5 Best Android Apps for Teachers 2017

Learning is an integral and intact part of nature. Learning never stops even if you are in an occupation to teach people. You are never perfect in terms of knowledge. The more you explore, the more you learn. It is a lifetime part of one’s life. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on teachers too, to keep up with the pace of increasing need of getting more active and spooling up the minds.

Here are some of the best and useful apps for teachers to Moodle and make some improvements for themselves and their students.

These apps will let teachers harness technology and learn things.

Class Dojo:

Class dojo is rated the No. 1 app for teachers on google app. This app does not change the whole concept of classroom experience but does change the things like gold stars on charts and makes it easy for the guardians to keep a check on their kids’ right attitude from home. It helps in creating a good communication between teachers, kids, and their parents.


It is a platform where students can submit their activities and assignments. They can communicate with teachers, keep up with their reports, and can upload files and photos. Students can have a record of their grades as well.

Google classroom:

Google classroom is a free app and is a good replacement of virtual classroom. It is an app where people can turn in their work, communicate with other teachers in the class to get to know about the work and activities going on. You can upload images, videos, and large files easily. And it has Google Drive integration too.

Google Drive:

If you are looking for something quick and light, Google Drive is the best option. Most of the people use it because it’s easy and of to use and access. If you are a teacher, you can upload lots of resource material, presentations, and spreadsheets. It will only cost you money if you need any extra storage.

Tech learns lead:

So isn’t it amazing to get in contact with other teachers who teach the same subject that you do? You will get an increased knowledge sharing and meet the like-minded colleagues. Teach Learn is the app you are of. It’s like a social networking site for teachers to connect with each other. Give and take advice.

Class Tree:

Class Ttree allows parents to get in touch with students’ upcoming activities, and kind of remind them of their kid’s class trips and can get a quick online e-signature of their parents and makes the process painless and paperless.

So this entire app is the best one that could take you to a known new world of great experience with teaching and get you amazing outcomes.

Also, there are other apps with are equally amazing and work best for both teacher and students.

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