Xperia M2 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware Android 4.4.4 KitKat rolling

Unexpectedly Sony has officially rolled out android 4.4.4 KitKat update for Xperia M2 today, making it the only Xperia handset with android 4.4.4 version after whole Xperia “Z” series. 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware update is confirmed in regions like Russia, Germany and US.

18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware  update is rolling via PC Companion only for the time being, confirmed for Xperia M2 D2306 and D2303 variants. Android 4.4.4 update is not seen rolling for Xperia M2 Aqua and Dual, though it has already been certified.

Xperia M2 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware

Below you can find the about phone details of Xperia M2 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware. Audio Delay bug is confirmed to be fixed now.

Xperia M2 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware update

Download 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware ftf

If you haven’t got the update yet, you can download the 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware ftf from below. Use FlashTool to flash it.

For D2303

Download D2303_18.3.1.C.0.21_Customized_DE.ftf

Download D2303_18.3.1.C.0.21_Customized_RU.ftf

For D2306

Download D2306_18.3.1.C.0.21_Customized_US.ftf

Sony will be updating Xperia C3 on android 4.4.4 version now.

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Ftf via Jamal_RS | Thanks for the tip, Ben!