What is Instagram – user guide for newbies

Instagram is a free social network offering the ability to quickly publish various visual content (images and video). Among visitors, 79% are young women with an active lifestyle. The material on Instagram is distributed at a very high speed, so many use this platform primarily to promote themselves or their project.

Instagram has rather strict rules, it’s easy to get banned. For example, for incorrect behavior or for the publication of someone else’s photo. The project proposes to upload a lot of images and short videos. They can be pre-processed to achieve the desired effect. After registering, the owners of the smartphone will have at their disposal 23 filters and several frames, plus additional features.

The secret of Instagram popularity

The main advantages of Instagram are its simplicity and accessibility, as well as the ability to share your pictures with an unlimited number of users. Online shooting with a camcorder allows you to instantly send photos or videos to Instagram, which is completely free.

This resource has gained great popularity among famous people. It is used by movie stars, athletes… This allows fans to follow the life of their idols through Instagram.

How to install Instagram on your smartphone?

Owners of iPhones just go to the AppStore and download a special Instagram application. For those who have Android, this can be done through GooglePlay. Then you can create a new account or log into an existing account.

You can register for the service directly or via Facebook. In the first case, you need to specify your mail or phone number, and then confirm the registration. In the second, the existing accounts are automatically merged: it’s enough to go to Instagram once through the second social network.

Please note that on Instagram there are 2 types of accounts. Personal account allows you to download content, process, communicate with followers, exchange messages with Instagram Direct… A business account attracts with a large number of functions: you can call, email, ban visitors and moderate comments. In addition, analytics is available here.

How to get all the features listed? You need to first create a company page on Facebook. And then register a business account (or give a new status to a personal one).

How to start using Instagram

So, you already have an account, what next? Then you get into your own feed. It shows the publication of all to whom you are subscribed. Any material can be liked and commented.

If you especially liked or remembered someone, you can go to the profile and view everything that he published, as well as read brief information. By the way, we recommended you to fill in the data “About yourself” in your profile.

Pay attention to the “Alerts” tab. There will always be notifications about all likes, comments, and followings. You will immediately find out if someone mentioned you in the comments under the pictures or if you were tagged in a photo.

How to follow an account on Instagram?

To keep your feed on Instagram from being empty, you need to add friends there, in other words, follow to the accounts that interest you. Keep in mind that this following is not reciprocal. That is, when you start to follow someone, this user does not necessarily follow you back.

Go to the application in the tab “Options” using the gear in the upper right corner. There we are looking for the section “Follow people”, then active fields “Find friends on Facebook” and invite users who we want to see in the list of our Instagram friends. To follow these people, you click either “Follow all” if you want to add the entire list, or “Follow” in front of each specific person.

How to add a photo to Instagram?

But many start Instagram primarily to publish their own photos. To do this, you need to post. There you can take a picture or choose a specific option from the available ones. To do this, click on the icon with the camera (but the special icon in the lower right corner turns the flash off or on).

How to choose an existing photo? Quite simply: click on the shortcut depicting several pictures. It is located in the lower left corner. After which you can select the finished frame.

Click “Next.” And do not forget about the description of the picture, as well as geolocation. So followers will understand exactly where the shot was taken. At the same time, you can tag any of the users, if we are talking about a group photo.

If you want to give your account an initial boost, you can buy likes on Instagram, to make sure your posts get noticed.

By the way, the picture can be published in any of the popular social networks. To do this, you just need to log in through Instagram. At the end do not forget to confirm your actions.

Instagram user profile

Finding your profile is pretty easy: this is the latest tab in the horizontal menu below. There you can see what you have already published (and delete, if you wish), the total number of those you are following and who are following you. Also in the profile, the user specifies all the necessary information about yourself. Finally, there are settings here. This is a very useful tab with which you definitely need to get acquainted.