential to understand the fundamentals of blockchain world.

Understanding Bitcoins

Lacks of Adequate Funds

Cryptocurrency investments take a long time to yield a fruitful result for the investor and one needs to hold on the the investment, say for a longer period of 3-4 years. One needs to have adequate funds (liquid cash) in order to invest in Cryptocurrency.

As the Cryptocurrency market is very volatile in nature therefore fluctuation in price trends can go very steep in either direction. For someone who is a Bitcoin Trader (cryptocurrency of highest value), funds play an important role in holding 1 whole Bitcoin.

One needs to be mentally prepared for holding on to Cryptocurrency investments, in case price trends go in opposite negative direction. Investors who are flush with cash hold on to the investments for a longer period whereas small retail investors are not very much flush with cash and they eventually loose out the bigger profits due to fear of losses.

Therefore it is of utmost importance to have adequate funds (well stocked emergency funds) in pocket to invest and go longer in Cryptocurrency market.

For beginners it is generally advisable to trade in low monetary value and to step in the market with full knowledge and understanding of risk to reward ratio. If you are someone who doesn’t understand the nature of cryptocurrencies and are having second thoughts before investing, then doing your homework before getting ready is essential.

Let us know what all parameters you look in any crypto currency before making a trade.

Best Apps for Trading Crypto in 2021

Cryptocurrency is far more a novel concept in the fintech market. Its high volatility rate is only attracting more and more people to invest in coins. More crypto trading apps are coming forth to make digital currency accessible to the masses with this increase in interest.

While many traders prefer using brokers to assist them in trading, a significant chunk is shifting to using cryptocurrency exchange apps to do the deed themselves.

This article is a one-stop guide to help you shortlist the best app for trading crypto in 2021. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Cryptocurrency exchange apps enable quick and easy access to several coins available for trading. The apps facilitate people in buying, selling or trading currencies on the go without the hassle of mining cryptos on laptops. Cryptocurrency exchange apps enable an easy transition to the world of digital money.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Best Apps for Trading Cryptocurrencies in 2021


Coinbase is one of the best apps for trading cryptocurrencies. Its advanced trading platform, diverse range of products to facilitate trading, and straightforward user-interface offer premium services for new and seasoned traders. 

You can trade almost as many as 25 cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.


Binance offers as many as 59 currencies to trade with a nominal transaction fee. It is one of the popular choices among investors because of the large variety of coins available for investing and trading pairs. Its unique commission structure and volume-based pricing model attracts a lot of budding traders to the platform. It also allows crypto-to-crypto trading that simplifies exchange for those who would not want to cash out before investing in another coin. Besides having an integrated online wallet, Binance is also one of the best apps to deal with Altcoins.


Robinhood has been one of the exchange apps in the market for a while now. It gained popularity among traders for providing free stock, options and ETF. It also offers free cryptocurrency trades. One of the perks of using Robinhood is that there is no account minimum, and the app provides a streamlined interface for straightforward use. You can also customise alters, and news feeds to stay on top of the changing market trends.


eToro boasts over 17 million users all over the globe. It offers a graphics-intensive platform to trade in cryptocurrency with ease. eToro is also one of the best apps to discover emerging cryptocurrencies and have a chance to invest in them at an early stage. It also offers an excellent community for cryptocurrency investors. On eToro, users can see what others are doing on the platform and get a chance to replicate their trusted moves or trades to yield better profits. 

Yuan Pay Group

For traders who don’t wish to gather extensive knowledge before getting into the game of cryptocurrencies, the Yuan Pay Group software offers users a robust and automated trading tool. The software uses an advanced algorithm that conducts thorough market analysis to offer potentially lucrative investment opportunities. The Yuan Pay Group users can also select how much autonomy they wish to give the software and adapt it to fit their skill set.

In Conclusion

As the buzz of cryptocurrency only gets more robust, more and more user-friendly apps are emerging to give a flawless and straightforward trading experience.

Such exchange apps also attract more people to join the network and experience the world of digital money without worrying about transaction rates or governments centralising the currency.

How to Cancel a Bitcoin Transaction – 2021 Guide

Cryptocurrency is increasingly gaining popularity amongst traders and companies alike. There is a noticeable shift in investments as more and more traders are moving towards digital currencies like Bitcoin. Moreover, the fact that renowned companies are now accepting payments for their goods and services in digital currencies further promotes a more significant shift in trading trends.

No agency or government per se regulates cryptocurrency. It offers an autonomous trading platform that is secure and stores all the records of transactions. However, no matter the experience, there is always room for human error while making payments or trading cryptocurrencies. This article looks deeper into how to cancel a Bitcoin transaction and everything related to it.

Cancelling a Bitcoin Transaction

While there are a lot of benefits of making transactions in Bitcoin, it is impossible to cancel the payment once confirmed. A confirmed transaction is permanent and recorded in the system. However, if the confirmation is pending or remains unconfirmed, there are a few ways to cancel it.

How to Cancel a Bitcoin Transaction

What is an Unconfirmed Transaction?

An unconfirmed transaction is when the trader doesn’t receive any confirmation message regarding the payment within the first 24 hours from the BTC blockchain. There are two possible reasons why a transaction may remain unconfirmed:

#1. Low Transaction Fee

There are a few transactions whose transaction charges are too less, sometimes even zero. Such payments often stay unconfirmed from the blockchain. 

#2. Network Overload

Many times BTC blockchain is unable to confirm payments due to network overload. The inability to process transactions quickly also leads to unconfirmed transactions.

How to Check for an Unconfirmed Transaction?

To check whether confirmed or unconfirmed transaction, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Visit a block explorer website. is a popular choice for this.
  2. Enter the transaction ID that you must have received after making the payment in the search bar.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the information page of the payment with the number of confirmations. 

If the number of confirmations displays 0, you have a chance to reverse the payment within 24 hours.

How to Cancel a Bitcoin Transaction?

There are two ways to cancel a Bitcoin transaction if it remains unconfirmed for 24 hours:

#1. Replace By Fee

There are a few wallets and exchanges that support Replace By Fee (RBF) strategy. It allows the trader to replace their original transaction with a new one for a higher transaction fee. 

However, RBF can only be implemented if the trader opts for the transaction replaceable option while making the original payment. 

#2. Double-spending Transaction

A double-spending strategy is a method where the trader makes a new Bitcoin transaction and sends an equal amount to themselves. To successfully enable a reverse transaction through this method, the transaction fee must be higher than the previous payment’s. A higher transaction fee enables quicker recognition by the miners, hence validating the transaction.

