The top 4 websites to save money in 2018

If there’s one thing in common amongst our new year’s resolution lists, it is that we promise to cut our expenses and start saving up little by little for our future. But with over a third of the year already passing by, many of us are still struggling with changing our spending habits and managing our expenses. Buying only what we need and not what we want, following a strict saving plan, and cutting on our daily expenses, are great ways to save money, but are easier said than done.

Aside from the usual money-saving practices, there are also websites that can help us become more practical with our finances. Here are the top four websites that you can check out to help you save money and start making smalls steps towards financial freedom.


Whether you are purchasing from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or from your other trusted retailers, DontPayFull has something great to offer to all of us. DontPayFull features a catalog of free online coupons and promo codes for fashion items, groceries, car rentals, hotels, tours, furniture, and other exciting deals in products and services that you’ll surely enjoy. Check out the DPF website now and see what is in store for you. You can also view the deals and promotions according to category and retail stores where you can use the coupons.

Most of us, even those who belong to the middle and upper-income classes, owe an amount of money to banks or persons that we know. It is said that the best investment today is to start paying off your debt. understands how challenging it is to unload all of our debts and start growing our own finances. That is why is determined to help us manage our debts by offering payment plans that work best for us. Using this website, you can easily monitor your finances including balance sheets, payment amounts, and interest rates. Your personal data is never collected by, making it a secure website to use.


Setting a fixed budget for your family’s clothing can be a huge dilemma since high-quality and durable clothing is usually more expensive, while cheaper ones are easier to wear out. This will no longer be a problem once you start using ThredUp for purchasing your clothes. ThredUp is the largest thrift shopping website where you can buy secondhand clothing at 90% off the retail prices. Once you get a hand on your orders, you may even mistake these slightly used goods as brand-new ones. You may also sell your used clothes to ThredUp for some extra cash.


Many of us that difficulty of tracking memberships and subscriptions that we have signed up for. Paying for subscriptions that you are not using anymore can easily lead to wasted money. Trim is a free website which you can use to track and cancel unused subscriptions automatically. The app can also assist you in negotiating your bills to help you save more money and start growing your bank account.

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