My phone gets me around the world in a blink of an eye!

My phone has every feature a trendy smartphone should have but does it lack something? A better camera, battery life, enhanced user UI so something else; well all these are common features what if my smartphone has a super power. What it should be? I started questioning myself then it strike to me, it has been a childhood dream of many to travel from once place to another in blink of an eye but is it really possible? Teleportation of an object seen by naked eyes has been a long distant dream of scientists. Today if it can happen that my phone has to possess a super power it would be a power to teleport humans from one place to another.

What if on a press of button on my phone, I get teleported to another distant place on planet Earth, won’t it be fun and fascinating. Possessing such a power in my phone will give me an edge over other people to do tasks which are impossible for others. Just by inserting the location in my phone I can visit to any place just in seconds, I can take as many people with me. Think how much I can save on transportation (well ignore that statement kind of mean one). I can deliver gift personally to all my loved ones on festive occasions. I can meet with anyone at anytime. Roaming around the world would be much easier.

Being a blogger this super power will be of great help. I can cover all tech events like CES, MWC live by going to those place (out of India) which I can’t go now because of many limitations and restrictions. I will never be late for any event or at any place, pressing a button will do all needed.

Teleportation is kind of sci-fi thing which you must have seen in Hollywood movies, people going somewhere anytime doing something that could change the present and future. What if I can take a doctor with me to treat needy people at war sites where they can’t reach by other means. What if I can catch the criminals with the help of police by going to crime scene as soon as it is reported. I can help the needy people in case of disaster and by taking a whole mass with me I can change the way things are going around me. I can be at a place where I can’t be due to time restrictions. There are so many ‘what if’ to include but the most important fact is who will get more benefit by this super power.

A famous quote from Hollywood movie Spider Man says ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, so with this super power in my phone I have to serve whom? The Society or myself, well question is kind of temptation. I can do bad things and may never get caught or I can help police to catch people. I believe it is a self conscience.

Possessing such a power in my smartphone, I will try to make the lives of people around me better for excellence.


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