However, many wallets and exchanges protect themselves against double-spending, implying that this method may or may not work.

Crypto Engine

While trading in cryptocurrency may seem tedious for someone starting out, the advancement in technology and developments of AI-backed software makes investment simpler. Platforms like Crypto Engine safeguard you from making erroneous transactions without spending too much time fretting over which digital currency to purchase.

Crypto Engine rigorously analyses market trends and automatically executes the trade to convert the most profitable opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. 

In Conclusion

Bitcoin is one of the most advanced payments accepted by an increasing number of companies and brands. However, regularly transacting in cryptocurrency also increases the chances of incurring an incorrect transaction. If confirmed transactions are permanent and irreversible, unconfirmed transactions leave scope for reversibility. Another way to carry out secure transactions and bank on profitable trading opportunities are to use software like Crypto Engine. 

How to Cash out Large Amounts of Bitcoin?

Over the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity among the masses. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer a modern and technologically advanced medium for investment. Moreover, the possibility of storing digital money without a third-party intervention attracts more and more investors each day. 

Moreover, auto-trading software like News Spy is increasingly making it simpler to earn profits with minimal efforts. News Spy uses intuitive features like Virtual Private Server technology to generate signals indicating best investing opportunities. It is a secure and profit-earning platform to invest in cryptocurrencies without researching in-depth market trends.

On the other hand, people eager enough to participate in the Bitcoin blockchain upon its arrival in the market are now minting money. The volatility in the market shoots the value of the currencies, thereby making investors want to exchange them for fiat currencies. As the value of Bitcoin amounts to nearly 60,000 USD per coin net worth, cashing out large amounts of Bitcoin is becoming a more researched option. 

If you’re looking forward to cashing out large amounts of Bitcoin, this article will detail all the basics of cashing out and the viable options at your disposal.

What is Cashing out?

While many investors consider Bitcoin for storing digital money or trading it for goods and services, a few also opt for cash out. The process of exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat currency like US Dollar, Euro Pound, etc., is cashing out. 

Some many platforms and companies assist people in cashing out large amounts of Bitcoin. However, every investor looking forward to cashing out their cryptocurrencies should only use reliable mediums for this process.

Best Options to Cash out

There are a few ways to cash out large amounts of Bitcoin to suit different preferences, legal advice, and the value that an individual might like to convert. Some of the best options are:

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is arguably the most commonly used platform to purchase and sell digital money for traditional currency. However, the cash withdrawal process may vary for each exchange and the BTC to USD, or INR rates can also be different. 

To cash out through cryptocurrency exchange, you have to connect your bank account to the platform and begin the process. However, converting to fiat through an exchange also comes with a fee.

Over-the-Counter Service

Over-the-Counter Trading Service (OTC) is one of the go-to options to cash out large amounts of Bitcoin. The platform connects buyers and sellers of digital currency based on their required conditions. Since the trade is directly between the interested parties, there are no withdrawal limits. It is also beneficial to use this method because the sale is not publicised, thereby not affecting the market.


As the name suggests, you sell Bitcoin to someone whom you know and trust. It does not involve a broker to help conduct the sale and purchase. Peer-to-peer exchanges allow individuals to trade their crypto assets on their terms. It is a viable method for those looking to convert their digital money into fiat quickly. However, this is a risky way to cash out large amounts of Bitcoin. 

Back Alley Trading

While back-alley trading may attract many beginners to save fees and evade taxes, it is one of the least recommended ways of cashing out Bitcoin. Trading with unlicensed vendors can pose a serious threat to your digital money and standing investment.

In Conclusion

As the net worth of Bitcoin continues to stay volatile, cashing out might seem like an excellent approach to get a hold of all the accumulated profit.

However, the process of converting cryptocurrency into fiat might bring a few complications if you’re not too careful. Therefore, investors must evaluate the best ways to cash out Bitcoin based on their requirements and convenience.

Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Podcasts to Listen in 2021

Cryptocurrency is rapidly taking the investing market by storm. As more and more traders and investors plunge deeper into the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain, more and more sources of advisory information are also coming forth. Despite the massive availability of information, it is important to narrow down to the most trusted sources to convert your return-on-investment goals successfully.

Cryptocurrency podcasts have emerged as a reliable and modern solution to stay updated about the new market trends, crypto news and developments.

Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Therefore, out of many up-and-coming podcasts, the most trusted cryptocurrency podcasts to listen to in 2021 are:

Most Trusted Cryptocurrency

BTC Audible

Bitcoin Audible is one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts that discusses all the important news and developments over the last few days. Guy Swann hosts the podcast famous for breaking down the most technical jargon and concepts into some of the most easy-to-grasp discussions. The average duration of the episodes is about 60 minutes that summarises the trends of the week.


Laura Shin hosts Unchained, a podcast commonly recognised as one of the most trusted shows for cryptocurrencies. Since Shin is a renowned blockchain and crypto journalist, she effectively brings some of the crispest and informative matters to the table. The podcasts air every week and are famous for their conversational and interactive style of sharing information. Shin also hosts some of the best subject experts to offer reliable insights to her listeners.

The Pomp Podcast

If you enjoy listening to subject matter experts and their analysis, Anthony Pompliano, the host of The Pomp Podcast, specialises in the field. Pompliano brings a wide variety of perspectives on trending and common topics to build a comprehensive knowledge bank on the cryptocurrency. It is a great source to gain trading insights from some of the big-shot crypto investors in the market.

Crypto 101

If you’re looking to brush up on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, Crypto 101 is one of the most trusted podcasts to listen to. Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone are the show hosts who are famous for their reliable advice on cryptocurrencies. The show airs weekly with varying durations, ranging from 25 minutes to an hour. It also doubles up as an audible guide for beginners looking to invest in digital currencies. 

Crypto Radio

Crypto Radio is one of the best podcasts for listeners looking to gather information on all things crypto under the sky. Four individuals (Mike, Euvie, Chris and Michael) host the show to bring together a range of topics like blockchain, bitcoin, crypto investing and technological developments, among many others. The podcast is broken down into four sections to cater to every listener’s need. 

Bitcoin Prime

While there are many trusted podcast channels to follow, a few traders might prefer to streamline their trading activity and rely on AI apps to help invest in cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Prime app allows the traders to focus on investing by offering valuable trading information, market analysis and insights into the latest trends to help make an informed decision.

Bitcoin Prime is suitable for budding traders and seasoned investors to gain accurate information and access intuitive trading software. These are some of the most trusted sources to stay updated and in sync with the changing market trends to earn the highest returns on investment.

