Install custom Xperia Aneurysm theme on your Xperia device

Yesterday we posted Sony Vaio custom Xperia theme for Xperia devices and today we have brought custom Xperia Aneurysm theme from XDA dev niaboc79. In our series of posting Xperia themes, this is one of the best we have posted till now. Xperia Aneurysm theme will only get install on android 4.3+ running devices and changes a lot many things within phone’s UI.

You need root access on your device along with patch services jar or simply user SuperUser Mod ( to do so, visit here ). Download the Xperia Aneurysm theme apk on your device then and install as normal apk. Home screen wallpaper, lockscreen wallpaper, soft navigation keys, background UI all gets changes in this theme with blue being the main color of theme.

For JB 4.3 devices

Download Aneurysm_JB.apk

For JB 4.4 devices

Download Aneurysm_KK.apk

Xperia Aneurysm theme

Download Xperia Aneurysm theme

Xperia Aneurysm theme apk

Xperia Z1 Aneurysm theme apk

Xperia Aneurysm theme screenshots

Xperia Aneurysm theme for Xperia devices

Custo Xperia Aneurysm theme

Try installing above theme on your device and let us know do you like it. Drop your comments below.