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Heralding the re-emergence of retro gaming

Given the quality of modern gaming graphics and audio, it is hard to imagine titles from previous generations making a mark on players. The concept of generational gaming is a prominent one, however, with younger players from the 1970’s and 1980’s now older and keen to revisit their past experiences. This has led to the re-emergence of retro gaming, which sits comfortably alongside gaming sites such as bingo of as the most popular outlets in 2016.

As you would expect, this has led to a surge in the number of retro gaming consoles available in 2016.

Retron 5

Before the seemingly never-ending battle PlayStation and Xbox began with the first generation of these consoles back in 1996, there was an even greater war waged on the market. This was between Sega and Nintendo, as formative consoles such as the Master System and the Mega Drive did battle with the NES and Gameboy. The Retron 5 relives this classic gaming battle, offering an opportunity for players to launch all of their favourite cartridges through a HDMI output while also enjoying an enhanced 720 image resolution.

The Super Retro Trio

re-emergence of retro gaming

This console is similar to the Retro 5, although it is a little more focused and does not include the capability to play Gameboy titles. This is a small concession, however, as the platform offers a wider range of Sega and NES games at half the price of its main market rival. Those who are nostalgic will also love the fact that traditional /V and S-Video connections have been retained ahead of HDMI, while the graphical quality and display captures the essence of early 1990’s gamin.

The Sega Master System and Game Gear Portable

While our previous consoles focus primarily on Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 experiences, some gamers will have fond memories of previous generation models. The Sega Master System and Game Gear Portable offers a relevant case in point, as it offers players access to Sega’s earlier titles that were released on Game Gears (the unsuccessful rival of Nintendo) and the Master System. These consoles retain cult rather than mainstream popularity to this day, so they are ideal for players with more refined and unusual tastes.

5 facts about gaming that will shock you

The world of gaming is a diverse and evolutionary realm, and one which is capable of surprising and delighting players in equal measure. From wildly unusual games to the rising trend for cross-platform gameplay, this market is constantly changing while it is also continuing to grow at a frightening and exponential rate.

With this in mind, here are five genuinely shocking facts about gaming in 2016. Buckle up and fasten your chin strap, as it is going to be a bumpy ride!

  • New Games are increasingly diverse and controversial

Did you know that a new game has recently been released in which babies attempt to kill themselves while their parents try to spare them? Think of infant lemmings being shepherded by watchful parents, who continue to remove hazards and deadly items from their babies’ wake. This underlines just how competitive the modern market is, and how far developers will go to create an inventive concept.

  • There are now more than 3.4 million Online bingo players in the UK

The rise of social gaming and has been pronounced in recent times, with bingo sites as the source, there are now in excess of 3.4 million online bingo players in the UK alone. Statistics suggest that this number is higher than those who play traditional bingo, so this represents a huge market shift!

  • The youngest professional Gamer started out when he was seven

Have you ever heard of Victor De Leon III (aka ‘Lil Poison’)? He is considered to be the world’s youngest ever professional gamers, having started out when he was four and begun playing competitively when just seven years old. He lives in the U.S and is something of a celebrity in his hometown, as you would expect.

  • The Longest Board game takes an average of 60 days to complete

Board games remain surprisingly popular around the globe, especially in poorer countries where technology is prohibitively priced and relatively expensive. Some of these games are incredibly complex and long-winded, however, with the seriously-titled ‘Campaign for North Africa’ taking an average of 60 days to complete! It is therefore the longest and most convoluted board game in the world, and one to be avoided during holidays.

  • Playing Video games can boost Brain power and mental sharpness

Aside from educational games, we are constantly told that video and PC gaming is bad for us. Scientific research has suggested that certain types of games actually boost mental aptitude and brain power, however, particularly those that involve strategy and forward-planning.

How should you choose a Gaming compatible mobile?

The rise of online mobile gaming has been pronounced in recent times, with the revenue generated through this platform having topped 10.68 billion Euros in 2014. This not only underlines the popularity of mobile gaming, but it also suggests that consumers may be increasingly keen to purchase handsets based on their display, audio and quality of graphics. This is a key market development, and one that is having a huge influence on designers and manufacturers around the world.

In some respects, the decision facing gamers is based more on operating systems than handsets alone.  While Apple’s iOS 7 and 8 platforms have dominated in recent times, the market as evolved and diversified to drive more intense levels of competition. There are now more than 1.55 million apps and games available on the Google-powered Android platform, for example, while these experiences are available across a wider range of handsets.

