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Getresponse vs Lander: Landing Page Comparison


What is a landing page?

What is Landing PageAll companies that use email marketing softwares have created their own landing pages. Landing pages allow companies to make their own webpages in a unique and attractive way so that users who stumble upon it get intrigued enough to stay there and look for a product or service that caters to their needs, and with luck, purchase it.

You can subscribe to any marketing software and generate a website that displays more detailed information on a specific product. This is commonly beneficial for certain customers who have a more exquisite taste. Today we are going to discuss and compare two companies – GetResponse and Lander that are offering landing page creator.



GetResponse is currently one of the most widely known sources for email marketing and landing pages that is used by successful companies throughout the globe. What makes it slightly more extravagant than the other marketing tools is the fact that it offers advanced features, templates and subscription conditions at a considerably reasonable price. GetResponse has been able to form alliance with several successful organizations, such as, Marriott, Amgen, and PayLane etc.

Some of its Features:-

Email Creator: This feature lets you create emails, online catalogues and newsletters in an attractive way. It lets you choose from its innumerable design templates, fonts and mage editors. If you’re not satisfied with the template designs presented to you, you can create your own by entering the html code. Email Creator

Auto responders: This is a key feature of GetResponse. The auto responder lets you send your created newsletter to thousands of customers at once. All you have to do is create a mailing list of the customer you believe are more likely to purchase your product. It lets you send details about your product to several people with zero time consumption for both parties.

Create AutoResponder


GetResponse consists of 4 subscription packages:

  • Email (for $25 per month)
  • Pro (for $49 per month)
  • Max (for $165 per month)
  • Enterprise (for $799 per month)

Pricing of GetResponseGetResponse basic landing page comes with GetResponse free 30-day trial and its Email Plan. The basic landing pages will let you create and publish one landing page with up to 1000 visitors/month. GetResponse also gives unlimited landing pages with unlimited traffic and bandwidth with its Pro Plan.


Lander is another source of marketing tool that lets you come closer to the target audience. The company size is 50-200 employees. Although not as popular as Get response, it is still one of the most reliable marketing tools currently used by several successful companies around the globe.

Some of its Features:

Lander app: The Lander app lets the user to design a quick newsletter and send it to the target audience via cell phones. This makes it more convenient for project teams who are assigned to promote or sell their products within a deadline. Online marketing Roundup: This feature presents the users with marketing news, for e.g, the changing demands, trends, and new competitors.


Lander consists of three subscription packages:

  • Basic (for $37 per month): It offers A/B testing, Facebook Integration etc
  • Professional (for $74 per month): Provides an additional offer of unlimited customer domains.
  • Enterprise (for $149 per month): This package has the highest visitors among all three trials. It also provides facebook integration, A/B testing as well as auto filled forms.

Comparison between GetResponse and Lander – The Landing Pages

Getreponse’s Landing Page:

The landing page is more “mobile friendly”, however, as it already manages several other features, it does not entirely focus on renewing its landing page designer. It provides three easy steps in order to create the landing page: choosing the templates, customizing the page, and lastly, publishing it. It also provides built in web forms that allows the company to design the form in which the customer would sign up for more updates on their products. It provides a 30-day free trial. Furthermore the user is relieved from the time consuming process of html coding as the software offers several pre-designed layouts.

Lander’s Landing Page:

The landing page option that Lander provides offers a 14 day trial. Almost 61,000 landing pages have been published through this marketing tool, and the numbers are still growing as we speak. If the users are still interested to subscribe to Lander, the site gives the choice of giving monthly or annual payment. Unlike Getresponse, Lander lays more stress on its landing page designer.

Your Final Thoughts

In the end it is your decision whether you prefer any one of the two marketing tools. The beauty of the diversity in these tools is that the companies can choose the best option for them according to the size of their business scale or target audience, or the demand for their products or service. However, if you go with GetResponse, you will get Email Plan and Landing Pages both at one place and in a price much better than what you would pay to IM Creator and other email tool combined.

How to Recover Deleted Data (Text Messages) from Android Phone

Users of Android phones rely on their device for storing data such as messages, photos, music, videos, contact lists, calendars, and even minutes of meetings. Added to these are the personal messages from relatives and love ones that you think are too precious to just delete. However, there are instances when everything that you have stored in your devices is gone in the wink of an eye. You can drop and break your Android phone, or accidently get it immersed in water. Or your system could be attacked by a virus, causing all files to be gone.

Any of these disasters could happen to your smartphone, causing you much distress. Thanks to modern technology; it is now highly possible to recover data that you have lost due to the causes mentioned. Throughout the years, data recovery software has been developed to help Android users recover important data that they accidentally lost. You can be rest assured that losing data in your Android is not irrevocable. As long as the data are not overwritten, you can easily retrieve them and restore them in your device. For your safety and protection, creating a back up file is recommended.

