Download Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide Pdf

Well it has been a few days only since we saw Xperia A SO-04E Dogo NTT DoCoMo photos and specifications on FCC, now we have brought you Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide’13.5. Yes NTT DoCoMo has released a user manual guide for their to be launched phone Xperia A SO-04E.

Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide Pdf

Only a few specifications of Xperia A SO-04E were featured lately like 5″ full 1080p HD screen, 13 MP rear camera, Android Jelly Bean, 16 GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, 2300 mAH removable battery and dimensions similar to Xperia Z. Nothing have been said about the processor and the chipset, yet we expect Snapdrgon 600 chipset in Xperia A SO-04E. You can download the Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide Pdf from given below link.

Download Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide.pdf I 5.39 MB

Check out in the below pic yourself, the various parts and their functions in Xperia A SO-04E.

Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide

After looking in the Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide’13.5 we found the accessories which will be supplied with it like Desktop Holder SO15, 1Seg antenna cable SO01, microSD card 2GB already inserted in the terminal when bought, Stereo headset with microphone etc. Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide explains all the parts of the phone and functions and all those things which a normal manual guide tell, we don’t want to tell you that. Download the Xperia A SO-04E User Manual Guide and explore the Xperia A specification and other details by yourself. Comments appreciated on views regarding the so leaked speicifcations of Xperia A SO-04E yet.

Xperia A SO-04E Dogo NTT DoCoMo Photos Specifications seen on FCC

It’s not over yet with Xperia Z and Xperia ZL this year it’s confirmed now more Xperia devices will be hitting market this year. The legacy will be continued by Xperia A SO-04E codenamed as Dogo which will be coming to NTT DoCoMo this year 2013. Just now the rumored Xperia A device has been confirmed by FCC that it is under approval. It’s neither a leak nor an official release.

Sony Xperia A SO-04E Photos as seen on FCC

On FCC site we can see various documents filed by Sony Mobile Communications for Xperia S SO-04E Dogo approval under NTT DoCoMo. Check out some of the extracted photos of Xperia S SO-04E Dogo.

Xperia A SO-04E Dogo NTT DoCoMo Leaked photo

Xperia A SO-04E Dogo NTT DoCoMo Photos

Sony Xperia A SO-04E Dogo Features Specifications

Full manual of Xperia A SO-04E Dogo can be seen on FCC site which has somewhat revealed its specifications and photos. Xperia A SO-04E Dogo  is a lot similar to Xperia Z and Xperia ZL in terms of features. When looked from sideways it seems similar to Xperia Z with the location of power button on the same side as in Xperia Z.

Xperia A SO-04E Dogo side view

  • Full 1080P HD display.
  • 5 inch screen.
  • Removable 2300 mAh battery, which is missing from both Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. Images show that Xperia A SO-04E Dogo will be powered by Sony BA950 battery.
  • Internal storage is limited to 16 GB with extended SD card ( supporting SD Card memory details not out yet.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • Dimensions of Xperia Z SO-04E Dogo are as 139 x 71 x 7.9mm which is similar to as Xperia Z weighing 146 grams same as Xperia Z.
  • LTE Powered.
  • Micro SIM usage.

Xperia A SO-04E Dogo  Camera Details

Rear 13 MP cam with Exmor RS and 2.2MP front cam. You can set cam at 13 MP with image resolution as 4128×3096 and to 12 MP with image resolution as 3920×2940, 4:3 aspect ratio of image size. HDR, Superior Auto mode available.

Same set of earphones are seen as Sony dispatched with Xperia S and Xperia SL, we can see Sony Ericsson logo on them.

No Details about the processor of Xperia A SO-04E Dogo, it is speculated that it may come with Snapdragon-600 chipset but nothing can be said at this moment. Also the android version in the phone isn’t specified which still remains a mystery till we find out this. When seen in the Xperia A SO-04E Dogo user manual guide, Android Jelly Bean version can been seen, same as Xperia Z android 4.1.2 but nothing is said officially about android version yet.

On NTT DoCoMo site we can see that on 15th May 2013 they are releasing their new line up of smartphones for this summer season and we may see Xperia A SO-04E Dogo to be launched at that same time only.

[ Via – FCC ]