We have also seen the Windows 10 platform emerge on the market during the last 12 months, with this highly-evolved system available on selected handsets that boast outstanding design features and large displays.

Gaming compatible mobile

While this covers the broad range of available options, it is important to consider the latest updates available on the platforms. Android’s current 5.0 Lollipop system currently offers a huge range of games and an intuitive design, for example, although this is set to be updated shortly an it may take a while for the details to hit individual handsets. In this respect, iOS may offer a more reliable offering at present while it also tends to dominate in terms of exclusive games.

The final step is to make a decision based on the types of game that you play. Those with complex graphics and detail may require evolved handsets on the iOS platform, for example, whereas players that check out luck with online bingo must rely on technically advanced handsets with excellent processing power.

With these points in mind, you can make a structured and informed decision that helps you to identify the best possible handset.

Is the Samsung S7 good for Gaming?

In recent times, Samsung has struggled with falling demand, declining profits and poor reviews. It remains a giant of the smartphone and technology market, however, and one that has enjoyed a huge renaissance over the course of the last 12 months as it re-emerges as Apple’s primary rival. Further momentum has been built by the design and the release of the S7 and S7 Edge, with the former a high-end smartphone that is threatening to dominate the market in 2016.

In basic terms, the standard S7 is an effective and well-designed model that has been built on traditional Samsung values. It is therefore similar in some respects to the S6 that was released in 2015, boasting a large 5.1-inch display with quad hi-definition and Super AMOLED.

There is also a noticeable absence of plastic in the design, as metal is fused with glass to create a typically sleek, smooth and ultimately stylish aesthetic.

Samsung S7 good for Gaming

Along with a curved glass back, the new S7 boasts a familiar Samsung design and a seamless user experience.

The question that remains is whether or not this handset is suitable for gamers? It certainly has an adequately sized screen for gaming, while the high-resolution nature of the screen is also ideal for detailed and modern titles. This combination of attributes is also conducive to more immersive gaming, especially the type of titles typically found when players opt for mobile casino from viplcubcasino and other virtual casinos. Given that there are now 3.4 million online bingo players active in the UK, this is now an important market for smartphone designers and manufacturers to target in 2016.

Should you buy the Samsung S7 as a gamer?

In this respect, Samsung’s S7 is an excellent smartphone option for gamers. There has been a distinct move to tablets in this market, however, with the sale of dedicated devices set to double by the end of 2018 and options such as the Nvidia Shield available to players. In this respect, it may be better to select Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge device, which has a far larger display and is ideal for more complex or detailed games.

Has the social gaming market reached saturation point?

Last year, social media giant Facebook announced that it had exceeded more than one billion unique users. This equates to one-seventh of the global population, highlighting the huge popularity of the platform and the growth that has gripped it since its inception a decade ago.

Such a vast user base also suggests that the platform may have reached saturation point, however, and the same may be said for social gaming too. Facebook has been the major vehicle for social gaming over the last eight years, with titles such as Farmville and Texas Hold ‘em Poker hugely popular and influential in the market.

Before we begin to sound the death knell for social gaming, however, it is important to consider this in the context of the contemporary market. While traditional social games such as those mentioned above may have seen support dwindle over the course of the last 18 months or so, new titles and interactive experiences and have emerged in their stead. The majority of these can be found across online bingo sites and virtual casinos, which have enjoyed huge growth among mobile and tablets players since 2010.

 social gaming market

These platforms embody the core essence of social gaming, as they encourage players to interact with dealers and one another in a virtual space. They have also evolved the concept considerably, offering real-time and competitive gameplay that delivers financial incentives to players. Through aggressive promotions and targeted bonus offers, virtual casino and bingo brands have been able to add a new and exciting dimension to freemium gaming while making social interaction more fun than ever before.

With an estimated 3.4 million online bingo players currently active in the UK alone, the popularity of modern social gaming is easy to see. This has certainly helped the market to grow exponentially, driving higher revenues without forcing platforms to compromise on their freemium nature. This is important, especially given the age of social gaming and its potential for achieving further longevity in the future.

Automated Vertical Storage System Solutions

An automated vertical storage system is a contained access system that takes advantage of typically unused vertical storage space in a warehouse. They are the solution for many challenges found in warehouses and shop floors across the world today. Vertical Storage USA offers three main types of storage solutions: Vertical Lift Modules; Vertical Storage Carousels; and Horizontal Storage Carousels.