Nowadays, there is a powerful tool to recover lost data from your smartphone. Known as the Android Data Recovery developed from Androidphonesoft studio, this tool can be downloaded from the website. To allow users a free taste of how the tool works free trial version can be had. For those who find it effective, a full version can be had for minimal price.   This is the most recent product when it comes to data recovery products and is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

Key Features of Androidphoensoft Android Data Recovery:

  • Directly scan your phone’s internal memory and SD card for all lost or deleted data.
  • Recover up to 17+ data types like contacts,messages, photos, videos, songs, call history, whatsapp messages, documents and more…
  • Preview the scanned data and decide to retrieve.
  • Support 2000+ Android phone and tablet like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony and more…

He steps for the data recovery process is easy and simple, if you need to retrieve deleted or lost text messages from Android phone,  you can take this guide to learn how to retrieve text message from Android phone:

Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted or Lost Text Messages from Android Phone

Step 1: Download and run the Android SMS Recovery tool and connect your Android phone to PC with USB.  To start the process, connect your device to the computer. Then activate the USB’s debugging. Click the start button to have the data analyzed. Decide the mode of recovery to use.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Text Messages from Android Phone


You will need a USB cable and a computer to perform the task. Before you proceed, make sure that the battery of your device is at least 20% full. This is to make sure that the steps will be done from start to finish without any interruptions.

Step 2: Start to Scan your Android phone.  You can just search for selected files or for all files. If these modes fail to recover what you are looking for, use the Advance Search mode. This will take a bit of time but you will be able to find what you are looking for. A prompt will tell you that it is now ready to scan.  A list of the files contained in your device will be shown.

How to Recover Deleted Data


Step3: Preview the scanned text messages and start to retrieve text messages from Android phone. When the scan is finished, you can hit “text messages” in the left panel. You can go though the list and select the ones that you want to recover. The files will be shown and you can save them to the computer and t your device.

Android SMS Recovery tool


The Android Data Recovery program is compatible with all sorts of Androids. After retrieving your data, you can save them in your computer as backup.

Stop worrying whenever you accidentally delete data because you can now retrieve them instantly through the help of Android Data Recovery tool.

High-end Smartphones – Necessity more than a desire

Smartphones have become a necessity today rather than a desire. Let us take you back to the era when people had a desire to own a smartphone but couldn’t except for a few. Motorola, Nokia, etc. are the prominent names if you ask what smartphones mean to present generation’s parents but today new mobile operating systems, new set of smartphones rule the world. Android, iOS and Windows are the top notch mobile operating systems present in smartphone today.

From a 1″ screen display to 5″+ screen display, smartphone’s screen size is increasing day by day. Today’s smartphone posses specifications like that of a computer. Today, buying smartphones have become every easy. With one click at online shopping websites like Flipkart, you can buy your dream smartphone at an exciting range of price.

Desire for High-end Smartphones

4G enabled smartphones are gaining popularity in India. People are sifting from 3G to 4G and a wide range of 4G enabled smartphones from Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, Apple, etc. are available on Flipkart.

Airtel is the only 4G service provider in India for the time being which is also providing 4G enabled SIM along with a purchase of smartphone from Flipkart, ex. Motorola X Play. With 4G you get the fast internet connectivity speeds which is way better than 3G.

Nexus 6P in India

Having an Octa-Core processor, high RAM was usually seen in a computer but today flagship smartphones of various manufacturers features specifications that can even beat the specifications of a desktop computer. Smartphones now can perform high computing processes very easily. Snapdragon, MediaTek, etc. are some of most important firms supplying the best mobile processors today.

People are becoming conscious and everybody wants a good camera in their smartphone. Today smartphones are available with camera megapixels like 5MP, 8MP, 12MP, 23MP, etc. which is great in terms of camera quality along with Optical Image Stabilisation. For the selfie lovers, now comes smartphones with high MP front camera along with flash. Dual LED flash at rear side and an LED flash for front camera have become a need now in smartphones.

As the personalisation factor becomes important Google, Apple, Microsoft came up with their dedicated app stores for different OS. You can now download app from these app stores and install on your device.

Flipkart provides a great discount if you make a purchase via its app. So apps are now becoming a hub of one-click entertainment world.

Small Businesses VoIP Service Providers and You

Maintaining a professional image while staying competitive, creative and on budget is one of the most difficult tasks faced by small businesses today.  Especially as your company grows and adds employees to it’s workforce, maintaining efficient communication, both internally and externally, becomes expensive and confusing.

A company with many employees requires a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system to route the volume of incoming and outgoing phone calls.  Having a system in place that can do this efficiently and effectively is paramount to providing a professional image to your customers.  However, traditional legacy phone systems come with a price tag that many small businesses find prohibitive.  This has caused many companies to switch to small business VoIP systems and their flexible and scalable communications offerings. Small business VoIP systems are also very cost-effective, essentially levelling the playing field between small and large businesses from a communications perspective.

Small Businesses VoIP Service

A traditional legacy phone system relies on a circuit switch network that requires infrastructure and hardware investments.  High maintenance costs are also associated.  In contrast, a VoIP PBX system uses the Internet and software applications to make calls.  Most small businesses are ale to save money using hosted or cloud-based providers as their go-to, because the third party provider assumes the risks and responsibilities of owning, maintaining and configuring the system for your business.  The best small business phone systems offer many distinct advantages over traditional Legacy phone systems.