Pros and Cons of Paying with Cryptocurrencies

Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin to offer an alternative to centrally controlled national currencies. It came with the possibility to ensure speedy transactions and a platform to digitally store your money. Over a decade later, the development of applications in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies changes the game. A few experts argue that Bitcoin falls short of its promises to convert daily transactions into cryptocurrency payments.

However, it is also making breakthrough developments through platforms like Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies are diversifying and transforming endless possibilities to attract more and more investors. There are several advantages and disadvantages of paying with cryptocurrencies, which every trader must know.

This article details the pros and cons of paying with cryptocurrencies to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Paying with Cryptocurrencies

#1. Autonomy

Any government or a third party does not regulate cryptocurrencies. Since users do not have to worry about authorisation, they have the autonomy to make transactions globally with anyone on the network. Therefore, the users also have complete control over their money.

#2. Speedy Transaction

Payments with cryptocurrencies get confirmed within a few minutes without the hassle of getting approval or authorisation. Unlike the time-consuming process of buying assets with traditional money or payment methods, cryptocurrencies are hassle-free and completed without an intermediary.

#3. Cost-effective Transaction

Cryptocurrencies enable individuals to send money across the globe with ease. It eliminates the need for third party platforms like PayPal or VISA to verify the transaction. Therefore, paying with cryptocurrencies comes with a negligible transaction fee. 

#4. Secure Payment

Since the blockchain ledger relies on a combination of mathematical puzzles, cryptocurrency records and transactions become challenging to decode. Moreover, the trades are also pseudonymous, making tracking payments possible only through a specific blockchain ID. Thus, transactions in cryptocurrencies are private and secure than most bank transactions. 

#5. Accessibility

Another advantage of paying with cryptocurrencies is that it is accessible to all. From people living in busy cities to remote areas, anyone across the globe can make payments easily.

Pros and Cons of Paying with Cryptocurrencies

Cons of Paying with Cryptocurrencies

#1. Irreversible Transactions

A major disadvantage of paying with cryptocurrency is that the transactions are permanent. For instance, someone transfers funds to the wrong wallet; then the user cannot retrieve the coins. This also leaves scope for fraudulent activities because someone may create a false business to illegally earn money without providing any goods or services in exchange.

#2. Energy Consumption

Mining cryptocurrency requires a significant computational power and electricity supply—miners across the globe mine cryptocurrencies on advanced computers. One of the countries that mine a considerable chunk of Bitcoin is China. It uses coal to produce energy, thus leaving a high carbon footprint.

#3. Highly Volatile

Since speculations and estimations influence cryptocurrencies’ investing and trading trends, it constitutes a highly volatile ecosystem. The advantage of earning quick returns on investment also bears the risk of enduring tremendous losses due to market volatility. 

#4. Hacking and Data Loss

Since cryptocurrencies are digital and the only procedure for conducting trades is through online platforms, it becomes susceptible to cyber theft. Hackers can steal personal information and access wallets or even spew a cyberattack.

Another threat to digital currencies is the loss of private keys, wallet details and passwords. Once a trader loses personal data, digital currency cannot be retrieved, causing financial setbacks. 

The Immediate Edge

Despite the possibility of several cons for making payment through cryptocurrencies, up-and-coming websites make the job simpler for traders. The Immediate Edge promises one of the best and most effective trading experiences to its users. Its regular and rigorous market analysis and time-saving technology offer a smooth and profitable return on investment.

You have the liberty to set up the software preference as per personal skill level, and risk tolerance and the rest will be The Immediate Edge’s responsibility.

In Conclusion

Cryptocurrency is possibly the future of money globally that is breaking all the barriers to using a centralised and controlled payment system. However, it comes with its fair share of pros and cons that every trader should understand before going ahead. Software like the Immediate Edge does take the edge off the risk in investment and offer a viable option for someone just starting.

Should you Invest in Bitcoin or Gold – 2021 Guide

Since the earlier days of economic development, gold has been one of the mainstream and significant assets attracting investments across the globe. Besides being the basis for the US dollar’s value for a while, gold has also been functional for hedging the economy.

However, the new entrant in the market, Bitcoin, seems to change this tried-and-tested strategy. By gaining immense traction amongst investors, Bitcoin already challenging the traditional investments in the yellow-metal as the trend reflects. 

While this change in trend is interesting to witness, it also adds flame to the dilemma that should you invest in Bitcoin or gold? 

Should you Invest in Gold in 2021?

Gold is one of the most reliable assets for beginning your journey into investments. Since the trading market for gold is also not too volatile, it makes for a secure investment method. However, the benefits of investing in gold also come with their share of cons, as discussed below:

Bitcoin vs Gold - Investment

Pros of Investing in Gold:

#1. Security and Simplicity

Investing in gold is one of the oldest investment methods. The availability of online gold exchanges makes it a secure and straightforward method—the well-established trading and tracking system further supplements the transparency of investing in gold. 

#2. Low Volatility

The fact that gold remains one of the most reliable assets for investing proves its ability to power through economic crisis or inflation. Since the market is not too volatile, the prices usually remain constant even when the country battles with inflation.

#3. Storage

Online gold exchanges make storing the yellow metal assets more convenient for the customers. Investors no longer have to keep a physical bar of gold locked in a safe after purchasing it.

Cons of Investing in Gold:

#1. Expensive Investment

Investing in gold is not an inexpensive deed. You need enough funds to purchase a unit and cover overhead expenses like convenience fees, vendor fees and storage charges.

#2. Delayed Return

Besides being an expensive investment, gold is also not ideal for earning short-term profits. Many factors command the rise in the value of the metal, which are only visible over long-term investment. 

Should you Invest in Bitcoin in 2021?

Introduced over a decade ago, cryptocurrencies are changing the face of investing market. Trading in digital currencies vastly differs from the traditional investment in gold or the usual stock trading. With the increase in shift amongst traders towards cryptocurrencies, the dilemma over investment further broadens. Below are a few of the pros and cons of investing in Bitcoin to help you decide:

Pros of Investing in Bitcoin:

#1. Global Currency

One of the major advantages of investing in Bitcoin is that it is a global currency. It gives traders the liberty to invest in digital currency from anywhere in the world and exchange it for cash or gold as per requirement.

#2. Inflation Prone

Unlike other stock investments or gold investments, Bitcoin is not government regulated. Therefore, the economic crisis or inflation faced by any country does not affect the value of Bitcoin. 