Vertical Lift Modules are enclosed systems with vertically arranged trays stored on both sides of the unit with an extractor device placed in the center. With the ability to better organize, store and retrieve the inventory in a facility, the square footage of a warehouse can simultaneously be maximized. These systems conveniently store all inventory items in one location which both increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the order picking process. Vertical Lift Modules greatly reduce the risk associated with product picking by storing all inventory in one location and by utilizing an automated picking system.

Vertical Storage Carousels are motorized machines that store parts on vertically rotating shelves that automatically deliver the parts to an ergonomic countertop. They also increase productivity over more traditional, static solutions and improve the organization of inventory in one, convenient and secure location. These carousels reduce the risk of employee injury by removing heavy machinery from order picking which also improves employee satisfaction. Enhance security with password protected graphical user interface Horizontal Storage Carousels have an oval track for rotating vertical bins with shelves that deliver stored goods to the operator.

They are compact and convenient. These work best with high volume picking rates and overall man hours should be reduced by a horizontal carousel storage system.

An automated vertical storage system has several advantages over conventional systems such as the following:

Space Savings

Space is at a premium in warehouses and on shop floors; and since space equals money, it makes sense to utilize every cubic foot within a building. Vertical warehouse storage systems help by optimizing previously unused vertical space and effectively increasing the storage capacity (while occupying only a small footprint). The amount of floor space required can often be reduced by between 75 and 90 percent. This means that the same amount of goods can be stored on a footprint 10 to 25 percent the size of the original space.

Increased Productivity

An automated vertical storage system can help employees to quickly locate parts or products without the need to search up and down aisles. After inputting the product name, order number or parts list into the control pad or computer interface, the requested materials are delivered to the vertical lift module’s access point. This, along with a verification system, ensures correctly picked orders and reduces the number of mistakes.

Fewer Order-Picking Errors

Laser pointers, matrix position light strips, and put-to-light systems guide the user directly to the correct place and there is scanning system which can be used to check that the correct goods have been selected. Typically the error rate drops compared to when picking orders from shelves; this can generate significant savings while improving the reputation of the company among its customers.

Better Inventory Management

The software can count the stock every time a storage space is emptied; this leads to better management and reduces the risk of ordering too much stock or not having enough.

Cleaner Goods

Automated storage systems can protect goods from sunlight and dust by keeping them in enclosed containers. With particularly sensitive goods it is possible to regulate the climate in the storage system and maintain clean room conditions.

Improved Ergonomics and Working Environment

In a conventional shelving system, orders are often picked from completely different, heights and sometimes ladders have to be used. In an automated storage system, the goods can be conveyed to the employee at an ergonomically manageable height every time. Vertical storage systems, for example, deliver materials at a the height of a worktable. This means no bending over, no straining to reach high shelves, and no climbing ladders. This means the injury risk is reduced and generally means higher job satisfaction level for employees who regularly use the vertical storage system.

Enhanced Security

An automated vertical storage system, such as the ones offered by Vertical Storage, can have a lockable door for areas where there are valuable materials or parts and which could be easily removed from the premises. Additionally, all access to a vertical storage solution can be tracked by computer, which reduces losses of stock and increases accountability.

Why DRM Is Essential For Document Security

Data, which is the essential or life-giving force of any organisation is constantly at risk, whether at rest, in motion or storage. Irrespective of whether staff in an organisation uses electronic mail or FTP to sidestep the restraints of data privacy services with the help of unsanctioned distribution instruments, the lack of data protection and conformity criteria of these systems becomes a grave drawback.

Digital Rights Management or DRM resolves this disadvantage by its enterprise grade solution that offers organisations the ability to distribute documents to authorised users, while rendering the IT department with the requisite security infrastructure, extensive and widespread commands and information tracking potentialities.

Documents and classified data that are stored and shared with the help of DRM technologies are safeguarded, controlled and administered across three levels – user level, enterprise level clouds level.

User level

Authorised users within an organisation have to actively view, distribute and cooperate with others staff members within and outside the organisation, without hampering their efficiency due to security concerns. DRM technologies offers effortless security controls and allows authorised users to efficiently work without any trouble, in spite of its highly robust security and advanced infrastructure. Conventional data security tools are often limited in the amount of control that the IT department and authorised users can exercise over shared document files.

When documents are being shared through DRM, authorised users can place permissions at a very basic level to allow access to specific users to view or modify the content into data file. When files are being sent and transmitted from one place to another, DRM technology also renders additional controls, including document expiration dates and password administration. For data files and documents to reach the right recipient, verifying recipient identity option and selecting the return receipt as well as tracking downloads at ease can help users ensure that their documents are in safe hands.

