Xperia ZL 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware Update Rolled Out – Minor Bugs fixed

In starting of September we posted that a new android 4.2.2 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware is in testing and soon it may come and yesterday Sony Mobile tweeted that a firmware is about to roll on whole Xperia Z family including Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z.

A few days back on Xperia ZR 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware update rolled out and seems a minor bug fixing update only. Just now we have spotted that Xperia ZL has also got the same 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware update.

10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware update keeps Xperia ZL on Android 4.2.2 only and is confirmed rolling on C6506 ( LTE North America version ) and C6503 ( LTE Europe / Asia version ) of handset.

10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware Update confirmed in USA, Germany, Ukraine, Singapore, Saudi Arabia , Philippines and available via PC Companion / SUS / Bridge.

Connect your Xperia ZL to PC and check for 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware  notification just like below on PCC and proceed as per on screen instructions.

Xperia ZL 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware Update Rolled Out via PC Companion

Xperia ZL 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware Details

  • Android – Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • Phone Model – Xperia ZL C6506
  • Baseband Version – 9x15A-ACEFWMAZQ-30110068-44
  • Kernel Version – 3.4.0-g43a9ba9 BuildUser@BuildHost #1 Mon Aug 26 10:05:33 2013
  • Build Number – 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware

Xperia ZL 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware Details

Software info of 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware added below.

Phone Software version : 1266-7597_10.3.1.A.2.67 , File System Verison : AMERICAS-LTE_10.3.1.A.2.67, Customization version: 1270-7584_R2B

Software info of 10.3.1.A.2.67 Firmware

If you have not got 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware update yet, we will soon update the 10.3.1.A.2.67 ftf links here.

Download  Xperia ZL C6506_10.3.1.A.2.67_Generic US 1270-7584 FTF from below

Download Xperia ZL C6506_10.3.1.A.2.67_Generic US 1270-7584.7z.001 | 512 MB

Download Xperia ZL C6506_10.3.1.A.2.67_Generic US 1270-7584.7z.002 | 244 MB
[ via XDA user spielnicht ]


Download C6503_10.3.1.A .2.67 R4B_Generic SG.ftf | 759 MB
[ via XDA user eXpeLLo ]


Download Xperia ZL (C6503)_10.3.1.A.2.67_Generic DE.ftf
[ via XDA user brenopapito ]

10.3.1.A.2.67 update is a minor update over previous 10.3.1.A.0.244 firmware but as per Sony Mobile tweet, the changelog of 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware update  includes display, camera, battery fixes & performance tweaks.

If you have updated your Xperia ZL on 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware, then let us know did you find any noticeable change in this new 10.3.1.A.2.67 firmware update. Drop your comments.

Thanks Sayid 🙂