Official Xperia A Midnight Blue & Pink Wallpaper

Sony introduced some new material design Xperia wallpapers in Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z3+ and on Xperia Z4v (for Verizon Wireless USA) we saw a new red-orange-pink colored wallpaper. Digging in Xperia A (launched only in the Japan) system dump, two new exclusive wallpapers were spotted.

New midnight blue and pink colored Xperia material design wallpapers are spotted on Xperia A (which are exclusive for it only like Xperia Z4v) which are now available for download.

Xperia A Wallpaper

Xperia A Midnight Blue Wallpaper, download from here (save as normal image) – resolution is 1440×1280

Xperia A Midnight Blue Wallpaper

Xperia A Wallpaper Blue

Xperia A Pink Wallpaper, download from here (save as normal image). – resolution is 1440×1280

Xperia A Pink Wallpaper

Xperia A Wallpaper Pink

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via – XDA (by cachanilla86)