Small Businesses VoIP Service Providers and You

Cost-effective To Implement

Implementing a cloud-based or hosted phone system that includes all the capabilities of a traditional phone system is very cost effective because there is no initial capital expense associated.  There is no hardware to purchase and your business doesn’t need to maintain an IT staff to look after the system.  Your hosted service provider takes care of all that.  The best small business phone systems are also cost effective options when compared to traditional phone systems in terms of long distance calling and call features.  There are no hidden fees and monthly billing is up-front with a cloud-based PBX system making budgeting your business easy.

Easy Scalability And Customization

Small businesses are constantly striving to grow larger.  Sometimes this growth is difficult to anticipate and plan for.  This can turn the decision to upgrade your phone system into a difficult task.  This is not the case with a small business VoIP system.  Upgrading your system by adding extensions or features is a simple task.  You can make the necessary changes via a web portal or a short phone call to your hosted service provider.  There are no capacity limits to worry about and any changes you make are reflected immediately.  Due to the fact that a third party provider hosts the service, your business phone system moves with you if your business relocates.

Take Your Business On-The-Go

Traditional business phone systems were the solution when all your employees worked out of the same location.  The problem is that today, most employees are constantly on the move, working from remote offices around the country or abroad.  If your business uses a cloud-based PBX, your employees can access your system from anywhere.  An employee can be in a hotel room in another country and simply participate in a conference call or use your business phone number to contact clients.  Travel and distance are no longer a hindrance to keeping your employees in touch.

Know Your Business

Many of the best small business phone systems offer applications that work with industry leading CRM and ERP tracking systems.  This allows for greater efficiencies in call and customer tracking.  Programs can match callers to your businesses contact records and pull up pertinent information to ensure the best customer support.  Entering call records can also be automated and allows for better analysis and reporting.  These types of systems come standard in most hosted PBX solutions.

The Price Is Right

Implementing a small business VoIP system gives your business a feature set that is above and beyond the capabilities of traditional phone systems.  Best of all, a hosted PBX system has a much lower cost than a traditional system, meaning your business receives more for less.

Many small businesses are already reaping the rewards of switching to a hosted phone service and yours could too.   The market is filled with capable vendors looking to create a service package that suits your business.  If your business phone system is in question, give a small business VoIP provider a try.

How Can Parental Control Apps Help Discipline Your Teen?

Disciplining teens can be tough and tricky. They make mistakes a lot and learn from them a very little. It is important that they learn from their mistakes and their own place in this world. It is important too that they have someone (you) to guide them along the way and help them be a better person. To do this you should discipline your teen whenever needed in a consistent manner which focuses on teaching and guiding not punishment. With the passage of time, you most probably will or have realised that the old school ways of disciplining aren’t that effective anymore. Parenting has changed over the years, grounding or lecturing is just unacceptable for teens. Soon they start taking you as a helicopter parent and develop rebellious habits. So, what is one way you can be a cool parent while you discipline them? Well, like many tech-savvy parents you can use parental control apps to monitor and discipline your teen.

Disciplining with parental monitoring apps

Many parents deem parental monitoring apps like FamilyTime, as a tool to simply monitor their teens online and offline activities. FamilyTime Dashboard But this app can also help you big time in disciplining your child, and here’s how: Restricting Privileges What is one thing extremely dear to your teen? One thing which started off as a luxury and has now become a necessity for them? Their cell phones! Whenever your teen misbehaves or does something inappropriate, you can take away their screen time. Not by taking away their phone, but simply by disabling it. With FamilyTime you can remotely lock your teen’s phone from your parent Dashboard. Once disabled, it can only be opened once the code you receive will be entered into the child app. Sounds unbelievable? Download this app in your iOS or Android phone to see for yourself. This means you can prevent them from using their phone as long as you want, most preferably till they learn their lesson and promise not to do it again. Let them face the natural consequences It is important that your teen faces the natural consequences of his/her actions. Sometimes there is no better way to teach them than the hard way. Once they have learned their lesson have a talk with them. Not a long boring lecture (which they would expect from you), but a friendly yet serious chat about why did they do it and what have they learned from it. Help them learn from their actions and if they still don’t learn – you can always use parental control apps to teach them a little lesson of your own. Happy smart parenting!

GetResponse Vs iContact — Which One Is Better?

Email marketing is a strategy used by different people to make their online business or campaign successful. Email marketing is not all about Sending the latest updates or blog posts to the subscribers but it is a way to stay connected with the readers. There are number of email marketing tools available out there including AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response and many others. All of them have their own features, benefits and some drawbacks at the same time. It may be difficult for one to choose one from many email marketing tool among them.

GetResponse Vs iContact

But if you are confused between GetResponse and iContact read the review below. Let’s have a look on the features of both and decide who is the winner? GetResponse-vs-iContact


First of all let me clear you it is not an apple device. Having “i” before it usually makes people confuse. According to my point of view iContact is an amazing email marketing tool with some extraordinary features and working. iContact vs GetResponse Some of its features are listed below:


  • iContact has an advantage of message building and it has different message building tools.
  • iContact have efficient email delivery rate.
  • iContact offers better and improved tracking.


