Tips to Make Your Home Office a Safer, More Productive Place to Work

Having a home office is a beautiful thing — it’s hard to make the commute to work much shorter! But sometimes it can be difficult to plunge yourself into work when you’re under the same roof where you live.

As more people than ever work from home, here are some tips to make your home office safer inspire more productivity.

Hire Professional Shredders

Everybody has paper and electronic documents somewhere containing sensitive information, which an identity thief would love to get their hands on. Calling a first-rate information security expert like Absolute Destruction will reduce clutter where you work, and will make it impossible for identity thieves to gain the upper hand.

They can come right to your location and destroy your paper right from the curb in their mobile shredding truck. For larger volumes of paper to shred, they’ll still come right to you. But they’ll transport your documents to their facility, where they’ll be securely shredded.

Finally, they also shred electronics down to the microchip. If you have any old electronic devices you aren’t using, or paper records you don’t need, get them shredded by a professional. Keeping the risky clutter around does nothing to help you work.

Good Lighting, Good Focus

Space where you work should be conducive to getting things done. It’s impossible to spend long hours at work if seeing is difficult.

If your home office is in the basement, like many are, make sure your work desk light casts an agreeable glow. It should be warm, not too harsh. The idea is to make the conditions where you work as helpful and encouraging as possible.

You don’t want your eyes to get tired, and that can happen easily if the light is too white or clinical-looking.

Get a Nice Plant

Plants have a comforting effect on people. They provide oxygen, and studies show that being amid nature helps people feel restored.

Snake plants are beautiful, and they do a lot to help clean the air in the room. Get some nice plants and some nice pots, so you don’t spend long hours in a room with stale air and nothing to distract the eye.

Ergonomic Furniture

It may not seem like physical back-breaking labour, but over time people develop chronic health problems from sitting down for too long at their desks. Make sure the office furniture you have at home is truly comfortable.

The seat should provide proper lumbar support for your back. Some people get great results from an ergonomic keyboard, or they need wrist support. Desk work can take a toll, so take your own health conditions seriously and get office equipment that is good for your body.

Working where you live can sometimes be distracting. Make sure the space at home where you get business done is clutter-free and presents no risks of identity theft. If you create an inviting space with good lighting and healthy furniture, you’ll enjoy burrowing down there to finish all your work.

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