Why do slots sites host games from various providers?

This is a simple question best answered by comparing it with a supermarket. Why do supermarkets stock food from different distributors? Because everyone who goes into the supermarket wants a wide range of differing products from which they can choose what most appeals to them at that moment – deposit and play at mega reel.

Online casinos are no different. As there is so much money involved in the iGaming industry, there’s a lot of pressure on casinos to draw up contracts with the best software producers out there. This will give them access to make the best games available in their catalogues and as a result, more people will sign up and register.

It’s like a chain of events that happens within any sector of capitalism. It’s basic supply and demand. The more you can supply, the happier the consumers are and the more money they will deposit in their e-wallets.

So, the best online casino sites will attempt to provide a bespoke and unique UX (user experience), offering sleek, fast and enticing content.

Seeking out space in a crowded market

Choosing a slot site to sign up to can be tough when you’re looking for the very best for you. Aside from being genuinely thousands to choose from, what exactly is the best? The best online casino is such a subjective thing, entirely depending on the gambler’s personal financial preferences, type of game, and even country in which they reside. 

What’s more, here in the UK, absolutely all online casinos should be fully licenced by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission). If they’re not, it’s a huge red flag and you may be paying money into an account online which will end up forming part of a wider scam.

The UKGC was set up in order to protect gamblers and their money, ensuring fair play in the games, and that financial liability lies with the site should they run into difficulties.

Offering widely ranging content

So, how best to provide the content that the thousands of users on one online casino site are demanding? In short, by drawing up agreements with a number of software producers and games designers.

As any experienced online casino player will tell you, there are many prominent development companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, NextGen, and IGT. And they’re just the big ones. Real Tiger Gaming, Yggdrasil, and Novamatic are also worth a mention as forward-thinking, competent games designers with some great content to their names.

The thing is, how do the casinos know with which companies they should draw up contracts and agreements? Well, pretty much all of their users on the database will be different, and as mentioned before, they’ll need the widest range of gaming content possible.

As the online casinos want to provide this huge range, they need to analyse what each company focuses on more. An example of this is that Microgaming and NetEnt provide the biggest progressive jackpots, whereas Playtech offers a great superhero collection.

As a result, if you think you want to provide your users with the chance to win some astronomical prizes with hugely popular themes that have been cinema franchises, you may think it is a good idea to draw up a licence with those producers.

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