Want To Start Online Casino Gaming? Here’s Our Beginner’s Guide

Did you know that the first-ever online casino was established in 1996? It’s true – it was called InterCasino, and although some dispute that and say that the first-ever online casino was actually founded in 1994, InterCasino is generally agreed to be the first-ever standalone legitimate online casino business. Since then, of course, the online casino industry has absolutely boomed, with more and more gamblers coming to enjoy online games of slots, baccarat, and poker with increasing regularity. The reasons for that are manifold, but the rise of the smartphone certainly has something to do with it; casinos are now effectively portable, and we can play casino games whenever and wherever we want with just a flick of our thumbs.

If you’re looking to get started in the world of online casino gaming, you’re not alone. In 2018, the GGY – gross gambling yield – of Great Britain alone hit a staggering £14.4 billion. It’s clear that there’s a huge market for online gambling in the UK and worldwide, so whether you’re looking to go professional or keep things strictly for fun, you’re in very good company. Still, starting up in the world of online casino gaming isn’t always easy, because it’s not an industry that’s necessarily welcoming to new players. You need to know where to start, and that knowledge doesn’t come without some work.

We’re here to help you with that. This guide will help you on your way to becoming an online casino gamer and deciding whether or not you’d like to go professional with this career path. Here, without further ado, is our beginner’s guide on how to start online casino gaming.

Know your laws

Online gambling laws aren’t created equal in every part of the world. There are some regions that are very hostile towards the concept of online casino gaming – or, indeed, the concept of gambling in general – and won’t let any residents engage with it at all. There are others in which online casino gaming is completely regulated but is still allowed, and still others in which online gambling is not restricted at all. It’s very important, before you begin online gambling, to know exactly what the laws allow in your particular country of residence. The last thing you want is to be enjoying a game of slots or roulette only to realise that what you’re doing is illegal. Make sure that when you play, you’re playing safely and without fear of repercussion.

Build a bankroll

All great online casino gamblers build a solid bankroll before they start playing. This is a particularly important concept in poker, but it applies to other games too. Having more money to begin with means you can cushion your fall if things get a little drastic, and it also means you’ve got more than enough money to call it quits and back off if you’re not confident in your abilities. We don’t recommend dipping into your savings, but if you set a little aside from your main income each week that you know is going to be money for online casino gaming, then you’re not using money that you’ve earmarked for other purposes. Allocate money to your new hobby or career like you would do with time, and make sure you’re never spending more than your means.

Decide between hobbyism and profession

There are two main ways that you can play online casino games: as a hobbyist or for a career. Which one you choose will depend on how heavily invested you want to get into the world of online casino gaming. If you only want to dabble – if you’re not interested in developing betting or gambling strategies, for example – then that’s fine; you can simply play poker, slots, or other casino games as hobbies, and you don’t have to pursue it as a career. However, there is the potential to earn real money if you decide that you want to get into online casino gaming in a more serious way. This does mean you’ll need to treat it like a job, so you’ll have to organise your efforts and plan things ahead of time rather than simply sitting down to a game of roulette every now and then.

End losing and winning streaks quickly

The feeling of being on a lengthy winning streak when you’re online casino gaming is unparalleled; you feel like you’re on top of the world and you never want to stop. However, this would be a mistake. Quitting while you’re ahead is a vital skill for online casino gamblers to learn. You can cut potential losses if you quit while you’re ahead; at any moment, you could be in for a devastating loss, and that feeling of invincibility can lead you to think that you can’t possibly lose, so you’re more likely to make bigger bets at higher stakes. Similarly, when you’re on a loss streak, ending it quickly is more important than trying to recoup your losses by continuing to play. You’re not guaranteed to win, and you’re not guaranteed to keep winning if you’re on a hot streak, so make sure you keep an eye on yourself while you play.

Pick the right website

All too often, we hear horror stories of people who’ve decided they want to take up online gambling, only to hand over their card details or personal information to a website that later turned out to be unscrupulous. Before you get started online gambling – whether you’re a professional or not – it’s vitally important to do extensive research on the platforms you’ll be gambling with. Look at their security protocols, payout methods, and range of games on offer. Are they offering the same sorts of games as other platforms or are they “bespoke” games? Do they have a range of security options available? These are important considerations because if a site seems even remotely suspicious, you absolutely should not hand over any of your details.

Practice Perfect, Spend time using Demo Accounts

No matter what you do – whether you’re looking to become a professional gambler or not – it’s very important that you play any casino games you’re interested in with demo money and demo accounts first. If you’re not interested in playing without real money, then it might be a good idea to find a website where you can play slots with no money. That way, you can play the field without sacrificing your personal finances. Trust us when we say that there’s more risk in the world of online gambling than there may initially appear to be and that this hobby – or career – certainly isn’t for everyone. Before you commit to a full account on an online casino site, try a demo account first. Most reputable sites will let you open one with very little fuss indeed.

Play to your strengths

There’s a longstanding myth that it’s not possible to be skilled at some casino games. While we understand the sentiment behind this – there is a grain of truth in it, after all, because casino games depend on luck – we don’t agree with the overall idea. If you know when to place bets in a certain game and when to back off, we would consider that a strategic manoeuvre. If you want to stay profitable while you’re playing online casino games, we’d suggest playing to your strengths. Find the online casino games you’re good at and play those more than any others. If you’re not a professional, then of course you can dabble in whatever you personally find fun, but you’re more likely to make a consistent profit if you stick to what you know.

Focus on the big picture

This one’s a tip for the professionals more than it is for the hobbyists, but it still applies to amateurs. If you make a couple of losses – if one or two games just don’t quite go according to plan – don’t let that mess you up in the long term. It doesn’t mean that your strategy doesn’t work; a certain amount of failure or loss of money is completely normal within the online gambling ecosystem and means that probability is working as it always does. The important thing is not to lose sight of the big picture. As long as you are making more money than you’re losing across a certain time period, then you don’t need to worry too much about one or two minor losses along the way. Remember to always keep the big picture in mind and don’t sweat the small stuff too much.

Have fun

Above all else, enjoy yourself! When gambling isn’t fun any more, it’s time to stop, so if you don’t think you know when you’ll have reached that limit by yourself, enlist the help of friends or family members to keep you on the straight and narrow. The most important thing when you’re online casino gaming is to have fun, whether you’re a professional or not, so never lose sight of that particular objective and you’ll do just fine.

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