 #3. Cheaper Trading

Bitcoin trading is accessible to all. It does not require the trader to hold onto a license or certificate before they can begin. Moreover, the processing fee and absence of an intermediary also makes trading cheaper than other stock investment.

Cons of Investing in Bitcoin:

#1. Rarity

There is only 21 million Bitcoin that are available for trading. Moreover, becoming a miner is difficult. Its nascent stage also acts as a barrier because many companies still do not accept it as a legitimate method of exchange.

#2. Highly volatile

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Its value multiplies based on speculation, market size and liquidity. Therefore, it might not attract a lot of beginners looking to invest in a safe and secure avenue for the long-term.

In Conclusion:

Trading in gold is undoubtedly one of the safest and reliable methods of investment. However, the development in technology and shift in investing ideologies comes bearing an opportunity to move away from government-regulated platforms. Digital coins offer a chance to opt for cashless investment with accessibility for all. With the coming of AI-powered trading software, like Bitcoin Circuit, investing in cryptocurrency has become even more convenient.

Bitcoin Circuit offers the option to trade either manually or through an automated programme. Its intuitive algorithm proved the most profitable trading opportunities based on regular market analysis, making trading fuss-free and straightforward like never before. 

The Impact of Cryptocurrencies on Changes in the IT Industry

While blockchain technology is not entirely a novel concept, it has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. Bitcoin launched in 2009, but the developments in blockchain and its endless possibilities now have the business industry turn its attention towards cryptocurrency. 

It is also essential to acknowledge the widespread interest in cryptocurrencies is due to the development in the IT industry. More and more people can invest and trade in cryptocurrencies because of the evolution and expansion of the information technology industry. However, cryptocurrencies are now commanding a changing environment that is even influencing the IT sector.

This article details the impact of cryptocurrencies on the changes in the IT industry. 

How can Cryptocurrency Affect the IT Industry?

The IT industry provides the base technological framework for blockchain to exist and develop. It isn’t easy to imagine cryptocurrencies without a solid information technology background.  Therefore, the rise of cryptocurrencies and the increasing development of blockchain technology directly impact the IT industry.

For instance, mining a Bitcoin requires great computational power and electricity. All the functions performed on the blockchain network, such as maintaining a ledger for recording transactions to making it public and decentralised, require the IT industry’s support. Moreover, as more and more companies are moving towards accepting cryptocurrencies, it is bringing a massive change in the fintech and the IT sector. 

What will be the Impact of Cryptocurrencies on the IT Industry?

The emergence of cryptocurrencies is set to impact the IT industry through blockchain technology. While it was launched as an alternative to government-controlled fiat currencies, blockchain technology can carry out several other functions depending on the developer’s imagination. 

Types of Cryptocurrencies

Investing in Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are already changing how businesses are organised and run. It provides an opportunity for companies to reduce their overhead costs by adapting operations through cryptocurrencies. At this rate, it is most profitable to invest in projects that work towards problems in the IT industry because their cryptocurrency value is more likely to increase in future. 

Human Resource and Data Validation

The job industry may also face several changes as the demand for blockchain developers and miners in the IT industry increases. Another factor that can influence the IT sector is the availability of decentralised information. For instance, it will assist companies in acquiring talent quickly because the data entered on the blockchain technology won’t be susceptible to reporting false information.


The most significant advantage of blockchain technology is the power of anonymity given to the individuals on the network. It is the future of utilising information technology without worrying about data theft or exposure of sensitive information. 


As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continue developing, they offer the perfect time to invest and reap benefits. The Quantumai trading software offers interested traders and investors to step into the world of cryptocurrencies without too much hassle. The intuitive software of the app thoroughly analyses the market to provide lucrative trading avenues. Quantumai’s real-time data-driven analysis and preferential design make the platform suitable for beginners and seasoned traders to convert profitable opportunities.

In Conclusion

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the IT industry will offer individuals on the network a more reliable digital experience across several businesses. While it may not be visible directly, the two are correlated and lead us to experience a more robust digital economy, free from government or third-party regulations.

What’s the Difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

The recent unprecedented jump in the value of Bitcoin seen in April 2021 reignited interest in cryptocurrencies across the globe. As more and more traders begin investing in digital currencies, the discussion circles back to two of the most commonly recognised coins – Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Bitcoin and Ether, the coin supporting the Ethereum network, are the two most prominent and valuable cryptocurrencies in the market. While both the currencies seem similar, they have several subtle differences. 

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies or using their platform for business, you must know the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was launched more than a decade ago by Satoshi Nakamoto. He created the famous blockchain technology that could record every Bitcoin transaction in a digitised time-ordered ledger. This breakthrough in currencies enabled two individuals to transfer digital money from anywhere across the globe. More importantly, Bitcoin became the first digital currency that was secure and democratic, i.e., not centralised by any government or authority.

Over the past couple of years, Bitcoin is becoming a commonly accepted mode of payment. Moreover, many people also purchase Bitcoin to keep their money someplace else than following the traditional bank deposit method. A few also invest in Bitcoin, believing that its value will be higher in years.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is nothing but your money digitised on an online platform. 

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was invented a few years later than Bitcoin by a Russian-Canadian teenager who wanted to delimit the possibilities of Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin created an application that could do much more than record static quantities. 

Ethereum is a ledger technology used to build new programs and functions. Besides being the most extensive software platform, it is also open-ended and decentralised. The software platform is free from downtime, fraud and interference from any government or a third party. The only limit to the transactions that can run depends on the imagination of the developers who create Ethereum applications.

Ether (ETH), on the other hand, fuels Ethereum to run commands on the platform. Developers also use it to create and run applications on Ethereum. Since Ether is the native cryptographic token, it behaves like every other cryptocurrency.

Key Differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin

The principle of cryptography and time-ordered ledger governs both Ethereum and Bitcoin, but they are different in many ways:

Key Differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin

#1. Functionality

Bitcoin only records the transactions in a digitised manner, and the data is affixed. Whereas, Ethereum network can potentially carry out transactions with an executable code. Developers can also create other cryptocurrencies or tokens on the Ethereum network, distributing them on different blockchains.

#2. Usability

Bitcoin was launched as an alternative to traditional currencies. Therefore, people can use Bitcoin to store their money digitally or exchange it for goods and services. 

Ethereum, on the other hand, was invented to break away from the rigidity of Bitcoin and facilitate programmatic contracts. It offered developers a platform to create more applications using the Ethereum network.

#3. Speed

While trading is safe in both BTC and ETH, transaction confirmations are quicker to arrive for Ethereum’s built-in currency, Ether. 