DRM technology can also be implemented in mobile devices as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend can be huge privacy impairment. With the help of encrypted local storage and document wide facilities, unauthorised access to classified data can be prevented, if the device gets misplaced or stolen.

Enterprise level security

Advanced DRM technology today integrates with existing infrastructure and applications seamlessly while rendering granular control capabilities to the IT department. By providing the IT administration department with administrator flexibility to set comprehensive controls, data files can be safeguarded while policies can be applied at an individual level. With comprehensive monitoring and tracking capabilities, DRM technologies can help organisations know what is happening to their documents and data files at all times.

Cloud level security

Since documents are secured across the various levels including at rest, in motion and in storage, end to end document security for corporate information is secured even in cloud storage. Given the resilient and reliable architecture within DRM technology, DRM ensures that no single point of failure and services will be faced by authorised users at any time. With rapidly evolving drifts such as IT consumerization and BYOD, the option of storing classified information or data on cloud storage facilities render substantial value in enhancing user functionality and efficiency, but at the same time can make confidential data defenceless through unofficial file sharing applications and unrestrained file sharing through email and FTP.

With the help of DRM technology, IT requirements are not just met with regards to cast-iron security and fundamental control over enterprise documents, but also by rendering a spontaneous data sharing experience that can develop in swift and uncomplicated adoption by users.

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Jogger Pants – The New Trend in Bottom Wear

Jogger Pant is the latest trend in the world of bottom wear that is spreading up like a revolution. These are not something that existed and making its presence felt all of a sudden. Instead, Jogger Pant has evolved slowly over the past few years with a series of innovations that went through hard test of fashion and comfort before being accepted by the people worldwide.

People for long time have been searching for something that is like fit pants and can show off their sneakers. People would often fold off the pants to get the rise. Pants specially designed for joggers have provided people exactly what they needed and thus it is getting so much popular now. Jogger Pants have changed the mindset and prospects of the bottom wear in the market. With the evolution of these Pants, people are no longer required to cuff the bottom pant or roll it upwards to show off their stylish sneakers.

The early form of Jogger Pants was more like a simple elastic bottom cuff, which gradually transformed into what we know today as Jogger Pant. The rise of Jogger Pant has had its great impact on the sneaker industry. Jogger Pant gave people something to compliment their sneakers and it is not only about sneaker or Jogger Pant, it is about the combination of the two that makes for a solid style statement. As a result, the sneaker industry has grown briskly during the past one year. These pants are not just about style but also turn out to be a comfortable pair of pants and are truly up for a great future.

Jogger Pants Trend in India

There is long story behind the evolution of Jogger Pant. All credit goes to the Publish Brand who worked on this idea and worked hard to make it popular. The success of Jogger Pant attracted many more brands that started mimicking the idea and manufacturing something close to Jogger Pant. Jogger Pant actually started as a mistake, which triggered Michael Huynh, owner and creative designer of Publish Brand to pursue with it. He obviously saw something into it and decided to try it.

This is about the year 2009. He knew that it would take time to get popular and thus he started manufacturing it into small units. The first season was a failure with only about 20-40 units being sold. However, it was expected and Publish Brand continued with the idea.

However, it needed something to trigger it off and thus they started up with multiple photo campaigns to make people understand the idea behind Jogger Pant. They picked a handsome black person whom they found walking by La Brea, shopping for something. He showed up wearing a black colored Jogger Pant with Concords with a matching black shirt and pushing down a baby stroller. He is also holding hand of his hot looking wife. The idea behind the add was to get people into a belief that it is stylish to wear Jogger Pant and its looks cool with Concords.

In addition, he was intentionally projected with his wife to assure that this person is not a gay. They also tried to give a people a view of Jogger Pant with various types of shoes with the help of their first catalog. The campaign very quickly revealed the positive results as the sales increased and motivated Publish Brand to expand the idea.

The immense popularity of Jogger Pants has helped to bring down the prices drastically and with so many brands and manufacturers getting involved, they are now easily and widely available everywhere. The best part of these products is that they are very much as if dressed-up sweat pants which means you can wear they at home and outdoors comfortably. In addition, you can now find Jogger Pant in numerous designs and fabrics like terry cloth, khaki, denim and more.

How Technology Has Changed The Consumer Market For Good

Technology has transformed our lives irrevocably, and for the most part, this change has been for the better. Naysayers may insist that the ‘good old days’ were better because technology wasn’t so prevalent, but the fact remains that they are being heard because of technology’s greatest offering to us—the internet.

