Download Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper from Xperia XZ Premium

At MWC 2017 Sony introduced Xperia XZ Premium and we saw new Xperia live wallpaper i.e. Xperia Loops with it. Earlier we posted a gif showing Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper in action and now it is available for download.

As mentioned by the users who have already tested the available Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper file, it is confirmed working on Xperia X running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. You need Stock Sony ROM running on device (a 64-bit android device) with Android 7.0+ to install the  Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper.

Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper

Download Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper apk from below link.

Download XperiaLoops.apk

NOTE: Download Official Xperia Loops Theme from Xperia XZs from here.

NOTE: Download Xperia XZ Premium Official Stock Wallpapers from here.

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Source: SonyXperiaailesi | via – XDA (shared by Mazellat)

Xperia XZ Premium Live Wallpaper Xperia Loops in Action

Xperia Loops, Sony’s new live wallpaper which was spotted during MWC 2017 on its newly launched Xperia smartphones viz. Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZs, Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Ultra. As the name suggests, different colored loop formations can be seen as the screen is swiped.

Xperia XZ Premium Live Wallpaper Xperia Loops is not available for download for the time being but as soon as system dump files are available, we can expect it then.

Xperia XZ Premium Live Wallpaper

Check out the Xperia XZ Premium live wallpaper in action below.

NOTE: Download Xperia Loops Live Wallpaper apk from Xperia XZ Premium here.

As seen from various promotional photos released by Sony, we can expect Xperia Loops live wallpaper atleast in black, blue and grey color.

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