Sony Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app updated – Enhanced user experience

A moment ago Sony updated its Album to 6.2.A.0.22 version and now Contacts app has also been updated to newer version 16.1.B.3.2 from older version 16.1.A.0.56. Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app brings enhanced user experience with software performance improvements.

No major noticeable change is seen in Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app update. Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app is confirmed on Xperia devices running android 4.3, 4.4 as OTA.

Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app

Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app

Download Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app

Download Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app apk from below if you haven’t got it yet. We extracted the apk from our Xperia Z1. No root needed.


Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 apk

Sony Album 6.2.A.0.22 app update rolling – Improved navigation menu

Let us know if you see any major changes in Contacts 16.1.B.3.2 app. Drop your comments below.