Xperia Z2 Tablet 17.1.A.2.69 firmware rolling for SGP521 LTE variant

In mid April 17.1.A.2.69 firmware update rolled on Xperia Z2 as a minor bug fixing update and now same 17.1.A.2.69 firmware update has been spotted for Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE variants in MEA region. Many Xperia Z2 Tablet owners are complaining regarding touch screen issues, hope this update brings a sight of relief for those users.

Connect your Xperia Z2 Tablet with PC Companion for updating to 17.1.A.2.69 firmware. 17.1.A.2.69 firmware not spotted for Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi version yet. No OTA seen for 17.1.A.2.69 firmware update yet. Below you can see the 17.1.A.2.69 firmware about tablet details.

17.1.A.2.69 firmware Xperia Z2 Tablet

Software info of 17.1.A.2.69 firmware.

Software info of 17.1.A.2.69 firmware

Download Xperia Z2 Tablet 17.1.A.2.69 firmware ftf

If you haven’t got the update yet then you can manually download the 17.1.A.2.69 firmware ftf from below link and flash it using flashtool.

Download SGP521_17.1.A.2.69_1281-5556.part1.rar
Download SGP521_17.1.A.2.69_1281-5556.part2.rar
Download SGP521_17.1.A.2.69_1281-5556.part3.rar

Let us know if you find anything major in this firmware update. Drop your comments below.

via – XDA

Xperia Z2 17.1.A.2.69 firmware update rolled out

A few days back bug fixing 17.1.A.2.55 firmware update rolled for Xperia Z2 and now another 17.1.A.2.69 firmware update has been rolled. Xperia Z2 is now available in market for purchase in many regions and users are claiming that they have got 17.1.A.2.69 firmware out of the box while many Xperia Z2 users who have this handset already, got an OTA 17.1.A.2.69 firmware update notification.

17.1.A.2.69 firmware update is confirmed in regions like UK and other regions across Europe on D6503 LTE edition. Xperia Z2 17.1.A.2.69 firmware is not yet seen updated on its official software update page on Sony website. No news apps are seen on this update. It seems that it is either the final retail version of the firmware Sony has prepared to release on Xperia Z2.

Below you can see the Xperia Z2 17.1.A.2.69 firmware about phone details.

Xperia Z2 17.1.A.2.69 firmware

We will soon try to get the Xperia Z2 17.1.A.2.69 firmware ftf for manual updating via FlashTool for users who haven’t got it yet.

Let us know if you have got this update on your Xperia Z2, saw any new features. Drop your comments below.

via – XDA