  • iContact offers its users hundreds of templates i.e. 600+ templates enabling users to select the template and layout of their own choice. Moreover you can select between various columns like one column, two column, post cards and many others.


  • Enables you to send unlimited emails to the subscribers on monthly basis.
  • The message builder tool in the service enables its users to build their own message using drag and drop option. Some advanced users also use HTML for sending any message.
  • Number of tracking tools are available. That enables viewing, clicking, trending and helps you to unsubscribe any user in an important report.
  • Spam check tool is available to check the spam emails and helps to access the success of any campaign. 9. 30 days free trial only for new customers. I always recommend using free trial before upgrading. Free trial always gives you the idea about the working and feature of any software.

iContact Pricing

  • 98% delivery rate.
  • Enables you to publish archives emails as post on your blog/website.
  • Includes sign up forms for different websites and Facebook.
  • iContact provides you flexible options for subscribers form for sign up.
  • Offers iPhone as well as Android apps.
  • iContact supports 5 Mb space for image storage.


  1. The drawback of iContact is that, there is limitation in newsletter list. You are not allowed to send emails to over 15,000 subscribers. If you want to do so you need to subscribe for another plan.
  2. The customer support is not very satisfactory. It only works in working days from 4am to 10pm ( Monday- Friday)
  3. iContact does include any internal survey report.
  4. Slow loading of website.
  5. Limited RSS to Email and in addition it is quite hard in use.
  6. As compared to other email marketing system, the support system of iContact is not so good.

iContact is Good for?

iContact is good only for the list of any size, that can be maintained by using simple reporting tools.


GetResponse is one the top email marketing services trusted by millions of customers across the world. It is among top 5 email marketing services and is famous for its unique features and working. GetResponse vs iContact Some key features of GetResponse are as given below.


  • It has more than 350,000 customers all across the world. And in addition to this it also has many fans on social websites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.
  • GetResponse minimized the chances of error, because it enables you to preview emails before sending. This feature is quite useful and helps you to maintain your reputation among the subscribers with no or zero error.
  • It offers the delivery rate of 99%. That is the highest delivery rate of any auto responder so far.
  • GetResponse offers free trial for 30 days. Moreover its plan starts with $15 and offers 1000 emails. GetResponse is quite cheap as compared to iContact.

GetResponse Pricing

  • The Autoresponder 2.0 of GetResponse enables you to send time and event based emails to your subscribers and helps you to stay connected with your subscribers.
  • The time Travel feature of GetResponse enables you to send emails according to the optimal times of subscribers’ location.
  • It offers better split testing.
  • If you want to analyze working of any campaign, GetResponse offers A/B testing service. Using A/B testing service you can figure out the success of any campaign.


  • GetResponse enables you to create unique and impressive emails by using hundreds of template designs available. GetResponse has more than 500 templates along with 1000 stock images. It enables you to edit your emails simply by using their ‘drag and drop’ option and allows you to add images to it, before sending.


  • List Booster Feature in GetResponse enables you to import emails in 16 different ways.
  • App center allows you to connect with hundreds of apps and softwares including PayPal, Joomla, Google Analytics, Shopify and some others.
  • The inbox preview option is available in GetResponse. That enables you to preview your emails before finalizing.
  • GetResponse enables its customers to generate videos and audios as well.


  1. The interface has some annoying feature.
  2. Phone support is available for working hours only.
  3. GetResponse got some strict anti-spam policies (that is maybe good maybe bad, depending on users mentality).
  4. Does not offer any free plan.

GetResponse is Good at?

If someone is going to start business on a wide range, of course GetResponse is going to make their campaign a success. GetResponse offers different plans at reasonable prices and also reduce their price after sometime. So surely it’s going to help you to make your business successful.

Who The Winner Is?

There is no doubt in the fact that both, GetResponse and iContact are top email marketing tools. As I have stated earlier, GetResponse is on number 1 in the list of top 30 email marketing tools. Whereas iContact is on number 3. So of course the winner after comparing both emails marketing services is GetResponse.  I would like to suggest you GetResponse and below are the reason for my decisions.

  1. You will be treated like a family here. It is one of the best services across the globe. Moreover it has 350,000 trusted customers across the globe.
  2. The features are huge and up to date.
  3. It is cheap as compared to iContact and is surely going to benefit your business.
  4. It will be very helpful, if you want to start your business on the large scale.
  5. Support is comprehensive.

MoboMarket for Android app Review – Smart Alternative to Play Store

Downloading apps from Play Store can be troublesome sometimes for Android smartphone users as not many popular alternatives available for Google Play Store, users end up downloading apps from the internet; where security issues arise.

To over come the issue, we came across some trusted third party Android app marketplace on the web like MoboMarket. MoboMarket allows you to download Android apps from its servers irrespective of your region/location.

MoboMarket Android app

Download MoboMarket Android app from here, version

GizmoBolt Download Button

MoboMarket Android app

Changelog of new update

  • Brand new well-designed UI as well as improved user experience
  • Hindi and Chinese (Traditional) are now supported
  • Improved the initialization speed of MoboMarket
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancement

After installing the app, open it.