Crypto Genius

While the confusion between Bitcoin and Ethereum may persist for a few, platforms like Crypto Genius make trading in cryptocurrencies user-friendly and straightforward. If you’re someone who wishes to invest in digital currencies without facing the hassle of checking changing market trends, Crypto Genius is the best-suited software. Its high-end technological features and extensive algorithms conduct fully automated cryptocurrency trading. Once the trader sets their trading parameters, the Crypto Genius software executes the most profitable trades at every beneficial opportunity.

In Conclusion

While it may not be the most straightforward task to decide between Bitcoin or Ethereum, you must consider that speculations and estimations primarily govern trading in cryptocurrency. Sustainable growth is more likely to depend on the usability of an application and its broader acceptance in the mainstream economy. 

Why are Altcoins Dependent on Bitcoin?

From being the first cryptocurrency to be launched in 2009 to becoming the sixth-largest currency globally, Bitcoin now has everyone’s eyes and interest. It is safe to say that Bitcoin brought a revolutionary change in viewing money and investment opportunities. However, over the last decade, several other cryptocurrencies emerged in the market, showing potential for earning huge profits.

Despite the wide availability of options to invest in cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to understand how Bitcoin still commands heavy market dependency and influence on other coins like Altcoins. This article explores how Bitcoin drives the market and why are Altcoins dependent on Bitcoin.  

What are Altcoins?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that introduced the concept of digital money in the world economy. Since then, several
other coins have come up based on the same principles as Bitcoin or its advanced model. Simplistically speaking, altcoins are all the cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. According to CoinMarketCap, there are as many as 12,000 cryptocurrencies in the world. 

Why Atlcoins are Volatile in nature

Altcoins’ Dependency on Bitcoins

A common trend that is noticeable to everyone is that every time there is a drop in Bitcoin’s price, all the other alternative cryptocurrencies also take a hit. Likewise, whenever there is an appreciation in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also reap the benefits. 

What makes altcoins so dependent on Bitcoin? Let’s look at a few reasons:

First-movers Advantage

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched in the world. Therefore, it strengthened itself as a sure store of value. Bitcoin is also responsible for the emergence of several other coins due to the massive spread of its popularity in the first place. It is safe to say that Bitcoin brought cryptocurrency to mainstream finance technology.

Value Measurement

Altcoin value is fundamentally measured in Bitcoin. Despite several thousands of competitors, Bitcoin still dominates as much as half the market cap. Thus, the existence of 12,000 cryptocurrencies does not take away the influence of Bitcoin. 

Many experts and seasoned traders also consider Bitcoin as a reserve currency for cryptocurrencies. 

Altcoins are based on Bitcoin

The success of Bitcoin in the digital money space led to an increase in several Bitcoin clones. Therefore, a lot of altcoins are fundamentally copies of Bitcoin’s structure, code and aim. Several clones exist in the market, like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamon, Bitcoin Gold, among many others.


Bitcoin boasts the most secure network for digital money. More than 18 million miners are working in Bitcoin’s decentralised network to ensure a transparent and thorough record of transactions. Its mechanism is secure and flawless as compared to every other cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin Era

Cryptocurrency is the future of the economy. It is a move towards a cashless and decentralised economy. Therefore, the ideal time to be a part of the changing era is now. The Bitcoin Era is one of the platforms that helps in a smooth transition from fiat currency to crypto. It is one of the leading apps with direct access to several financial assets worldwide. More importantly, the Bitcoin Era software allows traders to customise the app to suit their experience and convert the most profitable investment opportunities through its robust algorithm. 

In Conclusion

Bitcoin is the pioneer of the cryptocurrency industry. It was the first digital currency that brought the concept of blockchain and decentralised money to the mainstream economy. As more and more companies are adapting cryptocurrencies to provide goods and services, many altcoins are emerging in the market to serve the demand. However, most of the altcoins are fundamentally Bitcoin clones or develop on their functions. Therefore, Bitcoin remains to influence and control altcoins and determine their value.

How long do you have to hold Bitcoin before Selling

Bitcoin needs no introduction and if you are holding any quantity of Bitcoin or have made a trade in Bitcoin and wants to know what how long do you have to hold Bitcoin before selling then today we will discuss some important parameters which one needs to keep in mind before selling Bitcoins.

Bitcoin as a digital asset has given more than 300% returns in 2020 and many retail and institutional investors are now holding the Bitcoins. Monetary currency is directly affected by the inflation rate whereas Bitcoin being a digital asset is inflation proof and is not affected by it, though being at a very nascent stage, it is currently very volatile.

It’s supply in the market is limited and once mining of all Bitcoin gets over, its supply will get closed and the circulation and utility will come into picture. Bitcoin trading has gained massive popularity and apps like Bitcoin Evolution are contributing to it.

Good time to sell Bitcoin? – Time is the key!

Since 2009, Bitcoin has come a long way from $0 to $61,000 and data says that investors who have hold Bitcoins for a longer period, say 3-4 years have got extremely good returns on their investment. So, the key for good returns is time period you hold Bitcoins.

Good time to sell Bitcoin

Crypto Industry has seen drastic changes recently and with the introduction of new popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc., this industry is at booming stage. One needs to stay invested for a longer period to be profitable.

With the time, utility and acceptance of Bitcoin will increase which in turn will directly affect the pricing. One needs to be cautious against the volatility in the pricing, therefore an SIP in accumulating units work wonder.

Nothing is certain in future but the trend says that even with a dip in pricing Bitcoin has bounced back in past and is expected to give good returns if held for more than 3-4 years. Longer the duration, more likely the increase in profit %.

Let us know how long have you held your Bitcoins?

The Importance of Research and Analysis in Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading involves buying and selling of specific cryptocurrency through a crypto exchange (CEX or DEX). Apart from basic principles of demand and supply, factors like quantity in circulation, utility,  regional restrictions, etc. there are various number of factor which affects the pricing of a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency and indirectly affects Altcoins pricing also. Volatility in the pricing of Bitcoin leaves its impact on pricing of Altcoins also. Therefore it becomes extremely necessary to do fundamental research and analysis while making a trade in any cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading is possible via various exchanges available in the market, like Bitcoin Loophole, CoinSwitch, CoinBase, WazirX, etc. One needs to be extra cautious in terms of keeping the wallet keys safe while making a trade.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Like one studies the charts while trading in financial stocks in the same way, crypto exchange platforms (like WazirX) provide a facility to study charts of crypto currencies also. Patterns, Volume movement in selling and buying, movement of volumes with increase or decrease in price are of utmost importance to understand while making a trade in any cryptocurrency.