Today, the service sector is increasingly dependent on technology to provide the highest quality of products and facilities to their customers. Most of the common issues one faces as a customer can be resolved through the use of technology.

Here are some ways in which technology has made customer’s lives much easier and has changed the market for good.

Greater Convenience

Today, thanks to the internet, there’s nothing you can’t buy online- be it the latest laptop, or even your groceries. Nowadays, people make property related decisions just by a single click.

Most of the property buyers opined that property buying has become easier and faster with the advent of technology in the sector. “Technologies like LiveIn Tour and Commonfloor Retina have shortened my property buying journey,” says Mr. Karthik Armugham, one of the property buyers.

Just about every business has a website, where they advertise their products and services, and allow their customers to buy these products directly, without having to step in to their stores at all.

This not only makes life more convenient for you, as a customer, but also makes these products more accessible, which works in favour of the businesses.

Personalization of Services

Technology has made it easier for businesses to understand customer behaviour and anticipate their needs on an individual level. Using this information, businesses can tailor their offerings by providing add-on services related to one’s purchases. For example, you can integrate a service like Clearbit to make your marketing personalization much easier.

Moreover, online shopping allows one to look for specific products and services that he/she wants. If those are unavailable, then the website can direct one to similar products, providing greater choice.

Easier Resolution of Problems

With most businesses having a major presence on social media platforms, it has become easier for customers to contact them regarding their queries and issues and get an immediate response.

Social media, being a public forum with a wide reach, also ensures business accountability. It doesn’t take long for a complaint to go viral across social media, thereby having a detrimental effect on the brand name of the concerned business.

Technology Has Changed The Consumer Market

If an organization wants to thrive in the industry today, then it has to make use of social media to interact with its customers, especially if the target set of customers is aware of the power of the internet.

Knowledge Resources

One of the most important thing technology offers customers is access to an extensive database of information. Technologically-enabled businesses can put up instruction manuals, infographics, and how-to guides regarding their products so that one can refer them in case he/she faces any trouble when using the product. Most businesses also have FAQs that resolve common issues that customers might come across.

Improved Mobility

The advent of smartphones has led to the development of applications that eases the use of various products and services. Most businesses have designed applications that allow customers to access the available facilities regardless of where they are.

So, as long as you have an internet connection, you can manage just about every aspect of your life with your smartphone and the relevant mobile apps. Imagining a world where you can’t access everything you need with the click of a button is nearly impossible today.

Many existing problems are being resolved faster and in a better way with technology, and with further advancements, these issues might even be eliminated altogether.

[Image Source – CommonFloor Media Team]

How to Remove Windows 8 Password

“I want to login to Windows 8 without typing the password anymore.” Windows 8 account with password is far more secure. But sometimes, you may want to skip the annoying “entering password” process again and again.

Remove login password on Windows 8 is pretty easy if you have known the current password and logged in. you just click on Settings and choose Accounts category. In Sign-in options, choose Password and click Change button. Then you just input the current password.

In the Change your password option, you just leave the available fields blank, and click Finish to leave your computer without password.

Remove login password on Windows 8

But in most cases, things can be more complicated, like, you forgot the login password. You need to remove the password so that you can login to Windows 8 system. Thus, it is usually urgent to remove lost or forgotten Windows 8 password.

Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool

Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool is this kind of software, aiming at removing or resetting all kinds of passwords for Windows 8. What make it attracting is its safety and efficiency, let alone its easy-to-use procedures. Within 3 steps, you can handle the password issue with ease.

Step 1: Burn a password recovery disk

Please note that this step is operated on an accessible computer. So before you start, prepare a workable Windows PC and a blank CD/DVD or USB. Download and run the program.

You will be offered 2 options to create a bootable disk: Quick Recovery and Advanced Recovery. In most cases, Quick Recovery is OK.

Burn a password recovery disk

Click Burn button to start burning a password reset disk.  

Step 2: Boot your password locked PC from the password recovery CD/DVD/USB

You insert the disk you just burned to your password locked computer. Then you need to enter its BIOS and set it to boot from CD/DVD/USB. Note that different computer brands have different keys to enter BIOS. If you are not sure, you can contact your computer’s after-service center.

When the computer successfully boot from the burned disk, you will get the interface of Windows Password Recovery Tool under WinPE.

Step 3: Start to remove password

Then you can select the Windows installation and you are provided with 3 options. Choose “Reset your password” and then select the account to which you’d like to erase password. Tick the option “Remove the password” and click “Next”.