Users can download apps from three sections viz. Categories, Featured, and Rankings.

#1 Categories

Apps and games are categorised as per the genre e.g. entertainment, business, productivity , finance, tools, travel, etc. You can also download apps categorised on the basis of gender, religion, and language.

#2 Featured

Featured sections of the MoboMarket app displays apps put by MoboMarket officially.

#3 Rankings

Users can download the apps which have been downloaded the most number of times from MoboMarket and apps which are trending among users.

MoboMarket Android app Download

Menu Section

At the bottom of the app you will find an option “discover”, tap on it to access latest wallpapers, activities from MoboMarket and the coolest apps recommended by the official team.

MoboMarket Android app settings menu

Useful Tools in MoboMarket app

MoboMarket app allows you to manage your downloaded apps, uninstall unwanted apps, browse though the installed Android apks, startup optimiser, and the battery saving options.

MoboMarket Android app Review


  • Download apps from trusted and secured servers
  • Updated versions available
  • Add-ons like memory cleaner, RAM booster, etc. are available
  • Easy to use UI
  • Get location based app recommendations
  • Editor picks from the MoboMarket team officially

Regions where access to some Android apps are blocked, MoboMarket app plays an important role.

If you have used MoboMarket Android app, let us know. Drop your comments below.

How to record screen on Mac OS?

When you are trying to run a project and demonstrate the operation processes to others for education, training or other reasons, you would need efficient applications by your side. Of course you would come across various software types which have enticing features and are eager to prove their success rate in delivering solutions to you.

However, it is your duty to re-check these features in order to make sure that you have obtaining the best application to capture screen of your computer with ease. Fortunately, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is available in the online world which has shown promising success rate in capturing screen of your computer.

Why Choose Movavi?

When you are thinking about how to record screen on Mac, you need to understand that a special application can successfully handle all your requirements and necessities with ease. Why searching for best video capture software, you need to check the tools and features that you are going to get through service packages. In such comparison, Movavi has passed with flying colors by offering a number of options and tools that can help you out in issues like- resizing, adding watermarks, adding title to the video and many more.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Application

Such facilities and features have made this particular application extremely popular in this work field and led the respective application manufacturers to receive Bronze Award in reviews. Aside from offering a multitude of tools for you to design and modify the captured screen from your MAC computer, this application can deliver maintenance facilities and technical support for safe and precise operation.

  • Special tools : The primary objective of Movavi screen applications is to offer you high quality video. So, with this software, you can change and modify the quality of video recording. Plus, this application can offer you the opportunity to record from online as well as your desktop sources. Therefore, copying video from you tube, news sites and other web portals would be easy now.

Mouse pointer- You can use mouse pointer in the video to create tutorial videos. Recording your desktop while running an operation would be easily understandable with the mouse pointer at your disposal.

  • Support: When you are thinking of how to record screen on Mac, Movavi applications come with special features and high level of efficiency in delivering desired results. Plus, its support feature would keep you updated with information on using these applications in a safe and successful manner. Support facility comes with ‘live chat’ feature to simplify the work process and application management requirements of the users.
  • Editing Tools: As we have already established, Movavi screen capture software has a huge line up of editing tools to deliver options to the users. From audio cleaning to video quality enhancement and from zooming facilities to cropping facilities; this particular software is the answer to your ‘how to record screen on Mac’ question.

So, as the information explains, it is beneficial to use Movavi screen capture application for successful presentation creation.

Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 hands on pics

Micromax launched its latest flagship Canvas Sliver 5, a day back in India. Canvas Sliver 5 weighs 97 grams and is 5.1mm thick (end to end), Micromax claims it as the slimmest Android phone in the world.

Canvas Sliver 5 is powered by quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor backed by 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It has 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, 4.8″AMOLED HD screen display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 body (detailed specs here).

Canvas Sliver 5 hands on

Canvas Sliver 5 looks gorgeous, but it is ridiculously priced at Rs 17999/$282 in India which is a way to much as compared to its competitors (like Xiaomi Mi 4 ).

Let’s have a look at Canvas Sliver 5 hands on pics below from the launch event.

Canvas Sliver 5 Hands On

White Canvas Sliver 5 Hands on Pics

Canvas Sliver 5 5.1mm thickness

Canvas Sliver 5 Design pics

Canvas Sliver 5 Slimmest phone of world

Canvas Sliver 5 3.5 mm headphone port

Canvas Sliver 5 Volume keys

Canvas Sliver 5 8MP rear cam

Canvas Sliver 5 4.8" AMOLED Display

Canvas Sliver 5 5.1mm thin

5.1mm thin Canvas Sliver 5

Canvas Sliver 5 Microphone

Canvas Sliver 5 headphone connector

Black Canvas Sliver 5 hands on pic

Black vs White Canvas Sliver 5

White vs Black Canvas Sliver 5 hands on

Canvas Sliver 5 hands on review

Canvas Sliver 5 Hands on Review pics

What do you think about Micromax Canvas Sliver 5, let us know. Drop your comments below.