It becomes important to understand the bearish and bullish movement of cryptocurrencies before making a trade. As a long term investment (or Swing Trading) popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. might give you a good return but for intraday traders, Research and Analysis play an important role.

Below we have taken a screenshot of movement of Bitcoin prices at the time of writing this article where decrease in pricing shows less movement in volume (tentatively indicates people are holding the Bitcoin though its pricing is falling down – a bullish trend)

Learn Learn Cryptocurrency Trading

Risk to Reward ratio plays an important role in making a trade and the exposure one has for the value in the trade made.

One needs to be aware about the recent news development regarding any crypto currency and the regional restrictions if any associated with it to get a good entry and exit point.

Let us know what all points you keep in mind before making a trade in any cryptocurrency.

Best Bitcoin Podcasts for Beginner Traders

The most popular cryptocurrency of all time is Bitcoin which requires no introduction. Bitcoin’s high ROI over the past decade has made Bitcoin an undisputed king of all times among all investments. Bitcoin is currently trading at a price of $61,000 while writing this article and has come a long way since 2009.

If you are a beginner who has recently developed interest in trading of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin, today we are listing top 5 best Bitcoin Podcasts for beginner traders to learn and develop skills required to trade in crypto market. Bitqt app allows you trade cryptocurrencies and if you are beginner, it is an easy and convenient app to use.

Best Bitcoin Podcasts

#1. Unchained by Laura Shin

Laura Shin is former Forbes Crypto Editor and a Crypto/Blockchain journalist. She brings latest advancement in the world of Crypto to the users by interviewing the experts and breaking the news. If you are getting started and want to make yourself familiar to the Crypto world, follow @laurashin.

#2. The Breakdown by Nathaniel Whittemore

The Breakdown With NLW is co-produced by CoinDesk and brings you daily analysis of Bitcoin, Crypto World, Macroeconomics. To learn about global crypto network, Listen to NLW.

#3. The Stephan Livera Podcast

For beginners who are specifically looking to know about Bitcoin in today’s crypto world, Stephan Livera brings the insights about Bitcoin to world with a broader perspective

#4. Invest Like the Best — Hash Power

Cryptocurrency is a not like any other asset, it is a complex digital asset which is rewarded when users solves complex algorithmic puzzles. Hash Power enables you to understand the world of Blockchain and crypto mining in a simple way.

#5. The Blockchain Show

The Blockshain show is a daily podcast which talks about crypto currencies, future of crypto currencies and the fundamental on which cryptocurrencies are built.

Let us know which is your favourite Bitcoin Podcast.

What’s the Purpose of a Crypto Wallet – 2021 Guide

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. have recently gained mass exposure from all over the world and people are investing in them for long term as well and for quick generation of wealth. Trading of cryptocurrencies require exchange platforms and there are two types of exchange platforms viz. Centralised (CEX) and Decentralised (DEX).

Crypto wallets are used to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallets are available for every cryptocurrency bought on any exchange platform like bitcoin profit platform app and these are easily accessible on any compatible device.

CEX platforms provides Crypto wallet with a wallet address (public key) which can be used to receive cryptocurrencies. Private Key is encrypted and is like a password to your wallet to access the cryptocurrencies stored on it, which in the case of CEX exchanges lies with the platform.

Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallets are not holding cryptocurrencies directly into the wallet (as it is a digital asset), they remain on the blockchain and the user’s public and private keys are stored in the Crypto wallet.Purpose of a Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallets are categorised into cold and hot wallets, considering whether they are connected to internet or not.

Cold Crypto wallet

Cold Crypto wallets are like a USB drive, which is not connected to the internet but stores your public and private keys on to it in an offline manner.

Cold Crypto wallet provides great sense of security as they are difficult to hack but the major demerit associated with it is that they can be easily misplaced. Writing details of your private and public on a piece of paper is also a form of cold Crypto wallet.

Hot Crypto wallet

Hot Crypto wallets are software based Crypto wallets which are generally provided by crypto exchange platforms and there are standalone Crypto wallets as well. They provide an ease of use but are much more prone to hacking risk.

Hot Crypto wallet ranges from web based to mobile based wallets.

Like crypto exchanges, Crypto wallets have also become next hot thing for development for developers. Owing to the risk of hacking it becomes essential to provide utmost encryptions while creating a Crypto wallet software for users.

Let us know which Crypto wallet is your favourite one.

Why are Cryptocurrency Markets so Volatile?

The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been around from more than 10 years and since its inception we have seen various Altcoins coming in the market with an aim to create a fundamental strong and secure decentralised financial network across world, to create a real asset value for its users.

Though Bitcoin has given very high returns on investments but still the cryptocurrency markets remains very volatile in nature which has attracted the attention of various financial experts from all over the world debating on sustainability of a decentralised financial asset. Cryptocurrencies pertains a high risk to reward ratio, therefore it is advisable to trade cautiously considering the volatile prices. To build a strong financial network apart from Cryptocurrencies, Forex Affiliate Programs also provides stability in the returns.

Volatile Cryptocurrency Markets

Cryptocurrencies are at a very nascent stage as compared to other financial instruments of value. Though the basic principle of demand and supply applies here but there are other several factors which affects the pricing of cryptocurrencies like utility in the real world and limited supply in the market.

Volatile Cryptocurrency Markets 

We have seeing Bitcoin prices going from $0 to $61,000 since its inception and Bitcoin has seen great fluctuations in its prices since Jan’21. Cryptocurrencies are purely digital assets and they are not backed by any physical commodity. Though the network remains decentralised but the fluctuation in pricing depends on several factors apart from demand and supply in the market.

Quick Wealth Generation Tool

Bitcoin’s successful story has influenced many young investors and people are investing in various cryptocurrencies to generate quick wealth. This is increasing volatility in the market as long term holdings are less in number and people are trading for quick wealth, therefore bring instability to the pricing.

Restrictions on trading and mining of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been around us from a long time but their acceptance around the world’s Governments is still not there. Restrictions on trading and mining of cryptocurrencies in a particular region is controlled by Government and strict rules and regulations are affecting the crypto markets.

Absence of Real Utility 

Cryptocurrencies are still not accepted as the primary or secondary form of currency for making transactions which brings a question on their utility in the real world. Any currency which has no (or less) utility in the real world is bound to be volatile.

Limited Number in Circulation 

Cryptocurrencies are not backed by any physical commodity and as they are circulated in the market as a result of solving complex algorithmic puzzles, their numbers in circulation are pre-defined. Any resource which is finite in number (like Oil, Gold, etc) is bound to have volatile price.

