Why you should not install a TV aerial by yourself

TV aerials are one of the main sources of our entertainment, they keep us educated, up to date and provide us with amusement. So, when the TV aerial becomes damaged or is experiencing faults, it can be an operation to get it back up and running again. Most homeowners will have an outdoor TV aerial but some do have an indoor aerial if their signal is strong enough.

An indoor TV aerial can be much easier to fix or replace than an outdoor aerial if any issues arise. One tip we would give to you is, do not install a TV aerial by yourself, especially if it is outdoors. Impatience and frustration can quite often get the better of some homeowners, and they would much rather prefer to make their way up to their aerial than spend extra money, or wait for a professional to come out. We are here to highlight the risks of DIY aerial installation and why you should avoid carrying out this task by yourself.

Paying the price outweighs the hassle 

As we have already highlighted, the reason somebody would decide to take on TV aerial installation single-handedly is because they think that it will be easier than paying the installation costs to a professional service. However, we are here to tell you that it is not. There is a reason engineers are called engineers and that is because they are trained experts in this area. If you have little to no knowledge, the task will naturally be a lot more difficult as you are likely to have no experience in aerial installation. The completion of the task can be fidgety and frustrating, and if it is not completed correctly the first time, you may need to attempt to reinstall it again. So, save yourself the hassle and click here to contact a professional today.

Engineers know the equipment better than you do 

It is so simple to click on Google and search for outdoor TV aerials but what aerial is best to buy? With a large variety of aerials presented to you, it can be a struggle to decide what one is best to purchase, and this may also require you to carry out further research. When you pay for an aerial installation service, the engineer will supply this for you. Although you do not know the value or quality of the aerial, you can be reassured that it will be suitable as a warranty will be offered and if it isn’t, the engineer’s service will be needed again, free of charge.


A warranty is a guarantee promising to the customer that any mistakes or faults in the aerial will be covered by the firm for a certain number of years. If you install a TV aerial by yourself and something does go wrong, you will be required to fix this yourself, meaning that extra time and perhaps money will need to be dedicated to the task.

Less risk 

By less risk, we mean less risk in a few departments. First of all, there is less risk to the aerial. All aerials need to be installed at a height. If you choose to install a TV aerial by yourself, you are required to carry it up a ladder and this may not always be plain sailing. There can be surrounding obstructions and if you are not careful, there is the possibility of damaging the aerial before it is even installed. You may not even be aware of this until after installation. You can also impose a risk on yourself. Working at heights is not for everyone, especially when you are required to install the aerial on your roof. There is the danger of falling from the roof or even injuring yourself on your way up. Finally, there is less risk imposed on others if this is done by a professional. Although you may believe this is unlikely, the aerial may fall from the roof imposing a risk of hitting someone during the time of installation or even afterward if it is installed incorrectly. If your roof is old, and you have not registered this whilst being up there, there is also the possibility of the roof falling through and damaging yourself and others.

Quicker service 

At the end of the day, the main priority should be to get your TV services back up and running. By attempting this task yourself, the process can be lengthy and perhaps may take a whole lot longer than expected. Installing a TV aerial can take on average 2-4 hours and that’s professionally speaking. So, if you were to install a TV aerial on your own, this could easily take double or triple the time, meaning less time watching your TV.

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