WonderShare Dr. Fone for Android Phones – Data recovery solution

Have you lost your important data from your Android phone? Are you worried about how you can recover it? Are you tired of using different recovery methods? Do not worry, here is the solution to your problem. WonderShare presents you a data recovery solution for your Android phones.

Dr. Fone is the data recovery solution for android phones. It is surely great choice if someone is looking for reliable data rescue solution for Android devices, especially Android cell phones. Dr. Fone works with almost all the Android devices and it is not an issue, that how long the files have been deleted from your Android device.

WonderShare Dr. Fone

WonderShare Dr. Fone enables you to recover your lost data. Dr. Fone also provides you the benefit of the trial version. You need to upgrade once you get to know about its features and working. All you need to do is:

1. Enable USB Debugging on your android device.
2. The next step is to connect your android device to a computer and install proper drivers.
3. Download the trial version on your device.
4. Search and see, If your phone is connected or not.

WonderShare Dr. Fone

WonderShare Dr. Fone for android devices

WonderShare Dr. Fone Review

Download WonderShare Dr. Fone

Why Dr. Fone?

The reason we are recommending you to use WonderShare Dr. Fone data recovery solution is that
it gets back all the deleted messages, contacts, music, videos and photos that you lost accidently. Moreover, it gives you a preview of data before recovering it. And last but not least it works with almost all Android devices like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and etc. Following are some basic and distinguish features of WonderShare’s Dr. Fone, have a look on them.

Supports Several Brands of Android Phones:

Dr. Fone supports a variety of android devices including low or Chinese devices as well. It works on Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and many others including some Chinese Android phones. We can say that surely, it works with 80 percent of Android devices.

Various Data types and Files are supported:

WonderShare Dr.Fone supports various file formats. Ranging from your contacts to text messages, from music to video files, images, and other media types it recovers files of all formats. Moreover, Dr. Fone offers recovery for a variety of the file formats like Mp3, Mp4, Jpeg, docx, jpg, gif, png, xml, csv, html, vc , doc and many more. All you require to do is to select the data type and file format.


WonderShare Dr. Fone recovery solution is easy and simple to use. They offer you a trial version for some day to check out its working and features. It is lightweight and can be run on windows computers.

What’s More?

Dr. Fone data recovery solution is a superb and easy to use solution. You do not require any technical knowledge to use it. Users get to know its features and functions quickly and it works with all the modern computers making your work easier. Try it now and recover your important data and files.

Top 5 Call Recorder Apps for iPhone and iPad

Call recording is always an issue on smartphones unless there is an inbuilt feature. If you are an iPhone or iPad user and looking for some call recording apps for your device then today we are listing top 5 call recorder apps for iPhone and iPad.

We would like to say always use call recording apps for personal purpose only, do not use them to trick someone or for the illegal purpose.

Top 5 Call Recorder Apps for iOS

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free app that you can download to use to record any of your calls. You can download it for free and you will need to have a Google Voice account set up. Once you do, and you log in, all you need to do is go to your settings and under “call” you can enable recording there. When you want to record your calls, just press the number 4 button. You can even use Google voice to call internationally at a cheaper rate.

Download app from the App Store.

Download Apps from App Store

Download Google Voice app

Call Recorder – IntCall

This call recording app call help you record all of your calls whether they are national or international even. You can easily save the recordings to your phone and send them to someone, or yourself, by email. And you can sync it with your iTunes account on your desktop so if you want to send it from the computer, you can do that as well. They also allow you to title the call recordings which make it easier for you to find what you need later.

Download app from the App Store.

Download Apps from App Store

Download Call Recorder - IntCall app

Edigin Call Recorder

If you would like a call recording app that allows you to record things and have them automatically be sent to your cloud, this is the app for you. All you need to do first is to sign up for an Edigin account and download the app from the store. When you either make a call or receive a call, this app will reroute all of those calls and then record them, and it stores them in your Apple cloud for any future playback, searches, or downloads.

Download app from the App Store.

Download Apps from App Store

Download Edigin Call Recorder app

Call Recording by

This is another handy app that allows for you to record all outgoing and incoming calls while also saving them to your cloud. Its free to download and you are able to record up to 20 minutes for free for the entire month, but if you want or need more, you can always make some in-app purchases. The little app also has a few special features like allowing you to transcribe those calls, use the app for dictation services, or even share some of your recordings on social media pages. For the meantime, this app is only found in North America, but it will be available elsewhere soon.

Download app from the App Store.

Download Apps from App Store

Download Call Recording by app

TapeACall Pro

If you are looking for one of the best call recording apps to pay for, it would be this one. This app will allow you to record any of your calls from just right inside the application. Because you have to pay for this app in order to download it, you skip around having to pay for any extra minutes to record or pay any extra fees for it. You are able to share your recordings, save them to your phone, or send them to a cloud service for a future time and date. Plus, it is found in a number of different countries throughout the world so you have a better chance of being able to download it.

Download app from the App Store.Download Apps from App Store

Download TapeACall Pro app

Let us know the apps which you are using on iOS for recording calls. Drop your comments below.