Cryptocurrencies market is currently seeing a huge volatility due to recently gained popularity among masses.

Why does Bitcoin influence other Crypto Coins

Bitcoin, the most well known cryptocurrency in the crypto-market is still the undisputed king when it comes to market cap value. Bitcoin has been in the market from 2008-09 and the most successful cryptocurrency which has seen its ups and downs but still remains people’s number one choice when it comes to ROI.

Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly known as the creator of Bitcoin, the first digital currency circulated in crypto-market has created value for its holders since its inception and thereby reaffirming people’s faith in cryptocurrency and providing a future path for creating a decentralised financial network. One can go for Crypto mining or can use crypto exchanges like Bitcoin Up to get their hands on Bitcoins and other Altcoins.

Bitcoin’s Influence

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin’s price is at $61,000 and we have seen every time market sees an uptrend in pricing of Bitcoin, the pricing of Altcoins (Other Crypto currency grouped together) follows in general the same price trend and vice-versa. It seems Bitcoin has become like an Index for other Cryptocurrency to follow.

One can say indirectly, pricing and volatility in the Bitcoin affects the pricing of other Altcoins as well. Bitcoin has become industry standard which other cryptocurrencies are following unknowingly.

Bitcoin's Influence on other Altcoins

Top 3 Reasons for Bitcoin’s Influence on Other Crypto Coins

#1. First Crypto Currency

Bitcoin is the first crypto currency which came into existence and the most successful one/traded also. Bitcoin’s ROI is off the charts which has attracted people from all over the world to trade in crypto market. Bitcoin’s popularity has attracted people to opt for Bitcoin Mining which has followed mining of other crypto currencies as well.

#2. High ROI 

From $0 to $61,000/Bitcoin in a decade, has made people Millionaires which attracts people to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. People who are holding Altcoins at prices ranging from $0-$1 are having a vision on the sincerity of fundamental success of cryptocurrencies in near future, just like what Bitcoin has performed in past.

#3. Inspiration for Framework of Altcoins

Various Altcoins like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc. are built on the framework of Bitcoin and aims to be the affordable version of Bitcoin. Though Bitcoin remains the king, the idea is to have simpler, lighter version of Bitcoin in the circulation.

Bitcoin is the First Crypto Currency which has put other cryptocurrencies on the map and have made them popular among masses and since Bitcoin we have seen various popular and accepted crypto currencies like Ethereum.

A bubble or a wonder, it remains a topic of debate among experts in cryptocurrencies but it has been a decade and Bitcoin is still holding and ruling the Crypto-market.

Things all people get wrong about Cryptocurrency Mining

In this digital era where we are living, monetary currencies have been dominating our lives from so long but as technological advancements take place, it brings both joy and sorrow in our lives. One such discovery is Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a type of Digital Currency where every transaction happening is verified and recorded by a decentralised system (using cryptography) instead of a centralised authority like Reserve or Federal Banks.

Cryptocurrency mining is a legitimate way to generate cryptocurrency by solving complex algorithmic puzzles. There are various crypto networks available and users who are trying to solve these algorithmic puzzles are referred as miners and as a result of solving it, users are rewarded cryptocurrency and the whole process is referred as cryptocurrency mining.

There are various cryptocurrency miners available online which one case use to mine cryptocurrency and to trade in cryptocurrency one can use CEX platforms like Bitcoin Code Platform, ConSwitch, CoinBase, etc.

Cryptocurrency Mining

To understand cryptocurrency mining, let us first understand the Blockchain. Blockchain can be referred as a type of Database (A collection of data or information stored electronically on a computer). As database stores generally information in the form of tables, Blockchain stores information in blocks which are then chained together.

Misconceptions about cryptocurrency mining

Assume a chain of chronological blocks chained together in the order when data was received (like an irreversible timeline) One can store any kind of information on a Blockchain but generally these are used to store ledgers for transactions done. In case of cryptocurrency transactions, using a peer-to-peer network, they are recorded in blocks whenever a new transaction (puzzle is solved and a user is rewarded a cryptocurrency, say Bitcoin) is made and the ledger is updated and is visible to all.

While Cryptocurrency mining is a very familiar term but there are still some trivial misconceptions which revolves around Cryptocurrency mining, let us have a look at some.

Misconceptions about cryptocurrency mining

#1. It is a from of Real Mining

Mining term doesn’t refer to the real meaning  per se, mining a finite resource from the Earth. It actually refers to solving (mining) complex algorithmic puzzles (virtually) and as puzzles are solved, users are rewarded (Resource) cryptocurrency, say Bitcoin; so this process is termed as Cryptocurrency Mining.

#2. Home computers can’t mine cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency mining can be done with computers and PC which an individual uses. Though, mining rate is directly proportional to the computer’s processing capacity, number of users mining and how complex the puzzle is but still can also be achieved through computers and PC available at home.

Generally the processing power of computers and PCs used at home are low, therefore it will take longer to mine a cryptocurrency but it is possible in every sense.

#3. Cryptocurrency mining is environment friendly

Electric Power is the major source of running computer systems and as more and more number of people are engaging in the activity of mining Cryptocurrency, more the power is being consumed. It directly creates an impact on our environment and that is one of the major reason where cryptocurrency mining is criticised.

Talking about Cryptocurrency mining, let us know what misconceptions you all have had.

Interesting Facts to know about Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Like every other resource in this world, cryptocurrencies are also limited in nature. Basic laws of Demand and Supply apply to all cryptocurrencies available on Internet. As the supply for any cryptocurrency goes down, its market value increases. At one point in the future, supply for cryptocurrencies will come to an end and one of the way to get hands on any cryptocurrency, would be circulating it via trading exchange platforms.

Cryptocurrency trading platform plays an important role in the circulation of cryptocurrencies among retail investors. Mining cryptocurrencies is the natural way to get any cryptocurrency whereas people who are unable to mine cryptocurrencies are using cryptocurrency trading platform. These exchanges act as an intermediary between the sellers and the buyers and exchanges earn through transactions fees and commissions. One can exchange cryptocurrency with monetary currency and vice-versa (i.e One can convert Bitcoins into monetary currency and vice-versa ). Exchange platforms provide crypto wallets to hold and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency trading platforms list various cryptocurrencies on their platform and users across the world can buy or sell the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. Let us understand the two types of Cryptocurrency trading platforms available online i.e. Centralised (CEX) and Decentralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms/exchanges (DEX).

Centralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms/exchanges (CEX)

Centralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms/exchanges (CEX) are custodial in nature. CEX Platform remains in control of the user’s private keys (in simpler language, CEX Platforms are custodian of your funds and cryptocurrency). User engages with CEX Platform to buy or sell any cryptocurrency and CEX Platform on behalf of user makes that trade [in simpler language, CEX owes user money/cryptocurrency on paper only and the asset here (cryptocurrency traded) lies with CEX Platform as an intermediary organisation; controlling user’s private keys].

CEX as an authority checks and oversees every transaction happening on its platform thus bringing security to the trades happening. CEX are more user friendly and reliable in nature but a transaction fees is charged for every trade done. CEX Platforms hold user’s Cryptocurrency on behalf of them and this in turn exposes them to cyber theft.

Below you can see live exchange screenshot from one of the CEX Platform (WazirX).

How Centralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms works

Decentralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms/exchanges (DEX)

Decentralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms/exchanges (DEX) are non custodial in nature and allows P-2-P transactions and requires no intermediary. Every user remains in control of the private keys while making a transaction on DEX Platform. DEX platforms carries out self-executing smart contracts without presence of an intermediary organisation thus giving user control of their private keys and the funds. DEX Platforms maintain anonymity but are more complex in nature as users have to remember their keys and passwords for crypto wallets and if lost can’t be recovered.

Centralised (CEX) Cryptocurrency trading platforms have been in existence from a long time and majority of the transactions are happening through these platforms whereas Decentralised Cryptocurrency trading platforms/exchanges have recently gained popularity among users as they are able to hold their private keys of the cryptocurrency traded which majorly differentiates the two types of platforms.

Recently Cryptocurrency trading platforms worldwide have gained exposure and various startups in this space are becoming Unicorns, like CoinSwitch.  Other popular platforms are Conibase, Binance, WazirX, 1k daily profit app, etc. Let us know which crypto exchange platform you are using.

Which Cryptocurrency has the highest volatility?

Cryptocurrency remains an emerging market that is gaining rapid popularity among the masses. Despite luring millennials to invest and explore the endless possibilities that it comes bearing to the world of economy, it remains highly volatile. Cryptocurrency trading essentially thrives on speculation. Moreover, its ever-evolving technology makes the coins more volatile to sudden gains and setbacks.

Bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency has shown a steep growth over the last 5 years, making people’s investment go to the moon. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc have shown great growth momentum in price range recently.

What is Cryptocurrency Volatility?

The cryptocurrency market mirrors that of stocks and other investments. It is commanded by the same laws of demand and supply. Therefore, cryptocurrency volatility measures how the value of coins oscillate over time depending on various factors like its market size, liquidity, and speculation

Bitcoin Equaliser Explained

Generally, currencies with extreme price swings are highly volatile currencies, offering avenues to earn higher profits. Currencies on the lower volatility investments often result in smoother returns with low-risk involvement.

Cryptocurrency with Highest Volatility

Nearly all cryptocurrencies reflect a certain degree of volatility. Still, Bitcoin takes the crown by being the highest volatile of the lot. It was the first entrant into the crypto market, and its trading history stands witness to its volatility.

In April 2021, Bitcoin reached a trading record-high at $65,000 but crashed the next month itself. Despite remaining below the trading value of $30,000, it skyrocketed again to $45,000 in the month of July the same year. As of writing this article, Bitcoin is being traded at $61,100. This rapid swinging of prices within a short time frame makes Bitcoin the most volatile in the market. Apart from being synonymous with ‘cryptocurrency’ and being a constant anchor of speculations, Bitcoin is also one of the most traded currencies that supplements its volatility index. 

Since it was also the first cryptocurrency to be launched in the market, traders generally refer to Bitcoin as a standard to evaluate all the other coins. Its exponential growth and massive popularity among investors make Bitcoin the highest volatile coin. 

Bitcoin Equaliser

While the sudden jumps in the valuation of Bitcoin may have benefited a few, many traders also lost their valuable investments due to the high cryptocurrency volatility and its repercussions on the market. Although cryptocurrency offers a lucrative platform to make money from the comfort of your personal space, it is also essential to keep an eye out for reliable platforms that can safeguard you against losses and boost your profits at the right time. 

Bitcoin Equaliser is an automated trading software that makes the trading process simpler and lures more investors into the cryptocurrency sector. The software’s algorithm takes care of the strenuous task of trading and speculating on behalf of the traders to ensure profits.  Equipped to perform technical and fundamental analysis of the market, the Bitcoin Equaliser gathers all the data and emerging trends in the trading sector to help invest in the most promising avenues. 

In Conclusion 

The ever-rising demand and increasing speculation by prominent investors anchor Bitcoin as the highest volatile cryptocurrency in the market. While volatility is crucial for a thriving financial market, apps like the Bitcoin Equaliser aid in taking the risk edge out of the equation. The app promises to offer its patrons a smooth and profitable user experience by providing the best of features and functions in the market.

Google Pixel 6 Pro In-display Fingerprint Sensor Spotted in a Lockscreen screenshot shared by Hiroshi Lockheimer

Google has officially put Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro out of genie bottle and Google’s new flagship lineup is no mystery anymore. Google has been teasing Pixel 6’s specification now and then and recently Google’s SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer shared a screenshot over Twitter which is believed to belong to Google Pixel 6 Prp smartphone and the lockscreen screenshot shows an in-display Fingerprint Sensor (Tweet is now not available as it was deleted quickly soon after it was posted) and the Android 12 Clock Wodget.

If the screenshot actually belongs to the Pixel 6 series smartphone then Google has taken a step in the future direction and Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will become the first Pixel series smartphone to feature an In-display Fingerprint Sensor and 1440×3120 px screen resolution.

Google Pixel 6 Pro In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Check out the screenshot below which was shared by Hiroshi Lockheimer over Twitter. As per the Tweet made, Hiroshi Lockheimer was testing out Android 12’s Material, You theming engine. The device is connected to Verizon 5G Network.

Google Pixel 6 Pro In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Pixel 6 screen Pro resolution should be 1440×3120 px, whereas the screenshot shared had a screen resolution of 1440×3220 px as it was screenshotted on Galaxy S21 by Jeff Springer.

It also gives us a sneak pneak about the Lockscreen of Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12 Beta.

Google Pixel 6 series will also feature an in-house built SoC i.e. Tensor Processor by Google. Excited about the Pixel 6 series, let us know in comments.

Source – Hiroshi Lockheimer & Mishaal Rahman & Jeff Springer.