7 Tips and Tricks to Earn Money Via Neobux

Neobux is number one PTC site in the world right now. People from all over the world are making money with Neobux.

Some of them fail and some succeed. However, I want you to succeed with Neobux.

Hence I recommend you to read following tips and tricks if you want to earn more money with Neobux.

I assume that you know basics of Neobux and have an account with it. Your current balance must be $2 – $3 at least.

You can continue reading following article.

7 Tips to Follow While Earning Money with Neobux

 1.    Patience is the Key

Before you even think of making money with Neobux, you need to learn being patient.

Neobux is not a get rich quick scheme. You will not hit a jackpot overnight because it is not a lottery.

As you know one click pays you only $.001. So how are you going to make even $1 in a day? Forget about making $1000 a month.

Well, you can make $1000 or more in a month if you have patience. So be patient while working with Neobux otherwise you will have to quit.

2.    Strategizing is the Most Important Thing 

Before you proceed any further you need a plan. If you want to make decent amount of money with Neobux then you have to devise a plan.

Otherwise you will go haywire. A time table is must. Here you will keep tab of your day to day activity.

As days goes by you will realize the importance of having a plan because at later stage you will have to manage so many referrals every day.

3.    Real Earning will Come through Paid Membership

It is quite obvious that you are not going to make enough money if you are clicking 20 to 22 free ads daily. You will not earn more than $.05 a day.

Hence you have to get more referrals. And for getting more referrals you need to go for paid membership.

However you have to follow a strategy before you go for a paid membership. You need to further read this article.

4.    It is Rented Referrals and Not Direct Referrals

As a beginner you will be confused by the word referrals. It is because there are two types of referrals one is rented referrals and the other is direct referrals.

Here when we say referrals we only mean rented referrals and not direct referrals.

Neobux is all about making money with rented referrals where you buy referrals out of your pocket. Direct referrals are people who come to you organically through search engine, social media etc.

5.    Buying Rented Referrals

You don’t buy rented referrals the day you joined the Neobux. You buy when you have made some money clicking ads on daily basis.

It will take more than eight months before you think of buying referrals. Until then you have to be patient and keep clicking those ads.

Neobux is an art of making money with money. Hence you have to invest smartly while buying new referrals. You simply can’t afford to lose money.

6.    Always Using an Earning Calculator

If you want to make best out of Neobux then you have to use a calculator.

When I say calculator I mean to say a NeoBux calculator. I do not mean ordinary calculator.

You can go to Neobux forum site and find calculators which will calculate your earnings depending upon various variables like number of referrals, membership, recycling cost, clicks etc.

Calculator will help you to strategize your efforts.

7.    Getting Referrals from Other Sources

Although your focus must be rented referrals but you can’t ignore other sources like direct referrals, quality traffic, forums etc.

Apart from clicking your own ads you can play ad prizes and win prizes. You will get more advertisements hence you can generate more money.

You can also make money by doing simple offers and answering paid surveys. There are many other mini job offers also you can avail.

 7 Tricks to Learn Making More Money with Neobux

Here are few tricks to learn if you want to make over $2000 a month.

 1.    It is all about Managing Referrals

If you want to make more money then you must learn to manage rented referrals.

You will have to manage over 200 to 300 rented referrals at any given point.

Managing rented referrals is a science. You have to learn new concepts if you want to earn more profit.

You have to retain quality rented referrals and at the same time recycle non performing referrals. You have to make best out of your existing referrals.

2.    Always Establish Your BEP

You have to establish your BEP or Break Even Point first.

You have to calculate extension costs, recycling cost and average total clicks for getting BEP right.

You divide average total clicks with the number of rented referrals you have.

You will get your BEP. Your BEP must be at least 1 click per referral. You can keep rented referrals with 1 click per day while recycle all other referrals.

3.    Time Period for Renting Referrals

While buying rented referrals you have to be smart enough and buy for straight 8 months. You should not buy them for one month.

Because if you buy for straight 8 months then you get a discount of over 30% for each referral and for one month the discount is 5% only.

If you are buying over 1000 referrals then you can save few dollars every month. Hence buy referrals for a longer time period.

4.    Buying More Referrals Does Not Mean More Money

This is a common mistake that most of the new neobuxer make.

Buying more referrals without a strategy does not convert into more money.

You have to keep renewal fees in your mind. So buying more referrals means more renewal fees.

If you calculate the net profit then you have to deduct renewal fees. So be careful while buying more referrals.

5.    A Recycling Policy is Must

This is one of the most important factors while deciding strategy for Neobux.

You will only be successful if you know to keep right kind of referrals and recycle those who do not click.

You can recycle referrals that click ads only once in a while or click once in 13 days.

However this is not so simplistic because you are managing more than 500 referrals at a given time.

So the best referrals are those who click at least once in a day. You must retain such referrals while recycle others.

Come out with a recycling policy of your own.

6.    Shift to Ultimate Membership

Once you start breaking even and making some profit, it is time to move to ultimate membership.

You shouldn’t buy the ultimate membership out of your pocket. You must buy it through building referrals over a period of time.

Invest in buying more referrals and reach up to $1000 and only then buy ultimate membership to get more features.

7.    Never Depend Upon Direct Referrals

Although direct referrals are important but don’t depend upon them. It is because you are not a blogger who has a blog with thousands of visitors coming on to it every day.

So pay attention to rented referrals only.

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