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DOOGEE F3 flagship to come with Multi-RAM version from 1GB to 4GB

Chinese smartphone maker DOOGEE is all set to launch its H1 2015 flagship “DOOGEE F3”, which is set to release in markets around August-September. DOOGEE F3 will be powered by MediaTek MT6753 SoC 64bit octa Cortex-A53 1.5 Ghz processor and offers Multi-RAM version from 1GB to 4GB

DOOGEE F3 will have LTE connectivity options, featuring 1080p FHD resolution (screen to be made out of 2.5D glass), packed in a metal frame with circular edges.


DOGGEE F3 will feature Multi-RAM version varying from 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB LPDDR3 RAM. It is also expected to have 16 GB internal storage with micro SD card support. It will support Dual SIM standby.

DOOGEE F3 Specifications (purported, might change)

Check out the DOOGEE F3 pics below.

DOOGEE F3 Flagship 2015

As per the info, DOOGEE will officially release back covers for F3, made up of bamboo and wood.

We will update the post once more info comes on the release of DOOGEE F3.

Source – DOOGEE

Mobile Casinos Where You Can Earn Real Money

Mobile casinos have exploded the Internet and have many fans playing them to win real money; it is like having Las Vegas living inside their phones, tablet, and/or computers. It just saves you the hassle of actually driving out or flying out (depends on where your living location is) to Las Vegas, or any other casino to actually, to gamble a little bit of money and earn double of what you gambled; you get to go do it all in the comfort of your home, at any time or anywhere you like. Just be sure to check if the casino site you have chosen is verified and secured to put down a credit card to gamble your money. Here are some mobile casinos offering real money betting.

1. Bovada

Bovada casino is one of the top mobile betting sites to have many great games that will accommodate any software like:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows mobile
  • Blackberry

They are great in getting United States credit card deposits approved so that there will be limited trouble with anything related with your money. If you love to play in slots, they give their customers up to $2,000 bonus and they give up to $1,000 for table games. Therefore, overall it is a great site to consider if you want to win lots of money.

They approve all major credit cards like:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

2. Luxury Casino

Luxury casino loves to offer large sums of money to all their players. They love to do this so that they can entertain their customers and keep them coming; as well as have their customers recommend their site to their friends and family. They have multiple bonuses that can go up to $10,000 in free money. They have a variety of 470 different games, both slots and table games so that their customers can choose from any that will help them win a lot of money. What is great about them is that many bets do not include large sums of money to have their customers win the jackpot; often times, small sums of bets are the winners here.

3. $lotland

This site is known for their table game wins. Many customers find their winning odds more realistic when they place their bets in games like:

  • Online poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette

Still, this does not exclude their great slot games that they have all over their site. Their slots promote great bonuses and frequent rewards to bring up their customers earnings into a high pay roll. They offer a safe and secure mobile betting site with 24/7 customer service support, so that all their customers have that peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, their questions and/or problems will be fix quick.

4. Winaday Casino

If you are seeking for great winnings through slots, jackpots, tournaments, and casino bonuses, then Winaday casino is right for you. It is quick and easy to start your account and the games are constantly updating to the newer games that are trending; you will never see the same list twice, unless of course you seek the classic games. Get started with your welcoming $500 bonus that you get when setting up for an account.

Rocket VPN Android App review – Internet Freedom

The world is not secure as we know and neither our Android device nor the internet connection to which our devices remain connected. Many users are nowadays using VPN apps to get access to the content which is not available in their location and surf anonymously.

Rocket VPN is an Android app allows connected users to stay secure online, encrypt their private mobile data, access content anonymously which are restricted to particular geographical boundaries so that users remain safe.

Rocket VPN Android App Review

Rocket VPN Android app is available for free on the Play Store. Download it, install it and let’s see how this app works.

Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store

On a fresh install of Rocket VPN app, all users will get 500 MB of free bandwidth and you can try the unlimited plan for free for exclusive 7 days to access the premium bandwidth and greater speed.

Once the app is installed, scroll down to the bottom and tap on option “change location” and choose a desired location as per the server strength and as per your need.

Rocket VPN Android App

Tap on the “orange power icon” to connect to the available servers.

Rocket VPN App Servers

Make sure you are comfortable to connect to the VPN you requested because this VPS connection will monitor the network traffic, only accept if you trust.

Rocket VPN App how to connect

Once connected you will see a “key icon” in the status bar.

We choose Czech Republic VPN for testing the app and it worked. Being connected on a Wi-Fi network, when we did IP location finder it showed Czech Republic (sometimes though it showed another location like NL, weird huh?)

Rocket VPN App Wi-Fi Connecting issues

As the initial 500 MB data will vanish quickly if your seeing some videos or seeing some TV shows which are not broadcasted in your region, so try the unlimited version trial for 7 days. You will be billed once 7 days trial period is over and if you like it, you can buy the regular version then.

Rocket VPN App Secure Connection

Rocket VPN app Premium Account Trial for 7 Days


Rocket VPN Android app does what it say, you can choose number of server locations from the available list and the speed of your network will not get down. The App follows a very clean UI, suiting the Android 5.0 Lollipop Material Design. You might have some trouble with the VPN while connected to Wi-Fi network, but it works well on the mobile data network.

