4 Ways To Increase Internal Communications To Boost Engagement

Internal communication is an integral part of any organization, effective internal communications improve a company’s culture to a great extent. Internal communications should be done properly because you can avoid many miscommunications with proper and effective internal communications. Your daily blunders can be avoided to a great extent when you give right importance to internal communications. Not only that internal communications have a great impact on the overall culture of the company, but it also boosts engagements of the employees with each other and with the company.

Employees don’t want to feel left out in the dark without any crucial information. Information is very important for employees and the more they are informed, the more confident they feel about their job, and that’s why internal communications are really important. When employees are clearly informed of their tasks, they know what exactly they need to do for their personal and organizational success. Employees feel much more engaged and connected to their job when they are clearly communicated about what they need to do. Clear communication also ensures that employees are able to make small changes when necessary rather than making big scale changes in a short period of time. Effective internal communication informs the employees that their work is important to the company as a whole and gives them a sense of ownership. Engaged employees care about their coworkers and the organization as well.

Now that you are aware that internal communications have great impact on employee engagement, let’s look at the ways to increase internal communications for boosting employee engagement.

  1. Introduce internal communication channels

Internal communication should be streamlined with the company’s operations by introducing proper internal communication channels. There are different employee apps which can be used as an internal communication tool for coordination within the organization. These tools also save a lot of time by giving each employee access to the app so they have hands on access to the communication tool and can save a lot of time by not getting up for every little thing. These apps also keep a record of everything that is discussed between employees, maintaining a kind of official record, so nothing goes without a record in the company. Most companies have some basic communication channels including email as the most formal communication channel and skype/slack for informal and day to day communication.

  1. Introduce internal communication guidelines

This is very important because unregulated internal communications can cause a lot of confusions for the company and employees of course. Also, internal communications which are unregulated can leave a room open for threats and leg pulling within the workforce. Proper and regulated internal communications give employees the security that words can’t be used to harm the employees, and only worthy communication will be catered. This is really important for employees to feel secure while working in a company. These guidelines for internal communications should be delivered to each employee to ensure that only effective and productive internal communication is being held in the company. When employees feel secure about internal communication, they will openly discuss the new ideas and start productive discussions which have a direct impact on employee engagement.

  1. Encourage open communication

When you have the facilities and guidelines in place for internal communications, do not shy away from encouraging employees to discuss and express themselves openly about the new initiatives of the company. This will help you a lot in generating new ideas and will create a positive environment where employees feel secure to engage in organizational initiatives. This is great for the growth of company culture and employees.

  1. Boost employee engagement

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell’s Soup

Employee engagement is one of most talked about areas which need main focus for most internal communication departments, and it is used all over the world to add solid business value in communications. 70% of business leaders believe that employee engagement is highly important to the success of the company. Many studies have shown the connection between employee engagement and financial performance indicators, the companies which have high employee engagement have the following performances:

  • They outperform competitors
  • They outperform the stock market, and sales growth average increases greatly

The key to employee engagement is a digital collaboration or internal communication. If you have the right tools and methods to keep your employees engaged then your company will definitely see the benefits.


The demanding workplaces of today have a great need for digital collaboration so whatever is needed can be provided instantly to the relevant resources and work can be done faster without waiting around. This, in turn, increases employee collaboration and engagement. Such internal communications also improve transparency of different departments and even enhance the intra department collaborations and engagements.

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