The Current Trends to Watch for in Video Ads

In order to market your product or service, you need to do more than put together an interesting ad. As the saying goes, content reigns king as the Promo Editor. In fact, this statement couldn’t be more true when we consider trending video ads. 

You need something that can capture your viewers’ attention and keep them interested in what you have to say. An effective way to accomplish this is by using an online video editor. 

These nifty tools increase the likelihood of viewers staying long enough to click on your ad and convert into a lead, customer, or some other supporter of your brand. When determining what route you should take for your video ad in order to get the most clicks, one of the quickest ways to achieve this is by following the trends. 

In this post, we’re going to go through the questions most business owners have about how to stay current while aligning with what the people truly want. Let’s take a look at some specifics below:

Trends to Watch in Digital Video Advertising in 2021

The number of videos consumers watch is increasing. According to one study, the average American will watch 100 minutes of online videos every day in 2021, up from 67 minutes in 2018.

Trends to Watch in Digital Video Advertising in 2021

The digital revolution has become an irreversible force in the world of marketing. Check out these marketing & advertising trends to watch:

Content Experiences that are Highly Personalized:

Branded content experiences delivering highly customized ad content experiences to consumers is a trend to look out for in 2021. They serve ads tailored to the individual consumer, rather than generic ads that are meant for a collective audience. 

A growing number of people now send personalized video messages. Using an online video maker is a great way to do this. Among the other features to consider is the navigation experience. Taking into account a user-friendly advertisement with a clutter-free design and sophistication is important. 

In addition, call-to-actions (CTAs) must be effective, along with clearer, more eye-catching headers and copy.

Mobile Ads:

In 2021, mobile advertising is going to be one of the biggest trends due to growing smartphone adoption and users spending more time on their phones for e-commerce and entertainment including utilizing videos and OTT platforms. 

Mobile Ads : How to Create

The rise of story ads on social media platforms such as Instagram and others in addition to search and mobile browsers is certainly fueling the growth of in-app ads and in-game ads.

Ads that Use Programmatic Technology:

At this point, you may be asking, “What is Programmatic Video Advertising?”

The practice of programmatic video advertising involves buying advertisement space through the use of bots based on specific criteria. Advertisers define their target audiences, create ads, and set budgets based on their ideal customers.

Think of this trend as, “Consumer Engagement Delivered.”

Video content demand is higher than ever, as consumers want to view videos on multiple screens and devices. As a result, publishers and advertisers can add programmatic video advertising solutions to their existing display and television strategies in order to increase consumer engagement. 

Social Media Goes Video-First: 

In a nutshell? Videos are attracting users. Advertisements should be relevant to the platform an advertiser is using. In the age of video-first platforms, marketers can no longer ignore this trend.

The Power of Social Video Marketing to Build Brands

One of the best ways to transmit information is through video. Compared to reading text, a video viewer retains 95% of a message.

The success of videos has long been proven for marketers looking to maximize ROI. Video marketers generate revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers.

Social video marketing is a hot topic these days, and it’s no secret. How will you use these trends to communicate your brand’s vision? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to accomplish.

What Makes Video Ads Effective?

If you’re looking to make a video ad, there are certain trends that can make it more effective.  First, make sure your videos fit within 15 seconds. This short length of time continues to be the most effective with online viewers. 

We also recommend keeping your video content colorful. Bright colors will attract viewers immediately, keeping them engaged until they watch until the end of your video. Finally, choose a background color that matches your company’s branding. This will help viewers identify your brand right away and build trust with you as a business owner.

The steps are quite simple. But we can’t all be professional videographers. That’s why many owners are using an online video editor tool. 

What is an Online Video Editor?

An online video editor is a great way to create videos, both personal and professional. More and more people are taking advantage of these tools and turning them into successful businesses. 

It’s easy: it costs nothing to sign up for, there are no subscriptions or payments required, and all you need is a video file (in any format) to get started.

What to Expect When Using an Online Video Editor for Your Video Marketing

With an online video editor, you can create original content to promote your brand. Not to mention, you won’t leave any doubt that your product video ad isn’t professional. 

So, you can finally relax! There’s no need to hire a videographer or have any video editing background skills of your own. 

And with all the other things we have on our plate in terms of marketing, it’s critical to take advantage of all the helpful tools available online today! That’s why the top marketers choose to use an online video editor to enhance their product videos. 

Why Use an Online Video Maker? 

There are many different reasons why you should be using online video editing software, but three of them stand out.

The first is accessibility. Anyone can use online video editing software; there are no other requirements or limitations other than what you’re capable of doing yourself. Whether it’s your first time using an editor, or you have years of experience working with them, anyone can start using an online video editor right away. 

The second reason why online video editors are great is that they offer convenience. Online editors provide a platform that doesn’t require anything more than an internet connection and a computer or phone.

The third reason why online video editors are great is that they offer flexibility. Because you don’t need any other equipment or software, online video editing software makes it easy to create videos that can be viewed anywhere by anyone on any device—and without having to download anything.

What Should My Videos Be About?

Many people question what kinds of videos they should create. There’s no wrong answer here, as it depends on your industry and goals. But there are some trends you should keep in mind this year.

It’s important to understand that tailoring videos for viewing on a mobile device must be a top priority! In fact, about half of all videos are now watched on smartphones and tablets, according to Cisco Systems.

It’s not surprising then that video ads are growing as well. Estimates suggest that online videos will make up 75% of all ad spending by the end of 2021. Of course, this isn’t surprising, as nearly half of all adults with a smartphone watch online videos every day. That’s definitely good news if you’re planning on incorporating video into your marketing strategy! 

Where Can I Get Ideas For My Videos?

Even if you’re creating videos as part of your marketing strategy, keeping track of trends and viewer preferences can be challenging. Luckily, there are several free tools that allow you to gain insight into what viewers want from video ads. One of the online video editor programs I personally enjoy is Promo. 

Promo has a video analytics tool that allows our users to see what works best for their channel. The first step is gathering as much information as possible about these trends and then inspecting how they may affect your own channel.

Another useful tool is Promo’s own online video maker software. This software allows you to create your own videos by choosing from a number of templates, characters, backdrops and props that are already included within it. 

Final Thoughts

Though digital marketing will change with time, there are still some things you should always include when creating videos. 

While color and motion are both important, they won’t do much if your video is boring or hard to follow. 

Instead, focus on the story you want to tell and how you want your brand represented. If it doesn’t include both of these things, chances are it won’t be very effective at engaging viewers or converting them into customers.

As technology advances, you’ll have more options for making your videos look professional. If you don’t have a lot of video-editing experience, though, it can be hard to know where to start.

The good news is that there are tools such as an online video maker out there that will let you create impressive videos quickly and easily. So why not start with something not only easy-to-use but something that looks professionally created? 

Begin your hunt for an online video editor and get ready to be the next original trendsetter in the video ad world!

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