If you are using Rocket VPN Android app, let us know your views on it. Drop your comments below.

Hexlock Android app Review – Protecting your Android device

Securing Android device nowadays has become a major issue where there are so many intruders both online and offline. Being a user, protecting unauthorized usage of the device is a responsibility of user himself. One should first try blocking unauthorized usage of apps installed on the device.

There are number of app locking apps available for Android device and today we have picked “Hexlock – Lock & Protect Apps” for this purpose.

Hexlock Android App Review

Hexlock Android app is available for free on the Play Store. Download it, install it and let’s see how this app works.

Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store


  • Lock the apps installed on your Android device.
  • Choose a different profile to lock different apps at managed locations.
  • Auto-Activate feature automatically change profiles when you switch W-Fi network.
  • Simple UI, looks great of material design UI ROMs
  • PIN/Pattern locking method available.

One you have installed the app, Hexlock app will ask you to set a “PIN” or a “Pattern” for locking apps.  Let’s say you chose “PIN”. In case you forgot the PIN or Pattern, app uses your Google account to unlock it.

Hexlock Android App Review

You need to enter the same PIN every time you open Hexlock app or the apps you chose to lock.

Hexlock App PIN Protection

Settings Options

Settings options allow you to change your passcode type. Choose option notify to lock new apps.

Settings Options of Hexlock app

Prevent Hexlock app from being uninstalled by unauthorized users (settings app will be locked on all profiles). Hexlock app will act as Device Administrator after activating this feature and if any user tries to uninstall Hexlock app, same PIN has to be entered to do so.

Device Administrator Hexlock app

Auto-Activate feature automatically changes profiles when you switch W-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Profile switching on Hexlock app

Set Profiles

Hexlock app allows you to set maximum number of 6 different profiles and you can lock different apps in each profile and just switch to any profile depending upon your location and the person holding your device.

6 Profiles available default are: Party, Parental, Work, Home, Cafe and School. You can edit name and icon or can delete the whole profile.

Hexlock profiles option

Hexlock App Profiles

Hexlock app offers 6 profiles to lock apps

You can change the name of any profile suiting your needs.

Hexlock app profile editing option

Set the different apps to be locked in different profiles. To lock apps, swipe from the bottom of the screen and choose the desired app.

How to set lock on app in Hexlock app

Swipe to the extreme left and you will find a screen with “Lock/” icon. Activating this option, all apps will become accessible to all the users.

Unlock profiles in Hexlock app

Check in your notification screen, you will see how many apps are locked.

Hexlock notification screen


Hexlock Android app has a simple UI, allowing you to lock various app installed on your device. Simply set a PIN/pattern and you are good to go. Option to set 6 different profiles and locking different apps in each profile is a great add on. For a suggestion, app developers can also include face unlocking for better security.

If you are using Hexlock Android app on your device, let us know your views about it. Drop your comments below.

Sony What’s New 3.0.A.0.3 app updated

Two days back Sony What’s New app got a new update in the form of 3.0.A.0.3 version over the older 3.0.A.0.2 version. What’s New 3.0.A.0.3 is a minor bug-fixing update and brings access to richer content.  You can get access to various apps, games, themes etc recommended by Sony from this app.

Sony has integrated Update Center app in What’s New app so don’t get confuse to look for Update Center app in Lollipop firmware update on Xperia devices.

Sony What’s New App

Update via OTA, size is 6 MB.

What’s New 3.0.A.0.3

Download Sony What’s New 3.0.A.0.3 apk from the below link if you haven’t got the update notification yet.


What’s New 3.0.A.0.3 apk

Facing any issues with the app, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Xperia M4 Aqua available in UK from Carphone Warehouse

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is now available for purchase in UK from online retailer Carphone Warehouse (and from its offline stores too). For the time being Xperia M4 Aqua is available for £15.50/month with operator contracts in coral, black and white color (only black unit is available for delivery right now). Unlocked Xperia M4 Aqua handsets are not listed.

Xperia M4 Aqua is powered Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core 64 bit processor, 13 MP rear cam, F2.0 aperture with Sony’s Superior Auto Mode (ISO 3200 sensitivity), 5 MP selfie front cam with wide angles, following Sony’s signature OmniBalance design, cap-less micro USP port (water resistant) and running Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. Xperia M4 Aqua sports 2400 mAh battery, 5″ 720p HD Display, 7.3 mm thin, 2 GB RAM, 8/16 GB internal storage and weighing 140 grams.

Xperia M4 Aqua available in UK

Xperia M4 Aqua is also available in Coral color at Carphone Warehouse (to be delivered by 1st June).Xperia M4 Aqua available in UK at Carphone Warehouse

Sony is holding a press conference in India on 26 May where either Xperia M4 Aqua or Xperia Z4 is expected to get launch, there are chances that we may end up seeing both.

Are you looking to buy Xperia M4 Aqua? Let us know. Drop your comments below.

Source – Carphone Warehouse, via – GsmArena