The software will automatically delete the password. When the password is removed successfully, remember to reboot your computer. Done! Then your computer will be booted up without any password.

windows password reset tool

With this windows password reset tool, forgetting password is no longer the end of the world. You don’t have to trash the computer or even perform a dread factory restore.

The 5 Biggest Search Events in 2015

The world of search marketing appears to be in a near-constant state of flux. For marketing agencies and businesses alike, staying abreast of the latest developments within the industry (from a technological and practice perspective) is not always easy.

With 2015 drawing to a close, now is a perfect time to look back at the past year to explore the changes within search. Which new platforms have risen to prominence? How are marketers discovering new ways to offer their clients greater services and online visibility?

Let’s look at the 5 biggest search events in 2015.

Google’s Mobile Update

In April, Google rolled out a new update of its algorithm to improve the mobile search experience. Dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’, this was intended to benefit sites offering better functionality for users on mobile devices, and was said (before the update launched) to be even more effective than Penguin and Panda.

According to a study, as many as 40 percent of websites were expected to see a disruption to their rankings.

This update was conceived as more and more users embrace smartphone- and tablet-based search. Browsing favorite sites while on the move, in bed, on the couch, or just to avoid having to hit any more keys via mobile devices is a more convenient option. Users are likely to try new browsers if their default engine sends them to poorly-optimized sites again and again.

The Phantom Update

Google has a real talent for assigning cool, imaginative names to their updates, and the Phantom Update is one of the most impressive yet.

Unlike other updates, which arrive after an announcement, the Phantom Update slipped in under the radar for most of us. Many people only became aware of an update when they spotted changes in their traffic and rankings.

While Google kept quiet about the specifics of this update, it had quite an impact on sites such as HubPages, carrying lots of content focused around ‘how to’ guides. Countless sites are available offering this type of content, and the Phantom Update was designed to favor the most high-quality, informative how-to content over those weaker pieces written more to veil an overload of keyword variations.

HubPages is believed to have been hit by the update because it is made up of contributions from more 60,000 people. This extensive size makes it hard to monitor the quality of articles published, and any quality-focused update is likely to impact a number of pieces on their site.

Google Alters its Local Search Results

For some time, Google’s local search function gave users seven results, allowing multiple businesses to factor together. However, in August, Google stripped this back to just three results.

This means that four of the businesses appearing in local results would no longer rank, effectively punishing them for performing less well than the top three: the less traffic directed their way, the fewer conversions they can make, pushing them to source fresh custom elsewhere.

For the top three of the seven, who remain as the sole names appearing on Google’s map-centric results, this gave something of a boost. This reduction also accompanied a mobile-focused redesign, allowing these local results to fit better onto smaller screens. Instead of giving users URLs for businesses alongside their phone numbers and addresses, Google now provides just the company name, reviews, and address.

Buttons – ‘website’, ‘directions’ – enable users to tap straight through to the information they need.

Facebook Changes its Ads Manager

With millions of members around the world, Facebook is a formidable marketing tool for businesses in all sectors. Engaging with existing and potential customers through compelling, informative, fun posts helps to steadily build a powerful online profile.

However, paid advertising plays a huge role in Facebook’s marketing potential. Any regular user will encounter suggested posts in their feeds, and can choose to either click them, ignore them, or request no more appear from the advertiser. Users searching for information on a business or website are likely to explore their Facebook profile, to get a feel for their customer service and character.

Facebook unveiled a new version of their Ad Manager in June, which feature new functions designed to simplify the process. This included:

  • Integrated Reporting: Reporting data could now be viewed in the main page, rather than standing as a separate section
  • Simplified Ad Editing: The revised manager allowed users to edit each ad as needed from the main page, without needing to access the ads as separate entities

Google Introduces RankBrain

Google is continually searching for ways to improve users’ browsing experience, across all devices. RankBrain has recently been revealed: this is a new method the search engine uses to interpret a large portion of its daily queries, and is essentially built to better understand more ambiguous requests.

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to basically guess what the user’s query relates to, just like a human would in its position. This has been described as the third most crucial signal Google uses in search, out of hundreds, and had actually been used at a global level before it was announced.

As the online world continues to evolve and search engines become more intuitive, businesses will have more outstanding tools to take advantage of. While companies across the globe can know little of what 2016 is set to bring to search, there’s sure to be lots to look forward to.


Kyle McManus is a freelance writer based in the UK. This article was prepared on behalf of Nett Solutions.