GoDaddy Online Store Review – Set up your own E-commerce website

Online Stores are becoming popular among business owners seeing the growth of e-commerce market in the world. Reaching out to potential customers around the world, making an online presence has become a necessity for most of businesses who are selling products locally.

One of the efficient way to target more customers online is to set up an online store for the concerned business. Setting up an online store can be a hectic task for a regular person but with the help of various online stores builder available online it can be done in a few minutes only.

GoDaddy Online Store Review

Today we are presenting you how to set up an online store through GoDaddy web services. Sing up here.

GoDaddy Online Store service is available for 999 INR/month ($15) (33% Discount/Sale, 1499 INR/month while renewing).


  • In-Built Online e-commerce set up tools including websites, shopping carts, etc.
  • Well designed website themes
  • Popular payment methods availability
  • 24/7 customer care availability
  • In-built SEO Tools
  • Promotional tools like discounting and coupons available
  • Marketing tools like email newsletters available
  • Option to open store on Facebook
  • Smartphone ready stores
  • Ratings and Reviews option available
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Option to choose customised hosting and domains

Setting Up GoDaddy Online Store

We added GoDaddy Online Store service for reviewing purpose. Let’s see how to set it up. Open the GoDaddy Online Store dashboard.

Setting up Online Store

  • Choose a unique business name
  • You can either use a pre-owned domain name or create a subdomain. GoDaddy provides an option to choose a temporary URL, we chose it to test the service. Temporary URL looked like We recommend you get a dedicated domain name for your business.
  • Add an email address associated with your account
  • Click on “Create Store” to set up the initial service

How to Set up GoDaddy Online Store

Go ahead with the “Getting started guide”, once you are done, click on “go live” button.

GoDaddy Online Store Guide to set up

GoDaddy Online Store Guide

GoDaddy Online Store Set Up

Click the close button and open the link given under tag “check out your store“. Online store is now live with the pre-defined customisations.

If you are not happy with your store’s design, GoDaddy has a lot many customisable options available to edit. Below you can see the pre-defined format of the online store.

GizmoBolt GoDaddy Online Store

GizmoBolt E-Commerce Website

Now we will make you familiar with the various customisation tools available in GoDaddy Online Store.

Once you are done, you can track your sales via GoDaddy Online Store Dashboard.

GoDaddy Online Store Dashboard

GoDaddy Online Store Email Marketing

GoDaddy Online Store – Promotional Tools

GoDaddy Online Store allows you to use following promotional tools:

  • Sell on Facebook
  • Like and Share Buttons
  • Social Follow Buttons
  • Product Reviews
  • Email Signups

From the promotional tab in your dashboard, turn on all the features and set them up by following said instructions.

GoDaddy Online Store Promotional Tools

GoDaddy Online Store – Social Follow Buttons set up.

GoDaddy Online Store Follow Buttons

GoDaddy Online Store – Product Reviews set up is powered by third party website “Yotpo“.

GoDaddy Online Store Product Reviews

GoDaddy Online Store – Email Signups set up.

GoDaddy Online Store Email Sign Ups

GoDaddy Online Store – Sell your products on Facebook set up. It is done by third party service Shopial.

GoDaddy Online Store Sell on Facebook Set Up

GoDaddy Online Store – Adding Coupon Option

If you are running a special coupon for your customers, you can make one from in-built tool available.

GoDaddy Online Store - Add Coupon Option

GoDaddy Online Store – Setting up Website

Now once you are done with using various promotional tools, lets see how to set up the website pages.

  • Go to Themes tab (there are 18 themes available to choose from)
  • Choose a desired theme by clicking on it

GoDaddy Online Store - Themes

GoDaddy Online Store - 18 Themes Available

GoDaddy Online Store - Booyah Theme

  • Go to Site tab
  • Add Store Logo
  • Define product display, check out settings, store footer
  • Add Google Analytics Id to track your website visitors. Sign up here

GoDaddy Online Store - Set up header of website

GoDaddy Online Store Footer Section set up

GoDaddy Online Store – Setting up Web Pages

  • Click on Pages tab
  • Add the different standalone webpages you require in your online store, ex. About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc.

GoDaddy Online Store - Setting up Pages

We added 4 different pages  (including Home) in our online store. You can see them below.

GoDaddy Online Store - Adding Pages

  • Go to Navigations tab
  • Choose the destination from here for linking various webpages to different links. You can add upto 10 menu items from here

GoDaddy Online Store - Navigation

GoDaddy Online Store - Add upto 10 menu items

GoDaddy Online Store – Setting up Header section

GoDaddy Online Store - Setting up Header

Add your website banners.

GoDaddy Online Store - Add Logos

GoDaddy Online Store - Banners

Once you are done with the above mentioned set ups, you’re newly designed online store will have a completely different look as compared to what was earlier (default look). Check out below.

How to make e-commerce website via GoDaddy

How to make website via GoDaddy?

GoDaddy Online Store – Email Marketing Tool

GoDaddy allows you to create email signups mailers for your customers so that you can reach all your potential customers. Do not forget to use this tool.

GoDaddy Online Store - Email Marketing Tool

It’s done! Now you have your own online store!


  • Easy and less time consuming
  • Various promotional tools options available
  • In-built themes
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Affordable

For more info, check out the “Features” section above.


  • Absence of options for adding meta tags for better SEO
  • Only 10 menu items can be added

If you are looking for an affordable online store services then GoDaddy is a worth one to go for. Let us know if you have used it or planning to use. Drop your comments below, if you need any help in setting up your online via GoDaddy.